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I help people create the next—and best—chapter of their lives. I've worked with hundreds of clients to get to the root of issues, rather than treating the symptoms, so that their whole lives improve significantly. Through learning how to reduce stress at work;

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13 February 2021

Paige's midlife breakthrough coaching course was a catalyst to change in my life for the better.  
When I started the course I was stuck in a whirlpool of indecision and self doubt.   Thankfully the course was 6 months because it gave us time to explore all the aspects of my life. While working with Paige I re-learned to trust myself and uncover an unshakable feeling of self worth.  Paige's caring support, thoughtful guidance and emotionally intelligent coaching approach empowered me to work on the scary stuff, the root of my issues, that I had pushed deep down.  She created a safe space for me to explore my own thoughts through visualizations and tangible written and verbal exercises that I will be able to implement later if needed.  It wasn't all heavy conversation either, Paige has a clever sense of humor and had me laughing a lot too.  I loved working with Paige and highly recommend everyone looking for self growth and self love to invest in yourself and be coached by her. More...

9 February 2021

My company grew rapidly and I was challenged with taking on a leadership role while still delivering on my own work.

It was helpful to have time dedicated to myself while I was doing so much to serve others. Working with Paige really helped me connect with my purpose and define what successful leadership looked like for me.

Paige worked with me to set clear goals, she created a space where I could discuss difficult issues and challenge my limiting beliefs, and she used different methods for helping me move past blocks, including visualization.

What I liked most about working with Paige is her conversational approach. She's a fantastic listener, and she also challenges you with care. I highly recommend Paige as a coach!

7 February 2021

I was feeling burnout at my job as a Physical Therapist. I learned that my job was one of many external things to my “Self” and it was the internal self that was the source of the issue. I spent 2020 rebuilding the “Self”...self-worth, self-confidence, self-respect, self-esteem, self-belief with the eye on the prize of becoming self-actualized. Paige gave me the tools, facilitated, and held me accountable for the rebuilding. The results were transformational. At midlife, I experienced a great awakening of the creativity and awe that sat idle deep inside me. I am still a physical therapist, but the inner self is now the pilot...not the other way around.

Honestly, I had no idea what a Life Coach was and felt ashamed that I would need someone to coach me through life. Also, I felt scared that a life coach would validate what I felt was the solution...leave everything I had built over my life and start over in a career I knew nothing about. However, 2020 was my year to be vulnerable and ask for help. I decided that if Paige was going to help me, I would have to have the courage to shed the armor that I protected myself. There is something about Paige, maybe her own vulnerabilities and courage to share her imperfections, which made me open up to Paige. Paige is one of those people who have the ability to balance being empathetic and being authentic and therefore, helpful. She knows how to put her finger on it. She gave me homework, lots of homework. I put the work in and saw the results. Some people pay for a massage, some people pay for Cross-Fit, some pay for a spa. I have never been a massage guy. But, I found what makes me feel what a massage might make others feel. It was worth every penny to find who I am, what I want, instead of maintaining what I have.


Helping people discover what's possible for them, understanding themselves more deeply and watching them let go of what keeps them stuck so they can pursue their dreams.

I want to help people. When I was stuck in a job that was a terrible fit and didn't know which way to turn, I wanted a coach like me but I couldn't find it. So I became what I was looking for: someone who can listen intuitively, find the source of an issue quickly, and help me know and trust myself to make decisions. When working in advertising, my talents were spent on helping push more products that people didn't necessarily need and I was definitely not interested in. I wasn't making the world— or anyone's life—better. It went against the core of who I am. I became a coach because I believe everyone has unique talents and perspective and that we are happier when we get to share them. I want you to find meaning in and enjoy your life because that will, I believe, have a ripple effect on the world.

I am trained in a technique called RIM (regenerating images in memory) that helps you move past fear and other emotional blocks more quickly, which enables you to be more effective in your life. RIM reduces the overall stress you are experiencing so you can think more clearly and react less to stressors. It's a brilliant whole-brain and body technique that only a handful of coaches across the US are trained in. I would like more people to experience it and have access to it.

Perhaps most importantly, I've lived this journey. I've been stuck and stressed, feeling ashamed that I can't figure it all out on my own. We usually need help seeing our way through the clouds, and it is the strong person who knows when to ask for help.

Yes, via Zoom or FaceTime or the regular old phone.

I stopped meeting people in person and wasting a lot of time driving all over town. ;) As all my services are offered remotely, all clients are safe.


In this complimentary 90-minute session, we discuss macro themes in your life: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What's in the way? This session gives us a chance to see if we're a good fit.

The Midlife Breakthrough Program is a six months of individual coaching sessions, designed to give you the clarity to move forward in a productive way and the energy to do it. The problem is that we don’t know where or how to move forward. I teach all my clients a few tools that they will be able to rely on for the rest of their lives to manage stress, improve relationships of all kinds, and to be more effective in every aspect of life.

Through this coaching process you will get to know yourself better (even your blind spots!), uncover what’s truly important to you, remember what your gifts are, and reconnect to a sense of purpose and confidence. The coaching process will lead to greater trust in yourself, more creativity and joy in life, how to make more effective decisions for yourself, and find more freedom to be your true self.

If you know you have more to offer the world but you just haven’t found your “thing,” this is the program for you.
What's Included 15 individual 60-minute sessions conducted over a 6-month period 3 RIM sessions (regenerating images in memory); each is 90 minutes 1 Energy Assessment and debrief (90 minutes) Daily (if desired) or weekly text accountability 4 workbooks

We begin by looking at what's truly important to you, what your strengths are, and what your interests are. Initially, we find ways to make your current situation less stressful so that you can think clearly. Then we dive into self-discovery and figure out how to put your unique talents to work in the ways you want.

What do you never, ever want to do again? Sometimes it’s easier to identify what we don’t want.

What's the dream you never tell anyone--or you tell everyone "it's just a pipedream"?

What are you doing because you "should"? We'll look for themes and clarify where YOU want to go, create a roadmap and then take action.

Throughout the process, you'll be supported in doing things you've never done before. We'll set goals that build confidence and move you in the direction of your ideal life.

RIM® (Regenerating Images in Memory) is an advanced technique for releasing stuck emotional memories in the body. Using the latest brain research, RIM is a whole-brain and body process that taps into your subconscious through your imagination to remove mental and emotional obstacles you weren't even aware of.

The RIM® process allows you to re-generate foundational stories and create new neural pathways that can provide relief and freedom from negative thought patterns and behaviors. It has also been shown to reduce or eliminate physical pain.
Price: $125/session or $300 for 3 sessions. Each session is 90 minutes.