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What does an Architect do?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Look up at any city skyline, and it’s likely filled with buildings that were designed by an architect. As well as skyscrapers, architects design practically every type of commercial building or residential property. 

Architecture is a highly innovative field of work that requires years of study and practical experience to be able to qualify. 

Compared with going it alone, an architect can offer some vital expertise to help you push the potential of the project. Here is an overview of what an architect does to tell you more. 

Building design

First and foremost, architects are responsible for designing buildings. The process begins with the client giving a brief to the architect about the purpose of the project and what they are looking to achieve. In response, the architect will consider every aspect such as the size, layout and shape of the building to come up with a new design. The idea is to create a design that not only maximises the amount of available space but creates an environment that meets the needs of all those who will use the building. 

Create detailed plans

Architects will spend a lot of time drawing out their ideas, calculating the measurements and creating 3D models. All of which allows the client to visualise how their project is going to look before it is built. There is a lot to consider when creating the plans, including how practical the design is, and ensuring it meets the necessary building regulations. 

Choose materials

Arguably one of the most tangible parts of architecture is choosing what materials will be used for the walls, floors, stairs, windows, doors and similar features. The architect is going to consider the purpose of the building, along with how the materials will fit with similar buildings in the area when making their decisions. They could also follow a theme from the client such as to make the building eco-friendly, luxury, rustic or modern. 

Work towards budgets

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Grand Designs, you’ll know all too well how easy it is to get carried away with spending on a building project. Unless you have a bottomless bank balance, you want to make sure everything comes as close to within budget as possible. An architect will advise their client at every stage to ensure this is the case. If a project is going to be too ambitious for the budget, then the architect can devise a more economical solution. 

Manage construction

Even small residential renovations can turn into gigantic operations. With so many different tradespeople on-site, someone needs to keep them all in check! Aside from an official project manager, an architect can offer invaluable support and guidance. This in turn will help facilitate a better outcome, as they are on hand to help join up the dots for what can often be a very complex operation. 

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