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Can an Architect work remotely?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Monday, 25 January 2021

An extension is an ideal way to add valuable space to your property, whether it’s to create a more spacious home office or simply to enjoy a comfortable family environment.  

If you’re unable to access an architect in-person due to location issues or a hectic schedule, many architects are able to provide their services online. Most stages of the design process can be performed remotely, with minimal contact required.

Here is how an architect can work remotely on the design of your home extension.  

Getting a quote from an Architect remotely

Most architects are happy to quote for your extension plans remotely, either on the phone or via a video call. It’s useful if you have floorplans of your house to help the architect to understand how the space is currently being used and the dimensions they’re working with.

During this initial consultation, you can get a feel for whether you connect with the architect and whether you’ll feel comfortable working with them going forwards.

Can Architects perform a survey remotely?

Some architects may be happy to work from an existing floor plan. However, most will want to carry out their own survey or use a survey partner to complete it on their behalf to ensure that dimensions are correct and to make sure there are no surprises later down the line.

You don’t need to be in your property while the survey takes place - you can just discuss the findings remotely afterwards.

Can an Architect draw up plans remotely?

Most architects will send sketches, drawings and visualisations via email as standard practice. You can then discuss these over the phone or via video call to give your feedback so that changes can be made where required.

Your architect can share their computer screen with you virtually while they make notes or sketch changes so that you can see what’s happening and give your feedback in real-time.

Computer-generated images (CGI) are often used to help you to understand the design and to see how it will fit with your current house.

Find an Architect who is happy to work remotely

It’s important that you choose the right architect for your extension project. After all, they’re the ones that are designing your new space which will add value to your house.

If you’re ready to get started with designing your home extension, you can find an architect on Bark.

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