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How to choose Wedding Flowers

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Zara, Staff Writer

Monday, 8 March 2021

What wedding would be complete without a beautiful blooming bouquet? Providing a spectacular visual aesthetic as well as delicately scenting to your venue, flowers have been a staple in weddings for centuries. 

But with so many flower varieties and arrangements out there, it can be tough to decide what would best suit your wedding. If you are getting married soon, here are some top tips on how to choose wedding flowers to guide you. 

Popular Wedding Flower varieties

  • Roses

  • Peonies

  • Anemones

  • Dahlias

  • Lilacs

  • Ranunculus

  • Sweet peas

  • Hydrangeas

  • Tulips

  • Orchids

Buy your dress first

Your wedding dress is going to be the centrepiece of the event, so everything else you choose needs to complement it. The dress will also influence the style and shape of the flowers. It’s a lot easier to visualise how you want your flowers to look when you already know how you’re going to be looking on the day. 

Your budget

A top consideration should be your budget since the cost of flowers can run into thousands especially if using a boutique florist. It’s also possible to get wedding flowers on the cheaper side of things, though you will need to limit your options in terms of the flower varieties you use. That’s why communicating your budget with your florist should be a priority, especially if you’re on a tight one. 

Don’t just go on trends

There’s probably not a bride in the land who hasn’t scrawled Pinterest before their wedding flowers consultation. Getting ideas is really helpful, but remember that you are your own person, and what someone else had for their wedding isn’t necessarily going to suit your personality. As with every aspect of your wedding, you want your flowers to be something you look back on fondly instead of just going on what was trending at the time. 

The time of year

The time of year in which you are getting married will affect the range of available flowers. Most florists recommended you book a consultation at least 6 to 12 months in advance, as this can help them plan ahead for what will be in season. It can also give you a more realistic idea of what types of flowers you’ll be able to have. 

Wedding colour scheme

Some brides opt for a neutral colour scheme within their flowers, and others want to incorporate elements of their overall theme. For example, autumn bouquets can have flickers of burgundy and gold in them. Or for spring weddings, you may wish to use more pastel tones. If you’re ordering flowers for various people and elements, then you can even have a mix and match so you can get the best of both worlds. 

Remember the guys

When it comes to wedding flowers, most people only think of the bride or even the venue. But, both sexes must be considered since it’s their day too! Males also usually wear a flower corsage, so will require flowers to be purchased for them if you’re keeping with tradition. 

Likewise, for same-sex weddings, it’s also important that both partners feel represented within the flower choices. So be sure not to leave it all to one person to decide everything. 

Trust the pros

Being a florist isn’t typically something people do just ‘as a job’. Instead, people choose the profession because they are genuinely passionate about all things horticulture. So when it comes to making decisions about your wedding flowers, trusting the advice of your florist can help you get the right outcome for your day. 

Not only do your flowers need to look beautiful, but they need to suit your frame, dress and wedding style. Florists are the best people to ensure all of this is taken care of. For them, it will be a highly enjoyable experience to help you, seen as flowers are what they are most passionate about in life. 

To sum up

It pays to take your time to choose your wedding flowers. A florist is going to be of huge help, especially if you’re not sure what would best work for your budget or vision. 

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