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How much does Marquee Hire cost?

Average Price
£300 - £2,500

What is the price of Marquee Hire?

Have an occasion coming up that you’d like to hire a marquee for? Read our handy guide to find out how much your marquee hire will cost you depending on your requirements.

What is a Marquee?

A marquee is a large canvas structure that is used as an outdoor event space, especially for functions such as wedding receptions. Marquees come in all shapes and sizes and can either have clear or opaque sides. Rather than just being a large tent, the inside of a marquee is intricately designed. It may feature everything from a dance floor to formal seating depending on the event type. 

How much does Marquee Hire cost? 

The average cost of hiring a marquee can vary widely. The true cost will depend on the size of the marquee, whether the marquee is lined or not as well as any internal additions you require such as seating and lighting.

Average cost (in total)£480
Minimum cost (in total) £300
Maximum cost (in total) £2,500

Factors influencing cost: 

Before you pitch that marquee (or in this case, pay someone to do that for you!), you’ll need to consider your usage requirements and how these will impact the overall cost: 

  • Size of the marquee 

  • Location

  • The number of guests

  • Seating type

  • Flooring

  • Lighting

  • Heating

  • Toilets

  • Internal decorations 

Size of the Marquee 

When it comes to marquee hire, the biggest cost driver will always be size, as you'll pay for the amount of time it takes to pitch the marquee. Here's a breakdown of average costs based on the size of the marquee:

Size of marqueeHighest average priceLowest average price
4m x 6m£300£250
6m x 8m£600£500
6m x 12m£770£680
9m x 12m£1,000£800
9m x 27m£2,000£1,500
21m x 15m£2,500£1,900

If you're on a budget, the good news is that the smaller marquees start at a reasonable £250. Plus, there’s always the option of ditching the formal seating which will allow for more guests to fit into a smaller marquee size.

On the other end of the scale, larger marquees can cost anywhere up to £2,500 to hire. This may not include all the fixtures and fittings. However, most marquee hire companies do offer packages that make the cost much more affordable. 

Remember that the cost for a lined marquee will be more than an unlined marquee. The more features you add, the more expensive the cost will be.


Like most services, your location will impact the overall cost of marquee hire. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that marquee hire is most expensive in London, with prices creeping up to £1,200 for a 9m x 12m sized marquee.

Location Marquee hire average cost (9m x 12m)
London £1,200
North East£800
North West£900
South West£1,000

The number of guests

It’s always handy to have an idea of how many attendees will be taking shelter under your marquee. As a general guide, marquees can host between 24 and 200 guests depending on the seating type. A small 4m x 6m marquee would hold 24 guests, and a 9m x 27m marquee would hold 200 guests. There is around £2,000 difference from the smallest to the largest marquees most companies offer, which will all depend on how many guests need to fit in it. 

Seating type

The number of guests isn’t the be-all and end-all. That’s because it also depends whether you will be using round tables to seat your guests or if you plan on having a standing buffet instead. 

If you are having a standing buffet, you’ll be able to fit more guests into the marquee, versus formal seating with round tables. The type of event you are hosting will help you determine which would be more appropriate. 

Keep in mind that if you are having tables and chairs, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of hiring them too. These average at about £5-£10 per item, not including any chair covers or sashes. 


It’s not always necessary to hire flooring to go inside your marquee, especially at festivals or other more casual events. However for formal occasions or if you require a dancefloor, then it’s an additional expense to keep in mind. After all, the bride and groom can’t have their first dance on a muddy patch of grass! 

Marquee flooring can include coir matting, carpet with a plastic underlay, a plastic hard floor or a dance floor. The cost will of course depend on the overall size of your marquee and the type of flooring you choose. On average, you should expect to pay between £100 and anywhere up to £1,200 for marquee flooring. 


If you intend on using your marquee at night then you’ll also need to invest in some lighting, which usually can be done as part of the hire package. The lighting type can vary from uplights to chandeliers. It can also be a nice touch to add lighting above the dancefloor too, or even opt for special effect lighting. On average, lighting will cost between £100 and £600.


Remember that even on warm summer evenings, it can still get pretty cold at night! Heating your marquee will ensure the comfort of your guests. Heaters cost between £30 for an electric fan or up to £130 for a fuel-powered heater. If you are having the event at home, it’s also good to keep in mind the cost of running your heaters too. 


Don’t allow your guests to get caught short! If the event is in a field in the middle of nowhere, then you’ll need to provide toilets. Portable toilets cost around £150 to hire, though it may work out cheaper to hire several as part of a package deal. It’s advisable to have as many toilets as you can afford/have room for, especially if the event is both remote and large. 

Internal decorations

The finishing touches can make all the difference to your marquee. For example; table covers, flowers, drapes, balloons, fairy lights, etc. The cost of these will depend on what the item is and how much you require. Though, you can save money here by decorating the marquee yourself.

Is it worth hiring a Marquee?

If you are planning a special occasion, a marquee can act as an extension of a building or provide shelter if the event will be held outdoors. It’s always a great option, especially as you can never guarantee the weather, even in summer. Marquees also offer a level of intimacy that can sometimes be lost in large buildings. Everything will be constructed and taken care of for you, adding that professional touch to your event. 

Protect your guests from the elements and wow them with stunning decor when you hire a marquee for your event. Check out Marquee Hire near you with Bark. Whether your event is a family celebration, a festival or even a corporate meeting, we’ll connect you with the best local professionals for the job. 

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