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Questions to ask your Wedding Cake baker

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Zara, Staff Writer

Monday, 15 March 2021

When we think of our big day, there are fewer things more iconic than the wedding cake. From the traditional three-tiered iced cake to more modern interpretations, there are so many options out there, that it can be difficult to know where to begin in the initial planning stages.

So what cake should you have at your own wedding? How much should you be paying for it, and is it really worth getting a wedding cake professionally made? To help you decide, we've rounded up the most important questions to ask your wedding cake supplier before booking them.

How early should you order a Wedding Cake?     

With one-hundred-and-one different things to remember during a wedding, it’s always important to have everything planned down to the final detail. With the venue, wedding dress, speeches and guests all sorted, thoughts turn to the cake. Depending on where you are ordering your big day dessert from, a cautionary time should be allocated from the day of ordering your cake to the day of your wedding.

It is often advisable to order your wedding cake at least five or six months before the moment of saying I do. Although this may seem like a huge time gap between placing the order and the final delivery, it is a necessity. As a day of matrimony appears nearly every single day of the year, bakeries and cake decorators - especially popular ones, will have a long list of orders and a backlog of customers.

How much should I pay for a Wedding Cake?

The overall cost of a wedding cake is something that can vary tremendously. Much like every aspect of a wedding, be it the venue, the dress, or the wedding ring, there is no one overall price tag. This price variation can depend on several different factors; these include the quality of the bakery and cake, the ingredients, and the overall decoration on the cake. Another factor is the overall size of the cake, with a traditional three-tier model being far more costly than a single-tier one.

Are Wedding Cakes worth it?

Much like the white dress, tossing of the bouquet, and many other traditions, many couples would agree that a wedding is incomplete without a cake to top it off. But of course, the decision is entirely yours! Like every aspect of a wedding, it all depends on the preferences of the couple and what they want on their wedding day.

A lot of joy can be created from the cutting of the cake, the sweet dessert at the end of it all, and the iconic photo opportunity it provides. It's a beautiful tradition that satisfies those sweet-toothed guests at the same time.

A great wedding cake can make a wedding day, acting as the centrepiece of the entire day’s celebrations. Calculate the cost of your chosen cake by deciding on every aspect, from its size, flavours, and final icing design. Make sure you give plenty of notice and instruction to your chosen baker or cake maker, and simply look forward to the big day and making the first cut.

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