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Five trees you should be pruning in summer

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Mika, Staff Writer

Friday, 16 April 2021

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As the weather becomes brighter, you’ll probably be spending more time in your garden. This is often the time that you might notice trees blocking out those summer rays.

Whilst most trees should be pruned in winter, there are a few trees that are best to be pruned during the summer months.

If you're wondering what pruning means, it is the act of removing certain branches from a tree in order to improve its structure, remove damaged or unwanted branches, and encourage strong and healthy growth.

Here are five trees that are perfect for summer pruning.


It’s important to regularly prune your cherry tree to ensure that the fruit has access to sunlight. This will help your sweet cherry tree to produce the highest quality fruit whilst remaining in the best possible health.

The best time to prune your cherry tree is during the summer months. This is because cherry trees are susceptible to silver leaf disease. The spores of this fungal disease typically circulate during the autumn and winter months. Summer pruning your cherry tree will allow it to heal fully without the disease being allowed to enter its cuts.


Leyland cypress is often used to create privacy. However, this hedge is fast-growing meaning that it can quickly grow out of control if not pruned regularly. If your Leyland cypress grows too big, you may also find that it makes it difficult to grow any other plants in your garden due to the soil becoming too dry and the shade levels increasing.

The best time to prune Leyland cypress is during the growing season which usually falls between April and August. You can prune it up to three times during this growing season.


You may choose to prune your mature magnolias to limit their size. However, if you attempt to prune your magnolia tree in late winter or early spring, you’ll find that the cuts bleed which could lead to your magnolias dying, which is why summer pruning is optimal.

Aim to prune your magnolia tree between mid-summer and early autumn to give your tree the best possible chance of maintaining optimum health.


Pine trees are one of the easiest types of trees to grow and maintain as they don’t often require pruning. However, if want to restrict the growth of your pine tree and stop it from becoming too big for your garden, you may choose to prune it annually.

The best time to prune a pine tree is during the spring or early summer. Summer pruning gives cuts the time that they need to heal before winter sets in, helping your pine tree to stay healthy.


Pruning plum trees annually can help to ensure that they produce as much fruit as possible. You’ll need to thin the old wood to help your fruit to receive as much sunlight as possible.

You should avoid pruning your plum tree in winter as this could increase the risk of your tree becoming infected by silver leaf disease. Whether your plum tree is suitable for spring pruning or summer pruning will depend on its age. The best time to prune your plum tree will depend on its age. Young trees should be pruned in April whilst more established trees should be pruned in July.

What other trees should be pruned in summer?

The above list is just a snapshot of which trees are suitable for summer pruning, but there are plenty of others! For example, pruning apple and pear trees in summer is also common practice. If you have a tree that hasn't been mentioned in this article, the best thing to do is contact a tree surgery professional to find out which time of year your tree should be pruned.

Leave it to the professionals

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Although it can be tempting to have a go at pruning your trees yourself, it’s a job that is best left to the professionals. After all, they’re the ones who are qualified in maintaining healthy trees, as well as using chainsaws and working at height safely. Choosing to hire a qualified tree surgeon will help to preserve your safety and also maintain the health of your tree. 

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