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5 tasks every business owner should outsource

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Zara, Staff Writer

Monday, 25th January 2021

Running a business can often feel like a constant juggling act. From keeping your customers happy to managing your employees - it’s impossible to do it all alone. That’s why you need to know when it’s time to enlist the help of others by outsourcing certain tasks. 

Doing so will allow you to focus on the running of your business, while the experts take care of the rest. Here are 5 tasks every business owner should outsource to tell you more. 


Bookkeeping is a useful tool to track your business expenses. However, it can be pretty time consuming not to mention confusing to keep up with.

If you lack the time or knowledge to complete your own books, then hiring a professional bookkeeper is a worthy investment. By having someone keep a close eye on your books, you can also identify any cash flow problems before it becomes a serious issue too. 


Cleaning might seem like a background task of little importance but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only will clean premises look professional in front of your customers, but it will reduce employee sickness levels too. Compared with expecting your employees to do it on top of their regular duties, it’s better for everyone if a professional handles the cleaning instead. Commercial cleaners will make light work of your surfaces, floors, kitchens and bathrooms and windows. They are fully trained to use industrial standard products and equipment. The result will leave the inside and outside of your building sparkling clean, which is far more inviting for your clients and employees. 


From web design to creating a new brand identity, most of us aren’t skilled designers. Given your visuals will be on every piece of interaction your customers have with your business, your design isn’t something that can be left to chance. 

These days, it’s never been easier to outsource the likes of logo design or web design to a freelance graphic designer. By making sure your brand looks professional, this will support the rest of your business efforts in return. 

Digital marketing

Running social media channels and taking care of paid advertising takes time and effort. Plus, you need to know what you are doing in the first place so that you focus your efforts correctly. Then there is SEO, which needs to be implemented in all of your website copy and digital campaigns. 

So that customers can find you in the first place, you need a strong digital marketing game. If this is something your business lacks, then you can outsource your digital marketing to an agency or a professional freelancer. They will take care of your marketing schedule on your behalf so that you don’t have to.

Human resources

Another task that takes up a lot of time is HR work. For example, recruitment, payroll and processing documents relating to your employees or business affairs. As a business owner, it might feel daunting to outsource your management-level tasks to someone else. But it will make your business much more efficient, especially if it's in the process of expanding.

Otherwise, all of these tasks once again fall on your shoulders. As a common example, think of the recruitment process and how long it takes to write a job advert, schedule interviews, gather candidate’s paperwork etc. It’s important, but also a hassle that an HR professional would handle with ease. Plus as they are highly experienced, they are more likely to do a better job of it. 

To sum up

Nobody can run a business without a little help. Whether you want more time to spend with your family, or lack the knowledge or even the inclination to complete certain tasks, help is at hand. 

There are thousands of professionals who you can outsource any aspect of your business operations to. This allows you to focus on what’s important, safe in the knowledge that the task is being taken care of by an expert who genuinely wants to make your business a success.

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