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Do I need a Mortgage Advisor?

With all of the things to consider when choosing a mortgage, making sure you are correct the first time around can make a world of difference. Deciding by yourself - without the help of a reputable mortgage professional – is not only overwhelming but in most cases, unwise. Thankfully, finding the right mortgage advice is simple as can be with Bark.

Bark gives you access to a variety of mortgage advisors that can help you sort through the huge range of mortgage products on the market. By utilising the knowledge of a mortgage advisor, you can make the road to getting a mortgage so much smoother.

How much does a Mortgage Advisor cost?

The amount you’ll have to pay when hiring your mortgage advisor will depend entirely on how they choose to charge you. Different mortgage advisors will do things in different ways.

For example, a mortgage advisor may charge you based on which product you select, or by how much the mortgage itself is worth. Regardless of how your mortgage advisor chooses to charge, they should tell you how much you can expect to pay upfront.

They will also let you know if they receive a commission on products that they offer to you. If the mortgage advisor does receive a commission, this is typically around 1% of what your mortgage is worth.

What should I look for when hiring a Mortgage Advisor?

It is important to note that there are a wide variety of mortgage advisors available. Depending on who you end up with, they may pick deals solely from certain lenders, be tied to just one lender or be open to looking at the whole market.

You should also know that mortgage advisors are unable to give you advice on products that you request from a lender directly. However, all products that are recommended personally by your mortgage advisor will come with the appropriate advice.

When picking your mortgage advisor, there are a few questions you should ask before you make your final decision. Things to make sure you think about are:

  • Whether they cover products from the whole market
  • Whether they are regulated – mortgage advisors should be regulated by the FCA
  • Why they would recommend a particular mortgage
  • How you can pay them and what their payment terms are
  • Applicable interest rates
  • Penalties for early repayment
  • Arrangement fees

What does a Mortgage Advisor do?

The right mortgage advisor will get you the best possible outcome when it comes to your mortgage. While it is possible that you can work out what best suits your circumstances, the sheer amount of products available mean it is no easy feat. Knowing why a mortgage advisor is so valuable is one way to put the cost of their services into perspective.

Firstly, their expertise will help you to work out which payments you can comfortably afford. Mortgage advisors determine this by taking a look at your level of income, how much you spend and any debts you may be paying off. This expertise will match you perfectly to a mortgage that is manageable.

Sometimes the downsides of not picking the right mortgage are more eye-opening. What happens if you pick a mortgage on your own and find out that it isn’t right for you? Unfortunately, you will be left with fewer rights on changing terms, simply on the virtue that you made the decision yourself. And that is if you are granted the mortgage in the first place! Without having proper knowledge of the market, your application may be denied if you do not meet the application criteria. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional mortgage advisor.
Mortgages Made Simple Northampton Limited profile image

Mortgages Made Simple Northampton Limited

I work 7 days a week and will be as flexible as needed, I am Free of charge as having moved 9 times myself I know how stressful and costly it can be so anything I can do to help I will, I will be with you every step of the way. I can help on purchases, remortgages, movers, investment purchases and remortgages.

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What do you love most about your job?

helping people bring their dreams to reality from start to finish. Sorting all sorts of mortgage queries is what I love doing that can be from helping first time buyers to helping seasoned movers there is so much information involved and so many lenders to look through its nice to be able to trust somebody to do all the work for you.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I decided to start my own business, as I do love what I do and I wanted to have a much more flexible approach to how business is done to be able to help customers whenever and wherever they need that help...people dont work 9-5 anymore so neither do I...I will do as much as I can to help and as I have moved so many times its nice to pass on some of my experience and knowledge.

Why should our clients choose you?

You should choose me as I really will be with you every step of the way...No question is to silly and you will feel that you are properly listened to.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

I absolutely can provide my services remotely, this is part of the flexible approach as I understand that not everyone is able to get out and also I am happy to do home visits also if necessary. We can conduct appointments, vis zoom, Teams and video calling.

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The average price of Mortgage Advisors is £250

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Exceptional service, far exceeding my expectations. Paul secured the best deals for a complicated arrangement, always anticipating the next steps and ready with a variety of solutions. Highly recommended.

13 Feb 2024

Lydia Ramoutar-Greville is the best mortgage advisor I could have ever wished for and I can’t overstate how important her help has been over the last few months. As a first-time buyer without family in the country, I don’t think I would have made it to completion without unwavering support and expert advice. She’s been there for me every step of the way, and I know I’ve got her to thank for taking up residence in my dream flat in South London. She shows proactive commitment to securing the best deals for me, be that for the purchase price, mortgage rate or insurance. One of Lydia's standout qualities is her extensive network, which she leverages to expedite the mortgage approval process. Her connections proved instrumental in ensuring quick approvals for my mortgage deals, and she was able to secure a lower rate for me that will end up saving me around £5k over the next two years. I’ve got pre-existing conditions that exempt me from most insurance policies, but with her comprehensive understanding of the available insurance options, she found a policy that was tailored to my specific needs, so that I will continue to be able to pay for my mortgage even if I become ill. In addition to her financial expertise, Lydia offered valuable advice on how to increase and maintain a high credit score. Her insights into credit management were practical and adapted to my individual circumstances. Where I come from, we don’t have the same credit system as in the UK, so I very nearly made several mistakes, such as setting up a new credit card, which could have prevented me from getting my mortgage, but Lydia was always ready with advice and steered me through various credit challenges. Beyond the financial aspects of the process, Lydia provided invaluable emotional support throughout the often stressful journey of buying a property. Her reassuring presence and genuine concern for my well-being made a substantial difference, bringing me successfully through a process that might otherwise have been overwhelming. Lydia Ramoutar-Greville's determined dedication to her clients' best interests, coupled with her exceptional skills in negotiation, network leveraging, and emotional support, make her an outstanding mortgage advisor. She is not merely a professional assisting with a transaction; Lydia is a partner who is there for you throughout the entire process, ensuring that your property purchase journey is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Lydia Ramoutar-Greville to anyone in need of a mortgage advisor. Her expertise, integrity, and personal touch make her an invaluable asset, and I am SO grateful for the exceptional service she provided. Sincerely, Rosie

10 Feb 2024

Excellent meeting with Shaun. Very pleasant, personable and professional. Have now become a Castra client.. 5 stars..

10 Feb 2024

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