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The average price of a Personal Trainer in Kansas is $50 per session

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Zen Fitness


ZENEFIT #1 – WELCOME ! You’ve ALREADY Accomplished the hardest part, taking a step towards a Healthier Happier YOU. We only WANT you here if YOU want to be here, but while you’re HERE, make yourself at HOME ! ZENEFIT #2 – Movement Specialists. We know the common perception about “good” health and fitness must be a magazine photo-ready physique, however, our experience suggests that lifelong results will come from expressing full range of motion without pain. We care about how your body will MOVE for the next 20 years and strive to make the journey FUN during the process. Our belief system advocates beyond just looking Fit. ZENEFIT #3 – SAFETY vs Over Training. Injury prevention is our top concern while you are under instruction at Zen Fitness. We understand aesthetics are very important, but safety comes first. We do NOT allow more than 4 training sessions per week. Over training can completely destroy all progress and worst case scenario, it could land you in a costly conversation with a staff filled surgery room  . An average car can reach speeds of 120mph, but we know it probably shouldn’t, right? ZENEFIT #4 – Science Based Nutrition. We know Dr. Google holds ALL the information in the world, but that doesn’t mean its GOOD information. We cross check our nutritional guidance with top-rated, world renowned experts and vetted medical journals. We PAY for exclusive consultation information and extend that value to our Zen Family. You are what your food ate would be putting it lightly. We hope to remove as many toxins and chemicals from the body as “Americanly” possible. ZENEFIT #5 – Lifestyle Awareness Coaching. Stress is in high demand but it doesn’t have to be. Good stress can help us grow and challenge our weaknesses, but too much stress can really mess up a good night’s REST. We have put together a protocol to minimize unnecessary mental and emotional stress. Many times we refer to this practice as “Working IN” instead of working out. Specific activities can help revitalize your energy and cognitive performance without feeling drained. ZENEFIT #6 – NO CONTRACT COMMITMENT. Cancel anytime. AGAIN, we only want you here if you want to be here! We understand life happens and we don’t want to hold you hostage for ANY REASON. ZENEFIT #7 – Function Movement Tape. (Certified ROCKTAPE) Why go see a chiropractor for a full office visit when we can take care of your minor ailments swiftly, for a fraction of the cost. Our clients receive additional Deep discounts on kinesiology taping treatments. If you haven’t heard of KT Tape, flip on your favorite sports show and see how the Pros do it. ZENEFIT #8 – Loyalty Program. Who doesn’t like an awesome free shirt or dinner with the trainer at your favorite restaurant once in awhile ?? We LOVE to give back, and want to celebrate the many victories during your ZEN journey with US ! Many more details so be sure to inquire. ZENEFIT #9– Referral + Cash Back Rewards. Wealth or Health is a general concern for most Americans. We know you can’t take many things with you when you leave this Earth, but we for sure know nothing in this world is FREE. We’ve designed some ways to earn cash back rewards via Social Media check-ins and referred networking opportunities. We hope you take FULL Advantage of these as your efforts sharing your experience will only help us improve our entire business together.

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How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

First, we must have a goal. Sometimes it is something as simple is, "I just want to be healthy". Over time, we break that down and create a "goal" system where we are in constant cycle of achieving those goals and developing and working towards the next one(s) and the next one(s). Along the way, we have multiple "check-in"points where we can adjust accordingly.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

"Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it".
This quote says so much because in the world we live in with social media and a "sex sells" attitude, many [women and men] have developed a complex surrounding what "FIT" and "healthy" actually look and feel like.

The only [secret] is BE CONSISTENT and INTENTIONAL.

What do you love most about your job?

I love that I don't consider it "a job". We get to do what most people would rather do everyday. We get to LEAD others through their personal fitness and wellness journey's by inspiration, motivation, self-awareness and discipline, high and positive energy and a sea of knowledge, experience and expertise.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I love this question! When I (Ashley) was 5 years old, I knew what I wanted to do and that was open a gym someday. As I got older, although I never changed my mind, my WHY changed. I knew my approach to fitness and all that goes with it would be unique to the community. Being able to provide a FUN atmosphere was just a side benefit to what was in store for our client's once we were able to get our system(s) in place with opening a brick and mortar.

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