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How much does a DJ cost? 2021

Average Price
£250 - £350

What can I expect to pay for a DJ?

Want to bring your party to the next level with a professional DJ, but not sure of the cost? Read our price guide to find out the average cost of hiring a DJ for weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, and more!

What should I look for when hiring a DJ?

Whether it’s a birthday, hen-do, anniversary, or corporate event, a DJ is always a good idea. Yes, you can blast your playlist from a speakerphone, but how are you going to make sure that your music choice will appease the whole crowd? A Disc Jockey has the expertise and experience to curate a playlist that will be sure to entertain everyone in the audience. They’ll be able to judge the crowd to make sure that every song following on from the last is a hit. Find a DJ near me.

A DJ will also have the necessary equipment to make sure the music sounds high-quality and professional. A muffled or quiet speaker is the ultimate mood killer - don't let it spoil your party. With a DJ on hand to make sure your guests are having the time of their lives, you can stop worrying about them and focus on enjoying the party. 

How much does a DJ cost?

Parties come in all shapes and sizes, so the cost of your Disc Jockey really depends on your requirements. To make it easier, we’ve put together a rough breakdown of prices based on local UK professionals: 

Average cost (in total)£250 - £350
Minimum cost (in total) £200
Maximum cost (in total) £500+

What changes the cost of a professional DJ? 

The cost of a professional DJ can vary depending on several factors. These include: 

  • Type of event

  • DJ’s Experience 

  • Additional equipment

  • Timeframe

Type of event 

One of the largest factors affecting the price of hiring a DJ is the type of event. Hiring a Disc Jockey for a large-scale event with 200 guests or more, like a wedding, is going to cost more than hiring a DJ for a children’s birthday party of about fifteen people. Find a wedding DJ near me.

A DJ playing for a wedding is going to need far more preparation time - crafting the perfect playlist for milestone moments like the dinner, speeches, and first dance, as well as ensuring all of the equipment is suitable for the venue well in advance. This requires months of planning, which will inevitably bump up the price. 

Here’s a rough guide of how much DJs charge for different events in the UK: 

Type of event Average cost (in total)
DJ Wedding £500 - £800+
Birthday party £200 - £300
Corporate event£300 - £400

DJ’s experience 

When it comes to hiring a quality DJ, experience counts. If your DJ is new to the world of music, their knowledge of different genres and what works for certain crowds won’t be as impressive as someone with years of industry experience. 

An experienced DJ will have performed at countless venues and parties, so they’ll know exactly how to get your guests moving, as well as how to deal with any issues that may unexpectedly arise. 

With an experienced DJ, you can rest assured that they’ll deliver a successful event - but expect to pay more for the higher-quality service you’re receiving. Here’s a rough breakdown of average DJ hire costs based on experience: 

DJ’s experience Average cost (in total)
Junior level£200 - £300
Experienced£250 - £350
Highly experienced £300 - £500+

Remember, an experienced DJ could easily charge up to £1,000 or more, depending on their reputation. While you shouldn’t expect to pay much more than £900 - £1,000 for a local celebrity, you would expect to spend much more for a nationwide celebrity to play a set. 

Additional equipment / features 

Most DJs can provide additional equipment to accompany their music set, like lighting or sound systems. This either comes as part of a package deal, or as an additional cost. 

With package deals, the general rule of thumb is this: the more equipment, the higher the price. 

A standard sound and lighting system may come at an additional cost of £100 - £800, depending on the size and level of sophistication. 

Here’s an idea of how much your price package could cost based on additional equipment thrown in: 

Package typeIncludesAverage cost (in total)
BronzeStandard sound and lighting, DJ hire for five hours £250 - £350
Silver More sophisticated sound and lighting - mood lighting, personalised spotlight, etc, DJ hire for five hours£350 - £450
GoldThe same lighting as a silver package, also including giant light up letters, confetti explosion, smoke machines, bubble machines, etc, DJ hire all evening£400+


It should come as no surprise that the cost of a DJ will change depending on how long you need them. The standard amount of time for DJ hire is around 5 hours, but depending on your requirements, your DJ can be available for much longer.

If you need your DJ throughout your wedding day, for the ceremony, reception, dinner, etc, the price will increase based on the timeframe and the preparation needed in advance. 


If you live in a big city like London, expect prices to increase. DJs in London charge more in the capital simply because the cost of living is higher. You’re more likely to find a more experienced DJ in London, as it’s the music hub of the UK, which is another factor affecting price. 

How to keep costs down when hiring a DJ

Hiring a DJ doesn’t have to cost the earth! Here are a few tips on keeping costs down: 

  • Be picky with your date - If you hire your DJ during off-seasons and on weekends, prices will be considerably lower as demand will decrease. 

  • Keep hours to a minimum - a simple way to cut costs is by reducing the number of hours. Your DJ doesn’t have to be there for the whole evening, especially as guests tail off. 

  • Don’t be afraid to haggle! - Some DJs may be willing to negotiate when it comes to pricing. If their asking price is higher than your budget, don’t be afraid to try and negotiate to come up with something more manageable. 

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