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How much does Event Entertainment cost?

Average Price
£250 - £3,000

What is the price of Event Entertainment?

Want to hire some entertainment for your event? Read our handy guide to find out how much your event entertainer will charge for their services.

What is Event Entertainment?

A lot goes into an event to make it memorable, and the entertainment is no exception. Event entertainment comes in many different forms from magicians to live bands, dancers to casino nights. Whether you’re putting on a corporate event or a children’s birthday party, there are countless forms of entertainment to choose from.

Event entertainment can either last for a short time or the entire duration of the event. For larger gatherings, you may even wish to hire several different forms of entertainment. Whatever you opt for, the professional will put on an unforgettable show that will truly wow your guests. 

How much does Event Entertainment cost? 

The cost of event entertainment varies between £250 and £3,000, with an average cost of £500 per act. 

The cost varies significantly because no two acts are the same. Though on the plus side, this does mean there’s plenty of flexibility regardless of your budget.

Average cost of Event Entertainment
Average cost£500
Minimum cost£250
Maximum cost£3,000

What changes the price of Event Entertainment? 

The cost of event entertainment varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Type of entertainment

  • Number of performers

  • Date

  • Event duration

  • Experience

  • Location

Type of entertainment

The type of entertainment you choose undoubtedly has the biggest influence on the total cost. After all, some acts are easier to perfect than others. Some will require costume changes or will feature several performers, compared to more low key act types with a more minimal setup. 

On the cheaper end of the scale, DJs can be hired from £250 and above. From party classics to all the latest beats, they’ll keep those tunes coming. 

The most expensive type of event entertainment is cabaret shows, costing up to £2,500. Wedding bands aren’t far behind at between £1,000 and £2,000 on average. 

Average cost of Event Entertainment based on the type of entertainment
Type of entertainmentHighest average priceLowest average price
Wedding singer£1,000£750
Jazz band£1,500£800
Wedding bands£2,000£1,000
Cabaret show£2,500£1,500

Number of performers

The likes of wedding bands, circus acts and stunt shows require multiple performers. Therefore, the cost will be more expensive versus solo acts. It all depends on the level of entertainment you wish to provide.

You should also consider the venue too. For example, if you’re holding the event in a large arena or hall, then the entertainment needs to fill that space. Smaller events or stages may suit a solo performer more, though this isn’t always a given rule. 


The date of your event will affect the cost of hiring entertainment, especially if it’s in peak season, a weekend or a public holiday. Typically, midweek or low season bookings are cheaper.

Event duration

It’s possible to hire entertainers for a short set (30 minutes to an hour) or for the full day. The longer you book them, the more expensive their service will be. 


Magic tricks look easy but the best ones are anything but. Entertainers spend years honing their craft, and so will charge according to their experience. If the entertainer is well known with decades of experience, they will cost more versus someone who is just starting in the business. 


The location will impact the cost of hiring entertainment, as entertainers have different operational costs depending on where they are based.

Also keep in mind that if you are hiring entertainment from outside your local area, the cost of travel and accommodation (if applicable) will be factored into your quote. 

The cheapest area to hire event entertainment is the North East, averaging at £350 per act. This raises to £750 in London.

Average cost of Event Entertainment based on the location
LocationAverage entertainment cost
North East£350
North West£425
South West£550

Ultimately, the type of activity will impact the cost of hiring entertainment to a greater degree, but it’s still worth factoring in your location too. 

Is it worth getting Event Entertainment?

Creating a memorable evening is always top of the agenda whether your event is a corporate function or a family celebration. Event entertainers are professional in all that they do and know how to give people a good time. From getting people off their feet to wowing them with magic tricks, events are all about people socialising and having a good time. The best way to make that happen is to book some spectacular event entertainment. 

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