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Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management


‘20 Certificate of Excellence

At Berkeley Hypnosis, I can help you successfully: *Stop Smoking I use five techniques to cover the different aspects that keep you coming back to cigarettes like an ex you know is bad for you, but you can't seem to break up with. I help you break your attachment to cigarettes, break free of the three or four cigarettes per day that you really enjoy (like the one with your morning coffee or the one with dinner or the ones during your breaks at work). I also assist you in connecting to the subconscious part of you that still wants to smoke and help you make that part of you comfortable with quitting. (Most hypnotherapists skip this part, which is the real reason most people go back to smoking.) Plus I help you hypnotically rehearse your first happy day as a non-smoker. Most people become permanent non-smokers in one session. *Lose Weight You'll heal emotional eating, overeating, addictions to specific foods and understand and release the the subconscious original cause of why you gained the weight in the first place. People typically succeed in permanently changing their relationship to food in 3 -5 sessions. *Overcome Anxiety, Phobias and PTSD Having overcome anxiety and PTSD myself, I have a full arsenal of tools, (as well as a system to help you develop your own tools) that will help you get over anxiety, PTSD and phobias in 1 -12 sessions. I'll work with you to retrain your brain to stop sending you anxiety symptoms. You'll find and heal the original causes of your anxiety, phobias and PTSD. I'll also help you let go of stuck emotions from past events, using visualizations or techniques where you send this energy out of your body. Most phobias can be released in 1 -3 sessions. Anxiety and PTSD usually take 4 -12 sessions, with noticeable relief during the first hour.we work together. *Depression I can help you change how you react to what seems to be going on in your body and mind when you have sensations that you label as "depression." I will also give you tools you can work with that will help you get moving when you feel stuck and listless. Plus, just like with anxiety, I can help you discover the original subconscious cause of your depression as well as to release the stuck emotions in your body from past events through visualizations and moving the stuck emotional content out of your body. I also offer a technique that helps you get past the feeling like part of your old personality is missing and bring back the energy, drive and willingness to be fully present in the world that you once had. Working with depression typically takes 4 -12 sessions. *Anger Management Having gotten over anger issues myself, I understand this territory well. On the one hand, I can teach you techniques that will instantly calm you when anger is triggered. On the other hand, almost anything that makes you angry actually comes from the pain of an earlier, unresolved wound, usually from childhood. I can help you get in touch with these wounds and heal them through hypnosis. I can also show you how to discover what really bothers you seconds after someone says or does something that angers you in the moment, so that you easily let go of your anger at them. Here are some testimonials from clients about our work together: “I’ve been to other hypnotherapists, but my three sessions with Mahesh were the most successful I’ve ever had. He helped me stop smoking, and to eliminate my sciatica pain and my neuropathy. I would recommend him to anybody and I would go back to him if I had any kind of angst, whether it was physical, mental or emotional.” ~Maria I., Oakland “I went to see Mahesh for restorative hypnosis after many years of struggling with an addiction to a specific person. I had tried years of therapy, was medicated by psychiatrists, went to SLAA [twelve-step] meetings, and nothing was working. Deou will begin to feel betterspite being a high functioning executive, I had lost friendships, relationships, and jobs because of the addiction and was completely suicidal. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, and walked in with a reasonable dose of skepticism. Mahesh made me feel completely comfortable with the process. …The impact has been transformational. For about two weeks after the session, I felt a strong energy coursing through my body. I had a new clarity and sense of strength that culminated in a calm acceptance. For the first time, I began to move on. I couldn’t believe it. I started living my life. It was the beginning of such a profound change in me as a human that I don’t believe I could ever feel suicidal again. My deepest gratitude to you, Mahesh.” ~Sarah C., San Francisco “I started to see Mahesh Grossman of Berkeley Hypnosis to work on opening my heart and improving my relationships. The work we’ve done together has led to significant inner growth for me. In hypnosis, I’ve been able to heal aspects of my childhood experiences with my mother, my father and my oldest brother. I also discovered a secret that was kept from me when I was three years old that made a particular event more understandable. Through hypnosis, I’m able to imagine living a happier childhood than I actually had, and surprisingly, the effect stays with me long after our session and transforms me. Trauma is relieved and wounds are healed. As a result, I’m more open and vulnerable in my life and my relationships with my wife, my son, and most importantly, with myself, have all deepened.” ~Daniel P., Berkeley

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What do you love most about your job?

As a hypnotherapist, I love the tangible results I see and hear about from clients: A man, who suffered from morning anxiety, wakes up relaxed for the first time in years; a woman gets over her needle phobia so she can manage her diabetes and eventually loses 150 pounds. Another woman suddenly finds it easy to walk up stairs after hypnosis takes away her sciatica and neuropathy. Not to mention everyone who gets healthier by quitting cigarettes. That’s why I’m on a mission to help more people discover—and experience—how hypnosis alleviates physical and emotional pain, including anxiety and depression, as well as well as making it easy to break harmful habits like overeating and smoking. All of this works much faster than therapy or counseling.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I wanted to be able to work deeply with people through hypnosis and my other talents, which include building an energetic connection with my clients so they can work at a more profound level and resolve their issues more completely than they do in a typical hypnosis or therapy environment.

Why should our clients choose you?

After 30-plus years of my own inner work, I have had the courage to heal all the places inside myself that most people are initially afraid to go to. When people come for a session, my comfort with these areas seems to affect them. They go deeper into themselves than they've ever gone with any other therapist or hypnotist. Clients almost feel as if they are giving themselves a psychic reading. Many have said that working with me is like a "lucid dream on steroids" or an LSD or mescaline trip without the drugs.

Like many "wounded healers," I had to heal myself from crazy childhood. In order to do that, I learned a full arsenal of hypnosis and psychological techniques. More importantly, I discovered I could come up with specific images, metaphors and methods that worked better than what I was taught. I've found that, not only do these techniques work for my clients, but that I also have a weird way of of either 1) coming up with techniques and images that are precisely right for what a client needs or 2) helping my clients discover their own best ways to help themselves. Because of that, I can quickly help you discover and change the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in bad habits like smoking or overeating, or make you anxious, phobic, depressed, or unable to control your anger.

Some issues, like stopping smoking and phobias, can be resolved in 1 appointment. Most others take only 4 - 12 sessions, depending on your specific needs. You will find that you go through a transformation rather quickly, compared to the 4 months to a year most people spend in therapy. And because I help you access and heal the deepest parts of your subconscious, hypnotherapy with me has a long lasting, and often permanent effect.

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