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Vehicles, whether they be cars, vans, lorries, or even motorcycles, are valuable assets. Unfortunately, that makes them a prime target for criminals. If your vehicle is stolen it can leave you feeling powerless, not to mention out of pocket. However, by using a vehicle tracker you’ll always be able to see the location of your car or company van. Not only will this allow you to recover the vehicle, but can provide vital evidence to the police too, especially if the culprit is still in the vehicle when they arrive.

If you are looking to get your personal or business vehicles tracked, we’ll connect you with the best local vehicle tracking services.


How to Track a Vehicle

If your car is on the move without your permission then vehicle tracking will allow you to take control of the situation.

Depending on the vehicle tracker you buy, everything you need will be included with the kit. You’ll also be required to download an app so that you can physically see your vehicle's location. Alternatively, some trackers will provide coordinates that you can enter into Google maps.

Once the device is installed correctly, the tracking is essentially done for you. All you have to do is monitor the information or set up an alert, so that you’ll be notified should any suspicious behavior take place.

What to look for in a Vehicle Tracker

When you install a vehicle tracker you must be confident in the technology you have chosen. What you want is something that will instantly alert you if something doesn’t seem right. The information needs to be accurate and delivered to you in a timely manner.

While it might be tempting to go for a cheaper option that is not as sophisticated, if it ultimately doesn’t deliver when needed most, you could come to regret your decision. So take your time to see how the tracker works, especially if the company has a product demo.

Different types of Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle trackers come in all shapes and sizes. They are usually made for cars and vans, but can be made for motorcycles and even boats too. Here’s an overview of some of the most popular types of vehicle trackers.

  • Magnetic - A magnetic vehicle tracker contains magnets that mean a minimal installation is required. As cars are mostly made from metal, this gives you free rein to install it in several locations. The device has a GPS tracker that will instantly beam your car’s location to the connected software.
  • Plug And Track - Plug and track devices need to be installed in a special port, which is usually located under your steering wheel. Once connected, it’s ready to use immediately. The only downside is that car thieves may be looking out for such a device, so it’s not as discreet as a tracker that’s underneath your car. Though for purposes such as monitoring the quality of the driving, plug and track devices are ideal.
  • Professional - If you require an extremely sophisticated device with expert support, then opt for a professional vehicle tracker. Professional vehicle trackers can be used by anyone, but are particularly popular with haulage companies. These types of trackers can be used in any country, and can even work on 2G. Usually, professional vehicle trackers work on a pay as you go sim card.
  • Self-Install - Many vehicle trackers are classed as self-install. This may require some specialist knowledge, and the ability to get underneath the body of your car. If you are planning to use a self-install device then always test it out first to make sure it’s working properly. If you’re unsure then it’s worth opting for a professional installation instead.

How to check a Vehicle Tracker’s credentials

A vehicle tracker can be made by any company, so it can be difficult to know who to trust. It’s always worth taking the time to read reviews and see the product in action before you purchase. Ideally, the company will have a support team based in your country. Check how long they have been in business and how comprehensive their security services are.

Can I get Vehicle Tracking online?

Vehicle tracking works by submitting data about your car’s whereabouts to your phone or computer, which requires an internet connection to work. However, you’ll still need a physical device to be installed somewhere on your vehicle.

How does Vehicle Tracking work?

The purpose of vehicle tracking is to monitor the location of your vehicle and have the ability for that information to be transmitted to you when needed, especially if theft is detected.

Vehicle trackers are usually installed in a discreet location, such as on the underneath of a car. Vehicle trackers are magnetic and have GPS capabilities, so should your vehicle be stolen, the GPS will transmit information about its whereabouts to your phone.

Every vehicle tracking company will offer variations on that basic principle. For example, some devices have geolocation so if your vehicle goes out of a set boundary, it will alert you that your car is outside the area. Such a service is also ideal for businesses who are trying to keep track of how their company vehicles are being used.

It’s also possible to install a vehicle tracker that gives you the ability to stop the engine remotely if it is stolen.

What other ways can I use Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle tracking is usually associated only with crime detection, when it’s highly useful in many other scenarios too. For example, takeaway delivery services will often have a ‘track me’ function so that customers can see a time estimate of when their food will arrive.

Similarly, public transport companies can install trackers on their vehicles that connect to a customer app. Customers can then open the app and see when their bus will arrive, and this in itself can be a great marketing tool. Of course, if any of the company vehicles happen to be stolen then the vehicle tracker will double up as a handy security tool too.

Another use of vehicle tracking is to show how a vehicle is being driven. For personal use, this can help reduce the cost of your insurance especially if you are a careful driver. In a commercial setting, it can help monitor how well your vehicles are being driven. If you are looking to improve your fuel efficiency, then analysing this information that certain trackers can provide is very useful.

How much does Vehicle Tracking cost?

The cost of vehicle tracking can include the leasing of the unit, installation (if applicable) and a subscription fee. If you own lots of vehicles then you may be able to negotiate a deal with a tracking provider.



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