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Is a Burglar Alarm worth it?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Even with the many advancements in technology that we have seen over the past few decades, there are few that can outmatch the tried and tested method of a burglar alarm. Installing an intruder alarm won’t only bring peace of mind while you’re away from home, but it can also bring down your home insurance premiums. 

But where should you start? How much should you pay to install such a system and is it really all worth it? We aim to answer these questions and more with a breakdown of burglar alarms, security systems and everything that goes with the process of buying and installing your burglar, security and intruder alarm.

Is a Burglar Alarm worth it?

Police forces across the globe will advise any home or property to install a security alarm. Not only does it act as the first line of defence against intruders, but the mere presence of a security alarm is also often enough to deter possible intruders. When weighing up the cost of a security system or the cost of a burglar alarm with the price of possible stolen goods, having a burglar alarm is definitely worth it.

Some home insurance companies will insist on equipping your home with an alarm before a policy can be put into place. Other companies may not insist, but having a burglar alarm will reduce the insurance payments considerably. Saving money on your insurance policies is another reason that makes having a burglar alarm worth it.   

Can I install my own Burglar Alarm System?

Since the once more complicated designed security systems have been made simple, there has been a huge rise in people installing their own burglar and security systems. Of course, there is a balance of reasons to, and not to, install the systems by yourself.

Advantages of self-installation

The advantages of doing this yourself come down to money, and you will inevitably save on not hiring an external intruder alarm electrician.

Advantages of hiring an alarm electrician

Yet, paying that small fee for an external alarm electrician can have huge amounts of benefits in the long run. One of the biggest advantages is ensuring that the system is the best it can be, security is tight and there are no loopholes in your home security system.  

What type of Burglar Alarm should I get?

With such a vast array of burglar alarms on the market and security technology changing all the time, it can be a difficult task to figure out which is the right one for you and your home. The main differences in burglar alarms come with the type of alarms sounds they emit and how they are connected, whether they contact external systems or simply alert you through wifi connections.

The simplest of alarms rely on a loud alarm sound that alerts those around the premises to something happening. These types of alarms rely on someone being at the scene in a short period of time and can sometimes be unhelpful. A more advanced alarm system uses a technology that can contact you or a neighbour once the alarm is triggered.

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