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Is it worth hiring an Electrician?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Whether it’s a simple job like fitting a switch and lighting fixture or something far more in-depth like rewiring an entire house, hiring an electrician is almost always worth it. Electrical work can be dangerous and requires someone with the right knowledge and training to perform the job safely. 

So, how do electricians work, how much does hiring one cost and what type of electrician do you need for which task? All these questions and more will be answered with our in-depth look at hiring an electrician and everything that comes with it.

We will also look into the different situations where an electrician may be hired and what the procedure is for hiring them. We will look at the advantages of hiring an electronic professional and also see if there are any drawbacks from this, as well as the costs associated with hiring such a tradesperson.

Are Electricians expensive?

First, we need to take into consideration one of the most important aspects of electricians, the price. The sheer variety of work an electrician carries out is vast, which makes it impossible to name one price. The price, therefore, will all depend on the type of work you need carrying out, the spare parts you may need and any other unforeseeable extras. 

Typically, you will be charged for any call out or first view of the house and home. From this point, electricians normally charge by the hour. Most good electricians will give you an estimate of how long it will take them, and the overall cost. 

What are the different levels of Electricians?    

When hiring an electrician, you need to ensure that they are qualified to carry out the job and have the right levels of expertise. 

There are three levels of electricians. The first level is an apprentice electrician which is considered the lowest level of the profession. The second stage is what is known as a journeyman electrician and this is reached when the apprenticeship is finished. 

The final level of the profession is the master electrician, which is achieved after four thousand hours on the job. Each level of an electrician will be hired depending on the job in question; apprentices and journeymen for smaller and everyday jobs and a master electrician for far more in-depth tasks.

Summary of electrician types: 

  • Apprentice electrician 

  • Journeyman electrician 

  • Master electrician

Can I Rewire my own house?

As is the case with any DIY, attempting to carry out your own work is only beneficial if you can match the quality and the time taken to complete the job, with that of a professional. When it comes to electric work, there are far more dangerous consequences of carrying out your own electronic work. Unless you are a fully qualified electrician and have experience with working with electrics, rewiring your own house can be hazardous.

Failing to carry out safety checks and failing to complete electronic work safely can also lead to legal charges against you or at the very least the voiding of house insurance policies. So, it’s almost always more beneficial to hire an electrician rather than to do it yourself.

To sum up

The overall cost of an electrician, however steep it may at first seem, is worth it in the end. The expertise an electrician can muster and their skills in electrical safety mean that you can rest easy in the job being carried out both correctly and safely. Ensure you seek out the right electrician for the job in question and you can not go wrong.

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