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The Empowered Woman Association

Hey there, I'm so glad you've stopped by! I'm Sara, Founder of the Empowered Woman Association, Certified Self Esteem Coach, Certified Life Coach, Inner Child Healing Practitioner, Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, and Break up Coach The Empowered Woman Association offers coaching which combines a beautiful blend of personal growth, self love, spirituality, mindfulness, healing modalities and conscious awareness to move you forward, into.. a more intentional, heart centred and empowered version of you. Whether you are after break up coaching, self love coaching or life coaching, we are here to help. But first, lets get to know each other a little.. I’m an auntie of 8 nieces and nephews, a lover of doughnuts and a proud book geek! I geek out on anything to do with personal growth, self love, healing and spirituality.. You see, I was a people pleaser for many years, I had no self esteem or self worth, to the point where I couldn’t even bare to look at myself in mirrors or reflections for over four years, i had limiting beliefs that stole so much of my peace, I had no sense of identity, and a deep desperate need to seek validation and love from others, I suffered with Facial Dysmorphia Disorder, I was to afraid to speak my truth, and over time, I had created a pattern of unhealthy relationships and sabotaging habits that lead me to feeling lost, in every sense of the word. Being or even feeling like an empowered individual seemed so far out of my grasp, I didn’t even know how to ‘love myself’ the way I deeply wanted to, or even needed to.. Until one day, I entered the world of personal growth and development, and i’ve never looked back. I became hooked on Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and Wayne Dyer, I attended personal growth seminars, read over 50 personal development books and invested thousands into my own healing, growth and professional training. I walked on fire at personal growth events, and even flew to the mountains for deep plant medicine spiritual healing work. It's been quote a journey over the last 15 years, and I've had the honour of coaching women from all walks of life, I've appeared on BBC Radio and in multiple newspaper articles, and one of the many things I had realised as a result of my own personal transformation journey is being a Coach is - we all have so much greatness within us, but often- we get so blinded by our own limitations that we aren't even aware of, those rose tinted glasses' that hold us back, and keep us stuck in patterns that keep us small. Many people want to evolve into the most empowered version of themselves, most people they want to change for the better, they want to take their power back and start living a more conscious, empowered and happy life - they just simply don’t know ‘how’. That’s where I come in. I truly believe, (although my company predominantly focuses on women), that we ALL have the infinite ability to live our lives from a place of worthiness and empowerment, instead of fear and self doubt, and i believe that when we feel empowered, when we hold ourselves in high esteem, when we are secure in who we are and what we have to offer this world, when we are clear on our values, and standards, and we refuse to settle for anything less than our souls deepest desires, we can truly live our life, on our terms, with freedom, intention, clarity, joy and purpose. A conscious, empowered, and purposeful life is in your grasp, it always has been - You just need support, accountability, and a clear path forward guiding you towards what it is you truly want, needs and desire in your life. I am so incredibly excited at the continued growth of the personal development industry, because it continues to show the huge steps forward we are taking in our communities and in our society, to become the best versions of ourselves. What an incredible time to be alive, right!? The Empowered Woman Association specialises in Break up and Self Love Coaching, and Life Coaching. Exclusive 3 Month 1-1 Self love Coaching Involves: ✓ Gaining clarity and an in depth understanding of where self hate and shame comes from, and how to cultivate, and embody self love instead ✓ You will receive guided steps forward to create a life where low self esteem is replaced with embodying your self worth ✓ Become aware and explore your inner world. Our feelings are our internal guidance system, but many of us have forgotten how to use them, working with the Empowered Woman Association, you will reconnect with your inner world, and feel safe exploring, understanding and processing your emotions ✓ Learn how to reconnect with your intuition so that you can finally trust it to let it guide you ✓ Learn how to Insert boundaries, confidently raise your standards and speak your truth from a centred, grounded and empowered place ✓ Learn how to discover your needs and how to meet them directly ✓ Learn how to work with fear as an ally to more you forward, instead of using it as a strategy to keep you stuck ✓ Learn how to reframe your inner dialogue from self hateful and negative, to positive and empowered so you can finally start speaking to yourself like you are your very own best friend ✓ Learn how to break habits and patterns not serving you, (patterns such as people pleasing, fixing/rescuing others, procrastination) ✓ Use and integrate tools, and strategies for managing your own personal growth and development ✓ Explore your identity so that you confidently know who you are, what you stand for, and you finally give yourself permission to take up space in this world ✓ Learn how to build unshakeable self trust ✓ Receive your Empowered Woman Life Plan so you can dream big, and implement your empowered life changes over the next 12 months Exclusive 3 Month 1-1 Break-Up Coaching Package involves: ✓A deep exploration into every aspect of your heart, your relationships, your relationship to yourself and your relationship to life ✓ An intimate self love journey to explore the underworld of who you are, underneath sabotaging conditioning, beliefs and stories, so you can bridge the gap between who you are, and who you show up in the world to be ✓ A healing journey that invites you to discover the parts of yourself that you suppress, reject or deny through fear of abandonment, rejection or loss of love, ✓ A safe space where you'll be provided with tools to self soothe, so that you can feel at home within your own body ✓ A sacred journey where you start to remember the woman you were born to become, so that you finally give yourself permission - to take up space in this world Your pain, has a purpose.. Learn.. ✓ How to process grief, gain closure and let go ✓ Identify trauma bonding (if any) and receive a unique healing plan ✓ Learn how to self soothe when feeling sad, lonely or triggered ✓ Learn the exact strategy to build unbreakable self trust ✓ Reconnect with the empowered, strong & confident version of you ✓ Identify healthy boundaries and where, and with whom they need to be communicated and enforced ✓ Learn how to identify your current standards, and raise them so they are in alignment with the empowered and esteemed version of you ✓ Learn how to choose more aligned, compatible and emotional available partners moving forward with our Conscious Relationship Blueprint ✓ Practice tools and strategies for self care doing this painful time ✓ Learn how to become emotionally fit, to reconnect with your emotional body so you can heal from the pain of a breakup, instead of suppressing the pain ✓ Learn how to transform your story, and become excited for your bright, new and exciting chapter, (regardless of if you didn’t want the relationship to end) Exclusive 3 month 1-1 Life Coaching Package involves: ✓ Clarify and achieve personal and/or professional goals ✓ Identify beliefs which may be holding you back ✓ Become a master of communication ✓ Identify core values during an in dept NLP Values Elicitation session ✓ Identify subconscious patterns keeping you stuck ✓Create a detailed 6 and 12 month plan for your vision ✓ Explore and integrate Mindfulness practices ✓ Achieve a work/life balance ✓ Gain confidence, and increased self worth ✓ Gain clarity on what leading a purposeful and intentional life looks like for you ✓ Actionable steps forward with accountability and ongoing support So, are you ready to raise your standards for yourself and your life? Are you ready to escape the mental prison in you mind that is holding you back, so that you can finally give yourself permission to take up space in this world and go after everything you want, need & desire? Are you ready to heal, in a way that empowers you to fall back in love with yourself? Are you ready to discover your identity, find your voice and take back your power? Are you ready to peel back the layers and reveal the confident, esteemed, powerful version of you to the world? So, If you are ready to go from confusion to clarity, let’s work together. I lovingly invite you to join me on a three month immersion of healing, expansion, clarity, growth, & breakthroughs. My three months Exclusive 1-1 Coaching Package for Self love/Breakup/Life Coaching includes: - x1 hour coaching session per week for x3 months/12 weeks (or bi weekly) - On demand coaching in-between sessions (Mon-Fri) via private messaging app - All coaching workbooks, coaching worksheets and resources included - x3 Hypnotherapy sessions in an area of your choice - A Welcome gift for signing up! (Available to coach men also.) I look forward to connecting with you and starting your empowered journey, together. Sending love and light Sara xo

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a professional

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing the potential in others, and most importantly - my clients seeing the potential in themselves.
Contributing to positive change in our society and the empowerment of women.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Having a passion, and a purpose to contribute to the self love, healing and empowerment of women.

I believe that it is every woman's birth right to self love, and that she has all the power within her to change the way she feels about herself and that all she needs, is support to do so.

I believe that if a woman loves herself, trusts herself, and believes in herself, her life can become everything she desires it to be and more.

I pride myself on offering an open, loving, non judgemental space for women to feel seen, heard and respected, so that she is guided towards her truth, so that she can take back her power and thrive.

Why should our clients choose you?

I pride myself on coaching my clients to be able to recognise their own power, so that they can live their life, from a place of purpose, positivity and passion. I encourage my clients to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and to use them both in a way that pushes them forward.

Whilst working with me, you gain the tools needed to enable you to live your life from a place of pull motivation, instead of push motivation, whilst also recognising limiting beliefs and your purpose in life.

I will set you up with the process and skills you need - to eventually coach yourself.

I only take on serious, dedicated client's who are committed to becoming the best versions of themselves.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

I coach my clients online only, however if you are within 30 miles of my location, home visits can be arranged. Enquire for more details

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

Online services only. No precautions were necessary.

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