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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Helping to change in 2023❤️✅
You can visit me and I can travel to clients if needed ...hypnotherapy tailored programmes for your lifestyle ...also online and live phone coach with hypnotherapy to help remove anxieties
Positive Change Programmes support you in 3 areas ;

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9 September 2023

After struggling with axiety for years
I felt like I had tried everything
I was willing to invest in myself after years of prescriptions and counselling
Dominic changed my life
I don’t suffer with panic attacks anymore.
My life’s changed in so many positive ways

12 August 2023


Honestly didn’t know what to expect with therapy, I was apprehensive and nervous. Upon meeting and chatting with Dominic for the first session and on the consultation call, he managed to set my mind an ease and find a solid report with me. Though the 4 sessions I had with him, I had increased my positive self talk immensely. Previous worries were obsolete and I now find myself forging a new path toward my future with absolute optimism, calmer and more in control than ever before.

I cannot recommend this practitioner enough, professional to the tenth degree and an amazing person.

Thank you Dominic.

3 August 2023

Addiction Therapy

Had 4 sessions with Dominic not knowing what to expect but the hypnotherapy really does work, really enjoyed the sessions feeling so much calmer. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from addiction or anxiety, thanks Dom. More...

21 June 2023

I worked with Dominic 4 weeks to work through some people pleasing habits and gaining clarity on my life direction. He was very understanding and relatable, and the hypnotherapy worked better than I thought it could. I left every session with more and more clarity on my goals and the person I want to become. After the sessions, I still have actionable steps to continuously work on, so I never lose that clarity. Couldn’t recommend Dominic enough. More...

1 June 2023


I enjoyed the sessions with Dominic
I went there with a bad memory that come back,which gave me anxiety and depression.
I had the Hypnotherapy programme which was over 4 weeks.
I have come through with everything behind me.
I have self therapy at home which calms me down,and really relaxes me.
The therapy was worth the money you pay,to Dominic Borsberry a true professional,and i recommend Dominic to anyone.

6 May 2023

Relationship and Marriage Counselling

I felt comfortable with Dom and feel the hypno sessions have really helped calm me, inturn making me less reactive. Definitely recommend. Thank you Dom.

26 April 2023


It's very hard to put into words the impact Dom has had on many facets within my life. I was paralyzed with anxiety and didn't have the tools to cope. Thank you Dom just doesn't seem enough, the experience has been life changing. More...

24 April 2023


Brilliant from start to finish could not have asked for a better person to turn to. Great communication at all times really knows what he’s talking about. The help and support Dominic has given me throughout this process has been incredible. Thank you again More...

11 March 2023


I arranged to see Dominic as I really didn’t know where my life was going. I was anxious, confused and just at a crossroads. I cannot tell you how much just a few sessions with Dominic has changed my life. My thoughts have changed, my confidence has grown and I am now on a path to lots of abundance.
I can’t recommend Dominic enough. Just truly amazing how much he has helped me.

2 March 2023

Worked with Dominic over the telephone
Off Loaded Business pressure and personal life
Felt Relaxed Calm and stress free
Hes hypo Taylor made Audio worked well for me
Slept very deep and woke up Refreshed strong and postive productive
Ready to face the world with no fear
Many Thanks 😊 🙏

7 February 2023


Absolutely fantastic service completely changed my life. Would 100% recommend. Thanks Dom!!

3 February 2023


This is a year later I went to Dominic for another session. This helped ease my anxiety after a bad car accident I had. Helped to get myself back on track again with life, thank you!

23 January 2023

I recently had the pleasure of working with Dominic and I can confidently say that it has been a life-changing experience.

Going into 2023, I feel full of confidence and a lot calmer in my day-to-day life. Being self-employed I often experience burnout. The hypnotherapy sessions have helped me to make better decisions and stay on top of my work.

I also used to feel anxious going to networking meetings which has completely disappeared.

I highly recommend Dominic to anyone looking to improve their mental well-being and achieve their goals.

Thank you for helping me take control of my life!

29 August 2022

Working with Dominic has been amazing. Having therapy via phone has been so beneficial it has allowed me to feel comfortable and more at ease while coming out my comfort zone. Breath work has been amazing it has positively impacted on my well being. I’m less anxious and tend not to get frustrated as easily as would have prior to breath work. Phone therapy is highly recommended. More...

10 August 2022

Dominic has helped me greatly with being a more calmer, focused and happier person. This has made a difference both in my personal life and in running my business.
Dominic is approachable and really easy to talk and open up to.
Would recommend to anyone that has been feeling a bit lost after these last couple of years and needs to get re-focused and get back into the right mindset!

25 June 2022

As a teenager going through a worldwide pandemic it was never going to be easy adjusting back to normality, especially when it led to the start of sixth form with new people existing issues. I had a rough 2021 and by the end of it was helping myself but felt like i was at a mental block but Dominic relived me with that. Although it seems simple and you leave thinking “that was quick and what did i even do”, he makes you push yourself with calming techniques which get imbedded into your thought process. This isn't the type of therapy that involves sitting down and talking about your issues but rather a way of understanding that you are much more powerful than you think.
I can’t thank Dominic enough because he is the reason why i didn't feel as anxious as i usually would when doing my exams.

2 June 2022

Dom helped me resolve personal and past traumas that I needed to deal with, dom made me feel comfortable and see things from another point of view instead of always thinking within my own mind. . ! Iv over come many of my daily struggles by opening up my mind and viewing situations it’s a more rational manor.. he has 100% bought me more positivity and made me realise my own worth and value. More...

27 May 2022


Great sessions leaving one feeling calm, positive and encouraging to take a step and reset.
As a young uni student, he was considerate and took into account my story and made me feel at ease through the sessions. I received good guidance, and advice that I shall carry with me for a lifetime. More...

18 May 2022


I had 4 sessions with Dominic around controlling my anger and emotions. After the first session I felt so much better. After each session I just felt better and better. My life has now changed. I’m so much in control of my emotions it’s unbelievable. Dominic has magenta the rest of my life a calmer place to be… More...

6 April 2022

Me and my husband have recently completed a course of sessions with Domnick and we both feel much better in ourselves and together as a couple after having therapy with him. Domnick has really helped us to feel calmer and more relaxed. We would highly recommend to anyone wishing to seek help guidance & support in feeling better individually or as a couple More...

6 April 2022

Dominic helped with control my feelings, making my life much easier to deal with and helping me get the results I need. Thanks Dominic

2 April 2022


Dominic helped me with my anger issues, through his programme I am now calmer and more in control of my emotions. Thanks Dominic!

21 March 2022

Wow. After suffering with anxiety/depression and a real lack of confidence I saw Dom for Hypnotherapy. 1 month later and I feel like a different man. Feel so much calmer and happy. Thanks Dom! More...

27 February 2022


Completed a course of hypnotherapy & wow! I feel so much more like myself. A lot more positive & calm. Really can’t thank Dominic enough!

18 February 2022


Dominic is one of the most authentic skilled and humane people are know.

He is an absolute professional, he seeks to continue his learning journey to ensure he is educated creating an environment then for “us” all he supports to be in receipt of a greater deeper more meaningful journey.

His ability to quickly and confidently allow a situation to unfold to get to The root of what’s needed is a craft he executes perfectly.

Non judgemental
A recommender of multiple ways to support, books, podcasts, breathing, listening, challenging with humility.

I’m a senior director at a global business who thought I knew how to fix myself - the point where I felt like a jenga tower (one more poke, one more on top of me and I will topple) was my reach out to Dominic.
He has saved me by allowing myself to know how to save myself!!

My life is different
My ability to see control and view has changed
Perception becomes better
Pace can be managed differently
He is a man whom I Respect
In days where the they start at 5am and end 11pm I was still able to do what was suggested, it’s fits in
Attitude is everything
What you seek you become

My relationship will remain as self wellness really matters

Thank you Dominic I feel gifted and lucky to have met you

17 February 2022

Dominic is great at what he does, he goes over and above. The course is delivered and structured in a way that will transform you.

8 February 2022


Dominic you’ve been amazing! Helped me get my life back on track and feel so much better from within. I feel like I can breathe again. Thank you so much.

27 January 2022


Really positive experience. Helped my anxiety and depression after just three sessions. I managed to persuade my boyfriend to have three, I opted for 8, for which he was sceptical, until his first session ended and he was pleasantly surprised at how beneficial Dominic’s methods are. We took the sessions individually, however it benefited not just our individual needs but also as a couple we found ourselves back in the ‘honeymoon’ phase of our relationship. I’ll definitely be contacting Dominic again for future sessions as he came to our house as more than just a mentor, it felt like a friend visiting which put me at ease from the get go. I’ve found hypno to be more effective than counselling and I’d highly recommend Dominic if you’re wanting to find a way to ease whatever you’re experiencing. He’s full of advice and helpful information. Thanks Dominic, you’ve been brilliant. More...

23 December 2021


This was a 5 star experience, I went in feeling so scared and alone and I came out with so much confidence that I saw changes happening immediately

16 December 2021


From start to finish Dominic was great, His voice is soothing and calm he helped me through some tough times, e made me fee at ease and computer from the very first phone call and face to face meeting through all my sessions. I will be having sessions in the future if and when needed.
I'd highly recommend dominic hes very unsterstanding and helpful. I haven't suffered with anxiety since. Brilliant

13 December 2021


My first experience of hypnotherapy and I have just finished my course with Dominic. As someone who had chronic anxiety and carried stress in her body and mind regularly, I wanted to change this, and gain direction in life (career and relationships). After 4 sessions I am feeling considerably calmer within. Like a deeper shift has occurred. You must do the homework in between and be accountable for your own progress, however Dominic helps a lot on this journey. His voice is relaxing, soothing, and he evidently has a lot of experience. He's down to earth which makes him personable. Thank you for my book too, I am progressing through it and excited to see the positive changes that are to arrive. I would love to return in the new year and do more work. I appreciate your support and skill. More...

12 December 2021

I was admittedly a skeptic of hypnosis. I met Dominic and he made me feel at ease from first meeting him.
I booked a course to control my anger and make me a calmer person.
I can't praise him enough, excellent course.
Fills you with confidence.
I'm not brilliant with words but trust me this man is excellent.

Thanks Dominic!

2 December 2021

I stand by my previous statement, wow. This service from Dom is amazing and has impacted my life in so many ways. Since doing this in summer I have noticed a complete shift in my mindset, the opportunities have kept coming in all different ways. I honestly couldn’t recommend the hypno more highly, for anyone on the fence give it a go. I will definitely be doing more in the future, thank you Dom. More...

2 December 2021


Great sessions
Helped very much and is someone I would definitely recommend to
Very helpful and understanding

30 November 2021

I found my experience with Dominic Great from start to finish. I felt very comfortable and he was very easy to talk to. I feel my life is so much more on track, knowing exactly what I want and proceedures put in place to ensure that. I'm very glad I contacted Dominic. Thankyou More...

18 November 2021

As in life we go through periods and highs and lows. Although I was not in a low point in my life I required counselling and outside perspective because I had felt stagnated on my Journey to personal growth and goal accomplishment.

I started counselling/hypnotherapy and I can honestly say Dominic is open, honest and experienced. He knows what he's talking about. Dominic gets to the bottom and all I wanted is to open because we have weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Dominic has set out certain habitual exercises I do each and everyday personalized to my goals and objectives through our sessions. I have seen growth and I'm well on my way. All I can say thank you Dominic for your insight, knowledge and advice.

7 November 2021

Wherever you are in life, Dominic can & will help you & is fantastic at what he does. Not only is he highly knowledgable & experienced but you get the sense he genuinely cares.
My relationships have improved, bad habits fallen away & I feel much calmer now.
Look forward to continue working with him & see even more improvements. Dominic comes highly recommended.

2 November 2021

Before I started working with Dom, I was in a really dark place suffering with a debilitating depression. Literally, the day after my first hypnotherapy session something shifted within me, and ever since then my outlook on life has completely changed. I haven't felt this happy since I was a kid! Can't recommend his services enough for anyone suffering with anxiety and depression. More...

23 October 2021


I started working Dominic because I wanted to improve confidence, and career outlook. Through both the use of hypnosis and techniques, I have been able to work towards my goals with more motivation than I’ve ever had. Just understand that YOU must also put in the work as well, hypnosis isn’t magic. More...

14 October 2021


This is my second review. I have been working with Dominic for 6 months now and I can say with all honesty that the program has truly changed my life. I feel more confident, more alert, more aware, more content and more alive.

I can use this as example, that I felt my eyes were squinting before and now they’re fully open to the world and to my life. I am able to manage difficult situations with a better approach and mind set. I feel I can tackle anything I put my mind to. I really wish more people were aware of the benefits that hypnotherapy can give you. It’s bettered my relationships with others but most importantly, myself. I am forever grateful for Dominic’s help and guidance.