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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


New service I travel to clients if needed ...hypnotherapy tailored recordings sent directly to your phone ...also online and live phone coach with hypnotherapy to help remove anxieties
Positive Change Programmes support you in 3 areas ; Hypnotherapy, (Support in your relationships, health and wealth/career).

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30 November 2021

I found my experience with Dominic Great from start to finish. I felt very comfortable and he was very easy to talk to. I feel my life is so much more on track, knowing exactly what I want and proceedures put in place to ensure that. I'm very glad I contacted Dominic. Thankyou More...

18 November 2021

As in life we go through periods and highs and lows. Although I was not in a low point in my life I required counselling and outside perspective because I had felt stagnated on my Journey to personal growth and goal accomplishment.

I started counselling/hypnotherapy and I can honestly say Dominic is open, honest and experienced. He knows what he's talking about. Dominic gets to the bottom and all I wanted is to open because we have weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Dominic has set out certain habitual exercises I do each and everyday personalized to my goals and objectives through our sessions. I have seen growth and I'm well on my way. All I can say thank you Dominic for your insight, knowledge and advice.

7 November 2021

Wherever you are in life, Dominic can & will help you & is fantastic at what he does. Not only is he highly knowledgable & experienced but you get the sense he genuinely cares.
My relationships have improved, bad habits fallen away & I feel much calmer now.
Look forward to continue working with him & see even more improvements. Dominic comes highly recommended.

2 November 2021

Before I started working with Dom, I was in a really dark place suffering with a debilitating depression. Literally, the day after my first hypnotherapy session something shifted within me, and ever since then my outlook on life has completely changed. I haven't felt this happy since I was a kid! Can't recommend his services enough for anyone suffering with anxiety and depression. More...

23 October 2021


I started working Dominic because I wanted to improve confidence, and career outlook. Through both the use of hypnosis and techniques, I have been able to work towards my goals with more motivation than I’ve ever had. Just understand that YOU must also put in the work as well, hypnosis isn’t magic. More...

14 October 2021


This is my second review. I have been working with Dominic for 6 months now and I can say with all honesty that the program has truly changed my life. I feel more confident, more alert, more aware, more content and more alive.

I can use this as example, that I felt my eyes were squinting before and now they’re fully open to the world and to my life. I am able to manage difficult situations with a better approach and mind set. I feel I can tackle anything I put my mind to. I really wish more people were aware of the benefits that hypnotherapy can give you. It’s bettered my relationships with others but most importantly, myself. I am forever grateful for Dominic’s help and guidance.

4 September 2021

All I can say is wow. Dominic’s positive change programme is a significant step in the right direction for anybody looking to grow. This is a real game changer, it has helped me gain so much more confidence and keep calm in situations throughout the day. In addition to making many more connections. I think anyone that gets the opportunity should as it has helped me unlock so much more of my potential. Thank you Dom. More...

5 August 2021


I have not been able to sleep for over a year. I was desperate tried all sorts of things and then I heard about Hypnotherapy, so I decided to give it a go with Domonic. All as I can say is absolutely brilliant after the first session I went to sleep. I had four sessions of hypnosis to support my sleep issues, relaxing and exercise to help me feel calm. I would recommend Domonic. More...

24 July 2021

I contacted Dominic after I have been suffering with Anxiety and stress for a long period of time.I had a consultation with him and he made me feel at easy so I booked a course my first session I felt so relaxed and from then on I felt calmer I haven’t had a panic attack since. Not only is he so professional and amazing at what he does he is also a lovely down to earth person with empathy and understanding I would highly recommend anyone to see him.Thank you Dominic you have changed my life for the better!! More...

21 July 2021

As a long time sufferer of anxiety and negative thought patterns, Dom was recommended to me to help. I contacted him, spoke about how I was feeling and booked in for the positive changes course. Sessions were done over the telephone which was really handy. I found Dom very approachable and easy to chat to, his meditation/ hypnotherapy was extremely relaxing and helped hugely in calming down the internal negative mental chatter I was experiencing. I feel so much calmer in general and I've stopped comfort eating, lost 1.5 stones in weight and can't recommend Dom enough, his voice is magic. More...

13 July 2021


Dominic is fantastic, he saved mine and my partners relationship. We are stronger than ever!
Highly recommend! Thank you Dominic!

12 July 2021

Working with Dominic has been a great experience and he has given me life changing tools that I can implement into my life. I feel excited, more in control and looking forward to seeing where it takes me. More...

28 June 2021

I have had two hypnotherapy sessions with Dominic. Confidence is something I have always had issues with. There were lots of positive changes that occurred in my life during this time and I really believe that I was vibrating on a higher frequency because of the sessions so more open to welcome these positive changes more readily. I felt deep profound shifts especially during my second session. Since working with Dominic I feel much calmer and my mind much less cluttered. I am more focussed on my goals and my confidence has increased! More...

9 June 2021


Dominic has been a great positive influence in my recent life. He has taught me some really powerful techniques to enhance my life.

17 May 2021


Truly a life changing experience! I am so happy that I discovered this program. I have been working with Dominic for two months now and I have noticed so many dramatic changes in my life and overall well-being. My anxiety has dropped dramatically and my confident has grown greatly. I am continuing on with the program and I feel very excited for the future I will create. More...

17 May 2021


Dominic is a great man to work with, he is fantastic at listening to your thoughts and feelings, and then gives great advice or techniques to use to improve or help your situation.

He creates a friendly and fun atmosphere, such a down to earth man and has really helped me to realise the power, strength and determination within.

Thank you for your all your attention and help Dominic!

6 April 2021


So I have had 4 sessions with Dominic and I have gained so much more confidence and an overall feeling of happiness.

I enquired with Dom after having a “panic meltdown” and then realising that I just cannot be like this anymore, something needed to change.

Just having that first conversation “coincidences”started to happen, which (for example) to me seeing my partner just up and doing cleaning/hoovering without me even saying anything was a shock (girls, you will understand me on that one!)
After each session things have just got more easier:
- controlling the way I think/do
- more relaxed and laid back
-less frustration
-confidence boost
- overall happiness
- relationships with my partner and my children are much better.

Today was my last session (slightly gutted) as you do make a friendship with Dom. But I have said that I am giving myself a 4week review then after that time update Dom and if needs be I can get onto the sessions again.

I have always been a worrier, lack of confidence and self esteem. Within 4 weeks I am and will carry on being this new person I have always wanted to be!

I cannot Thankyou enough Dom.

Jenny xx

1 April 2021

Dominic is fantastic intelligent and friendly and always encourages you and helps you see how much progress are making. Ive got huge value from hes postive change programme and hypnotherapy
In Both my Business and Daily life
I feel more calmer ,even more confident and more fulfilled.
If you are considering up grades in life or Business
Give Dominic a call 📞👏

1 April 2021

I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come in the space of 3 months.

Previous to therapy, I never thought in a million years that I, of all people, would ever have to seek help from a professional. I’ve always liked to think of myself as someone who can just deal with things, and (ashamedly) I guess I thought that needing therapy was a sign of weakness, but I’m so glad that I found Dominic after a random online search for a therapist; he’s been amazing in helping me to become a better me.

I was in a bad place just before Christmas, having made a mistake that I deeply regretted and not knowing where to turn/how to think or feel. My relationship was on the brink of collapse, and I knew I had to figure out what was going on in my head, and why I no longer felt myself, not just for the relationship but mainly for me. I also had other stuff going on in my head such as anger towards certain family members who I viewed as selfish, and it was really grating on me. After just one session with Dominic, I already felt much more positive about my future, and the sessions that followed were really beneficial. They offered some really good, practical tips to take away and apply to my everyday life.

Dominic has enabled me to become more in control of my thoughts, have discipline, and establish a healthy routine with some of the practical elements; these have made a real difference to becoming a more positive person and seeing a brighter future.

Now, my relationship is not perfect (I’d love to see one that is!) but it’s much better that it ever was, and Dominic has had more influence over that than he probably realises. I’m about to move back in with my partner next week, and to top it off, I was recently offered a new job, and I genuinely believe that the techniques I’ve learnt with Dominic, such as learning to be more positive and believing in myself, enabled me to secure it. I also feel much more positive about the family members I mentioned, and I’ve successfully been working on building my relationship with them.

I really couldn’t thank you enough, Dominic! I doubt very much that I’d be in this position if it wasn’t for reaching out to you. 🙏

27 March 2021


He’s genuine and very knowledgeable and you know he has your best interests at heart and really wants to help you. He is professional and trustworthy

15 March 2021


I have had confidence boosting / self esteem improvement sessions with Dominic and can genuinely and totally honestly say he really is the best in providing results that have changed me. Excellent in methods of neuro psychology improvement & thought process. Throughly recommend this person. More...

2 February 2021

Made me feel relaxed taught me how to re-ajust my mind to cope with stress highly recommended

1 February 2021

Such a fantastic to person to work with brilliant in his profession. I was so thrilled with how I felt after the sessions. it
It really changed me as a person and completely changed my life. sometimes its difficult to believe that these things will work but I gave it go and I was absolutely astounded with how it made me feel. My friends and family have noticed how different I have been since I worked with Dominic
Thank you so much it was fate that I found you.

18 December 2020

Dominic was very relaxing and I have seen a difference with my anxiety within going in the car and just general everyday. I’m 29 weeks pregnant and Dominic has helped me to sleep better by having a deeper sleep and the exercises he has given me have helped a lot with looking forward to the future and not being overwhelmed with when the baby comes.

17 December 2020

Myself and my partner have worked with Dominic to resolve our problems, to communicate and understand each other better and to move forward with our relationship. We have found Dominic to be very positive, he has taught us so many life skills and from breaking point in our relationship to start with, we have now turned our relationship around! We have listened and taken on board all that Dominic has taught us and used his skills to help us and I can honestly say if it wasn't for his excellent help I know we wouldn't be where we are today. We are very happy and determined to carry on with his life skills and hope to grow old together, thankyou so much Dominic, thanks to you we have worked out our differences, we understand each other so much better and are so much happier! I hope this review helps people to decide to take Dominic on board, we certainly will recommend him! 😁 💯 💕 Xx More...

10 December 2020

I should have spoken to Dominic sooner.

As soon as I spoke to him I had instant results. Dormant ambition and happiness was awoken in me and now I have the confidence on myself to succeed and anything I want to. My family life is fun and we creating wonderful memories.

If you are at a cross roads then Dominic is your man.

17 November 2020

Dominic is full of ideas of how to get your life back into balance. He is committed to helping and has gone above and beyond to help during lockdown

24 October 2020


I really enjoyed working with Dominic, he was very positive and professional. I had telephone sessions with Dominic to begin with and they really worked a treat. He built my confidence and made me really believe in myself. He taught me techniques on how to deal with anxiety and how to control my mind. I then had some face to face hypnotherapy with dom and again was brilliant. I already knew his capability’s in helping me. I’ve really enjoyed working with him and him helping me and I will continue to work with him. His voice is very uplifting and very calming when speaks so instantly I felt relaxed when he spoke. He is very empathetic and compassionate. It was great value for money it was more than I expected. Never tried anything along these lines before but best thing I have done to help myself. I have gained so much knowlegde in how to deal with my mind and learnt new skills on how to deal with any anxiety. I feel like a new women. I feel so much more positive in life and have a much better outlook on things I once never did. I’m finally closer to happiness. Really he was great to work with. More...

24 October 2020


It was a pleasure working with Dom. Thoroughly enjoyed the process and journey of the sessions and can see a change from it.

24 October 2020

I worked with Dom doing the positive changes programme during lockdown via telephone service. I cannot recommend him enough, not only was he friendly but very understanding and calming. I certainly feel a lot happier and positive about myself and my life and future goals. Highly recommend. More...

14 October 2020


Dominic was brilliant I was going through alot and needed someone to help me and guide me through my hard time i had my sessions on the phone with Dominic and it worked a dream I can't thank you enough thank you for helping me get back to myself

3 September 2020

Wow! Dominic is excellent at what he does. After just two hypnotherapy sessions Dominic has helped me transform my life in multiple ways. My self confidence has increased dramatically and I'm now on the right track to achieve my goals. Highly recommended! More...

2 September 2020

This is my second time having hypnotherapy with dominic, the results have been amazing I have noticed such a change within myself , I believe in my goals and myself and I have so much more confidence. Dominic is so calming and friendly and brilliant at what he does. Would highly recommend! More...

24 August 2020


Dominic is excellent at what he does.
I went into the first session feeling so low and having no self confidence and After my final session all the negatives I have felt over the past 10years have gone and I’ve turned into a completely different person.
I will forever be grateful to Dominic.

30 April 2020


It was very productive and beneficial working with you and will be taking up your services and would recommend you a 100%

31 March 2020

This man is great before I met him I was having a very low self esteem always thinks negative so I decided to do something about it I went on bark searching and came across his profile with a lot of reviews so I decided to give him a try I messaged him and he said to me due to the corona virus pandemic he has to work with over the phone at first I wasn’t convinced but after my sections wow I was surprised it works I gained my confident back from where I stopped it’s great this man is genius and he’s easy to work with very understanding
THAK YOU Dominic

2 February 2020

I got it n touch with Dominic and had my 3rd session with and OMG what a difference. I have been having panic attacks for Nealy 12 months and could not carry on any more. So did some research and Dominic has the best reviews. So glad I got InTouch with him cause he has changed my life for the better and I can not thank him enough I would recommend anyone who need help get in touch with Dominic amazing. So easy to talk to easy going and just amazing thank you Dominic x More...

31 January 2020


Dominic has helped me so much within just a couple of months, I feel a huge difference in my confidence and my productivity towards my goals, before I met dominic I didn’t believe in my self. He is very friendly, positive and professional.. Dominic’s voice is very hypnotic and calming, i couldn’t recommend him highly enough I’m so thankful I chose to have hypnotherapy with him!!! More...

31 January 2020

Tired of feeling depressed, having no confidence and having a real low self esteem I got in touch with Dominic. After the first 10 minute phone call with Dominic I could tell immediately he was going to improve my life massively, and I was not wrong. After 4 sessions I felt like a new person and couldn’t believe the impact he has had on me in such a short period of time. I have a much more positive outlook on life and my confidence at work is amazing. Can’t recommend Dominic highly enough, very professional and easy to talk to and work with and a real pleasure to have met. Do not hesitate, give him a call you will not be disappointed. More...

28 January 2020

Excellent. Great sessions and really helped me reach and beat my goals well before I thought I would. Will recommend loads..

22 November 2018

I was recommended to Dominque through a friend to get some help for my 13 year old son who had been suffering with anxiety / OCD for 6 years.
He was under the care of CAMHS and was not getting any better. The sessions were amazing. My son felt very comfortable with Dominique and was
Immediately put as ease. Every session was worth every penny, the treatment has been life changing for my son. He was taught great techniques to
help maintain these positive results and he has not looked back since. He is more relaxed, has no anxiety, is calm and can face any situation he is faced
with. This has helped him massively grow in confidence and he is now a stress free young man.

I have recently paid for my 10 year old daughter to have a block of sessions as she started worrying excessively which was age-related anxiety and there
Was no way I was even going to consider having her referred to CAMHS. She cannot thank him enough now that all of her worries have gone and she now feels
More confident in herself.

I would not hesitate to use Dominique again and cannot recommend him enough.

5 December 2017

Professional attitude, caring nature and honest practice.

26 November 2017

Dominic is friendly and easy to talk to, very knowledgable about his work and very effective with his hypnosis 😊

20 November 2017

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, I am lucky to have made it and survived. I was also very lucky to have Dominic Borsberry helping me every step of the way.

I had a course of hypnotherapy sessions to help with the after effects of my operation, subsequent radiotherapy and also to help alleviate the symptoms from taking daily cancer drugs.

I simply can't recommend him highly enough if you need to make a change in your life.