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I split my time living in the Netherlands and Birmingham, United Kingdom, and am a naturally gifted and intuitive coach constantly striving to be better for myself and my clients.

The topics that I can help you with are Relationships, Career, Expat issues, Alignment Coaching, Coping after the epidemic, Personal Development and Anger Management, and Recovery.

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16 August 2021


The work I have done with Andrew has been invaluable and has led to immediate beneficial results. I have no hesitation in recommending him highly.

14 July 2021

"Working with Andrew gave me new perspective on old issues... after a few gritty but great sessions I found within me a new confidence and 'tools' to allow me to move forward. .. He helped me rationalise and normalise my concerns.  Thanks Andrew I am now in a much better place." More...

29 April 2021

Very perceptive and an amazing listener. Helps you to connect to to yourself really well

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I love to help people find solutions to problems they thought were fixed. I enjoy when a client makes a new distinction and makes a little shift that impacts their whole life for the better.

I have a keen interest in the human mind and personal development is my passion. Working as a coach gives me great joy.

Clients should choose me because I am naturally very intuitive and a great listener. I want to help you find the best solution for you. Together we can challenge limiting beliefs, building new habits, help you find your joy a sense of connection to yourself and others. I can help motivate you. Together we can put the steps in place to achieve your goals.

I offer my services remotely so can accommodate an international English speaking clientele.

My business focus has changed to an online format due to Covid-19.


Be it your relationships in business or your private life, even how you relate to yourself. Together we can find ways to create better, healthier, fulfilled relationships.
In sessions, we will explore how to find a deeper connection inside by looking at how we relate and interact with people. Using different techniques, you will get insights into; how you relate to others, challenge limiting beliefs about relationships. Look at ways of resolving conflict, develop better listening skills, and be more open in communication. Be it with your husband, wife, colleague or friends. All of these relationships need work and investment.

It is so easy to feel pulled in opposite directions in your professional field and lose confidence. Can you relate? You want change, feel stuck but have no idea what is missing or why you feel low energy? Maybe you do not want to leave your current job but feel bored, unchallenged and want to get more pleasure and satisfaction in your work? Your job creates so much stress and pressure nobody sees things the way you do. There might be constant friction between you and your colleagues, or your boss is always moody, and you take it personally. You might want to change your career, but the financial security you get from your current job is not something you want to lose. You could even have lost your job, and you are thinking, what’s next?
Working together, let’s explore how you can do more of what you love in your career.

Feel like there is not enough time in the day? Maybe you feel life is wearing you down. Do you want to learn to set boundaries so you can say YES to the things that matter to you and NO to the things you often feel obliged to do? Do you feel restless or stuck? These are a few of the reasons why people like you choose a life coach. Maybe you find yourself asking the questions: Is this all there is, what is next for me? You might have reached the point in life when something needs to change, but you don’t know what. Together, we can get a clear idea of your values so that the decisions are authentic to you. Helping you accept or change the things that are imprisoning you or holding you back. Together let’s explore new possibilities. I can help you think in a more empowering way to create powerful habits that lead to better decision making for the rest of your life.

Anger is a natural human emotion and can be a powerful and destructive force that can destroy relationships. Anger can also be healthy. Getting angry about unjust situations can strongly motivate us to take action. Anger is a secondary emotion and can mask our true feelings. People experience anger for many reasons: losing something they value, not feeling heard, feeling frustrated all can be factors that can trigger an anger response. Anger is not always easy to process right away. People can hold onto anger for a long time. When you process anger, it can bring up very raw emotions. Working together with me, you will learn the necessary skills to manage overwhelming emotions and help address underlying emotions and memories that can contribute to your distress. With time, dedication and patience, anyone can learn to control their anger.

Let me help you on your recovery journey. I can offer you tools and guidance to pursue your goals and help you navigate your life direction. I am a good listener and can help you develop new behaviour patterns and positive habits. Providing accountability and support so you view your progress objectively, helping you with the day to day process of overcoming addiction.

If you need short-term coaching to get you through a project or a time of stagnation or paralysis, this is for you. I am a great listener if you want to talk about something else or have no clue. Sessions are a judgement-free zone, do not hold back.

Are you struggling with issues not easy to resolve? I can help; Stress and anxiety are normal human reactions to things we perceive as threatening. By its nature, immigrating to a new country can lead us into many confrontational and confusing situations. Learning languages, new cultures, new people, less direct in-person contact with family and friends can be overwhelming can lead to feelings of frustration, self-doubt, disconnection, sadness, resentment and even anger can rear its head. Excessive stress and anxiety can seep into every aspect of your life until you are left wondering, what is going on, why, am I feeling so tense/tired/overwhelmed? Specialist counselling helps you re-centre. Building confidence and giving focus to the positive areas in your life and promotes integration. I am an Expat that struggled with living in Holland. I am finding my stride. Let me help you too.

Covid-19 has impacted the whole world forever. The pandemic has demanded adjustment in many things we took for granted. For example, working at the office, children attending schools and meeting up with friends and family. Nobody knows how long the virus will be with us. Navigating the changes since the epidemic began can be emotionally and mentally challenging and has created fear and uncertainty in many. People are turning to coaches to get them through these unstable times. For most, this has been a time of self-reflection. Many of us have had to juggle and manage our personal lives alongside our unpredictable work situation. Working with a coach can help you reduce mental pressure; by helping you manage your expectations, difficult emotions and feelings. A life coach can help you explore what’s next, help you renew a sense of balance and a state of normality. Together we can build your inner resources and confidence, work on a plan to manage challenges and set goals in these turbulent times. Get you back to feeling confident and good about yourself again. You don’t have to walk this journey alone. How would you like to move forward?