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There are lots of reasons you may seek out counselling services. From dealing with bereavement and relationship issues to navigating mental health conditions. We’ll find the right professionals for you.


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Counselling is a private matter, so you’ll want to know you’re selecting the right counsellor for you. Use Bark to help you make an informed decision. Explore your list of tailored quotes, browse client feedback, or contact the counsellors directly.

Counselling Services

Personalised service

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes we need help during difficult periods. Perhaps you or your child is struggling with bereavement. Maybe you’re trying to deal with a traumatic experience such as sexual abuse or a miscarriage. By letting us know what you need counselling for, we can ensure that you receive quotes from the right professionals. That way, you can select a counsellor who is experienced in the type of therapy that you're looking for.

Expert guidance

Society is taking big strides towards acceptance of mental health issues, long may it continue! Everybody is unique. As a result, therapy needs to be personalised to each individual. Bark will put you in touch with qualified psychotherapists who can help you identify and solve any issues you’re experiencing. You may be feeling anxious or stressed at work. You may be dealing with addiction, or need help reconnecting in your relationship. A professional therapist can select the most appropriate technique to help you make necessary changes in your life.

Mental wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is essential for your overall health. It’s completely normal to experience issues. Acknowledging how counselling can help you deal with these issues is a positive step forward. Counselling is based on creating a personal rapport and developing trust with your counsellor. Through finding out exactly what you need, we can find a list of local, private counsellors who you’ll feel comfortable with. That way, you can be sure that you'll get the most out of each session.
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Jane Heart Counselling Services

Jane Heart Counselling provides a range of services including cognitive behavioural therapy, psychiatric support and psycho-educational groups, so each patient can find something that suits them.

Hear from
a professional

What type of counselling services do you offer?

At my practice, I offer lots of different types of counselling services – from individual sessions to group therapy. It all depends on what each client needs and what they’ll benefit from. Because a lot of my clients lead busy lives, I also offer online and telephone counselling if that suits their schedule better. Although I always suggest coming in for a face-to-face session now and then, as these are often very helpful.

What qualifications do you have?

To be a certified counsellor, you need to have a Level 4 qualification in counselling. This can be as a diploma, or at a degree or postgraduate level. I chose to go down the university route by undertaking a BSc Hons in Psychology & Counselling. This meant that I got a degree and was accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am now a registered counsellor with over 10 years of experience and have completed a number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules.

What is the main reason your clients come to you?

Most of my clients have certain goals in mind when it comes to their therapy. Often they want to resolve issues which are causing difficulties in their lives. This may be problems in their personal relationships that they want help working through. It could be with their partner, family, friends, or work colleagues. Or they may want to develop coping mechanisms to help deal with their own mental health. But often these can interlink. For example, if a client is wanting help with their personal relationships, this often has a positive knock-on effect on their own mental health.

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The average price of Counsellors is C$125 per session

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based on 13,936 reviews

Alec was very understanding to what I needed and put me onto a social worker he thought would work for me. He listened to what I was saying the whole time I was talking to him

13 Jun 2024

I am working on being a better mother, ex-wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, teacher, role-model and person in general. Living my best life is not only about praying to the universe for this to happen - it takes effort. I need regular reminders and prompting. My coach, Winnie, is helping me with that. Sometimes life feels easy -sometimes it feels more challenging. Winnie will ask me whether I am taking on other people's energy? Have I remembered to clear my blocks and have I energised myself for the good of myself and others? Just because life feels easier some weeks doesn't necessarily mean that I am reaching any closer to my goals. Easy times can cause complacency to set in. Winnie has helped me, without telling me, to leave a toxic relationship, to find an amazing balance in my life with a lot to be grateful for. She has given me the tools to moderate my behaviours, habits in order to protect and energise myself and others around me. I owe Winnie so much. ❤️

09 Jun 2024

Working with Tommi really helped realize my goals and the steps to achieve them. Tommi was instrumental in keeping me accountable and building that discipline within myself to stay on track. Tommi is a great friend who supports your goals and dreams and teaches you how find peace and joy in life.

05 Jun 2024

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