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What’s the average cost of a Therapist?

Average Price
$150 per session

How much does a Therapist cost on average?

Need someone to talk to but unsure how much a therapist costs? Read on to find out how much your therapist will charge for group therapy, one-to-one sessions, and more.

What does a Therapist do? 

A therapist is a qualified health professional who specializes in helping people to cope with various challenges in their life by developing better cognitive and emotional skills, as well as stronger coping mechanisms. 

A therapist is there to listen, and to help you understand why you are feeling a certain way. They can also teach you certain habits to create a more positive mindset. Therapists are there to help with a range of mental health problems including: 

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) 

  • Relationship problems

  • Low mood/Low self-esteem

  • Phobias

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder 

Therapists use a range of different techniques to help you overcome your issues, a common one being Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This is a talking therapy designed to help you change the way you think and behave as a way to overcome your issues. 

How much does a Therapist cost on average? 

For therapy to make a real impact, it often requires several sessions, patience, and commitment. So it pays to know how much therapy is going to cost you if you are going to commit to regular sessions. 

The price of a therapist is impacted by several factors. Although there is no fixed rate, a breakdown of average therapy costs in Canada is given below: 

Average cost of a Therapist
Average cost (per session) $150
Minimum cost (per session)$125
Maximum cost (per session) $175

Factors influencing costs 

The key factors to influence the cost of therapy include: 

  • Group therapy vs. individual therapy

  • Experience

  • Location 

Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy 

Individual therapy takes place in a one-on-one environment with your counsellor, whereas group therapy occurs with other people receiving the same therapy at the same time. With individual therapy, you’ll receive consistent attention to your unique problems and needs. However, group therapy also has its advantages, in meeting people who share similar problems to you. Group therapy is also less expensive. 

If you’re nervous about starting therapy and would rather talk to someone in a private environment, individual therapy may be a better option. An individual session tends to be around 50 minutes, whereas a group session lasts around 90 minutes to accommodate everyone.

Group therapy average cost (per session) Individual therapy average cost (per session)


Another factor influencing costs is your therapist’s level of experience. You should make sure that your therapist has the minimum qualifications to practice. Some types of therapy require more training than others, which increases the price. Here’s a rough breakdown of common therapies and their average costs: 

Type of therapist Average cost (per session)
Counsellor $125
Psychotherapist $150
Psychologist $175

How to keep Therapy costs to a minimum 

Finance shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to accessing therapy. Here are a few tips to keep costs down: 

  • Ask about price packages - If you are booking multiple sessions with a therapist you can normally get a small discount per session. In most cases, you will need multiple sessions with your therapist before you start seeing results. 

  • Ask if your therapist operates on a sliding scale - A sliding scale means that your therapist is willing to charge less per hour based on your income level. So if you’re a student or on a low-wage, you could get your sessions for a lower price.

  • Go online - Therapists sometimes provide their services online, which is a cheaper alternative to face-to-face sessions. You might find online therapy more comfortable as the session can take place from the comfort of your own home. 

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