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Are you a beginner or an experienced guitar player? Are you looking for adult or child lessons? By letting us know what you want to get out of your guitar lessons, we can find the best local guitar tutors near you.


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From the details you provide, we can source quotes from experienced, local guitar teachers. They’ll only ever offer lessons that suit your criteria, so you can rest assured knowing your needs will be met.


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Become a musical maestro

Learning a new skill

Practising and mastering a new skill or hobby is a hugely rewarding experience. When you’re a budding guitar player, you’ll want a seasoned pro to help guide your learning. Whether it’s your first time picking up a guitar, or you’re a self-taught amateur who is looking for some professional tutorage. With Bark, you can find guitar lessons for beginners that suit your skill base and experience. A professional guitar teacher can help nurture your musical talent. Before you know it, you’ll be a guitar pro!

Finding your rhythm

Whether it's classical or jazz, flamenco or the blues, there’s more than one way to play the guitar. With a whole range of music to experiment with, you’ll never be short of new styles of music to learn and love. Wanting to learn how to play a different genre of music to what you’ve previously learnt? Our extensive network of professional guitar tutors offer a range of lessons, courses and classes. With Bark, you’re bound to find the teacher for you.

Honing your talent

Guitar lessons aren’t just for the novices. Maybe you’re an acoustic or classical guitar player who wants to strike out and try electric for a change. Or you might be wanting to expand your skill set by learning to play the bass guitar. Perhaps you simply want to continue improving your musical skills. With guidance from a professional guitar tutor, you can build on your abilities to become an even better musician. They’ll be able to fine tune what you’ve already learnt, as well as expose you to new challenges to improve on your skills. By letting us know what you’re after, we can find professional guitar teachers nearby who offer lessons and courses suited to you.

Fine Tuning Music Lessons profile image

Fine Tuning Music Lessons

Offering private guitar lessons for electric and acoustic guitars, Fine Tuning helps learners from beginners to the advanced practice their musical skills.

Hear from
a professional

What is the average ability level of your students?

Most of my students are beginners or intermediate. A lot of people like the idea of learning how to play the guitar. So naturally, I have a lot of novice students, both adults and children. Kids often learn to play an instrument at school and many of them want to improve their skills outside of class. I also have a lot of adult students who have decided later on in life that they want to learn how to play the guitar, or want to pick up where they left off as a child.

How long is each lesson?

Most lessons are around an hour in length, as any longer than that can be tiring for beginners. But lessons can be longer, for example, an hour and a half or two hours. This is useful if a student is preparing for a music exam and concert, as they can fit more practice in. Normally students will have a weekly lesson, but sometimes twice or three times a week if necessary. It really depends on what they need from their classes and in what time frame.

What types of lessons do you offer?

Because of the variety of my students, I offer lots of different types of guitar lessons. Students can choose between one-to-one lessons and group classes, or even two-to-one sessions. I also offer online lessons for students who cannot make it face-to-face every week. I try to fit around my students and their needs to make my lessons as accessible as possible.

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The average price of Guitar Teachers is C$60

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My son has been taking guitar lessons with iPickGuitar for just over a year and it's been a great experience. His instructor, Julian, is wonderful at keeping my young son engaged by teaching him how to play lots of songs, while also including theory in his lessons. Over the past year, my son's level of play has increased tremendously and he looks forward to his time with Julian each week. Julian's teaching style is easygoing, fun and encouraging. He knows how to relate well to kids and keep them interested in learning. If you're looking for a dedicated music instructor that can teach music and theory really well, and knows how to cater specifically to your learner's needs, iPickGuitar is a great choice!

18 Feb 2024

Julian has been a treat to work with. His wisdom and connectivity set him apart from other coaches. My son's journey in learning to play the electric guitar has been accelerated. He's started playing songs from the get-go which is something that I love.

28 Nov 2023

Antonio is an excellent teacher, very friendly for any level and will help you work not only your skills with an instrument but also develop you as musician overall (rhythm, ear, technique, posture, you name it!). He is very invested in me as a musician and a person which makes the lessons a safe place for learning and improvement, I am very thankful to have lessons with Antonio!

05 Nov 2023

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