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What is the price of Counselling?

Average Price
$125 per session

How much does a Counsellor charge on average?

Need the help of a Counsellor but not sure how much they cost? Read our handy guide to find out how much you can expect to pay for different types of counselling therapy throughout Canada, as well as how to keep costs to a minimum.

What is a Counselling service? 

A counsellor is a trained professional who can help you to understand and overcome emotional distress by talking to you about your feelings. Counselling can help you with a range of problems, including: 

  • A change in circumstances or a difficult life event, like bereavement, work-related stress or a relationship ending

  • A mental health condition (depression, anxiety etc.) 

  • Relationship problems 

  • Difficult emotions, including anger or low mood 

Counselling takes place in a safe and comfortable environment. This is normally in the professional’s clinic, but they may be willing to travel to your home.

If you’d prefer not to travel, online counselling is a popular option for many people, as it means you carry out the session from the comfort of your own home. 

What’s the cost of a Counsellor on average? 

A counsellor’s fees may vary depending on several factors. To give you a rough estimate, we’ve put together the average cost per session based on local professionals across Canada. 

Average cost (per session) $125
Minimum cost (per session)$50
Maximum cost (per session) $200

Factors influencing cost: 

There are a few key factors that affect how much a Counsellor charges, including: 

  • Location

  • Experience 

  • Type of counselling service


Counsellors set different rates depending on their location. If you’re in a big city, you’re more likely to spend more than if you live in a rural area or a smaller city, as the cost of living is higher. Here's a breakdown of how much counsellors charge on average in major Canadian cities:

LocationAverage cost (per session)


Nothing is more important than your mental wellbeing, so you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to hiring a counsellor. A counsellor needs to have the right skills and ethics in place to make sure they can help you to overcome emotional distress, which is why they are required to obtain qualifications before being able to practice. 

You should look for a Counsellor who holds a certification from a credible organization, such as The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

A general rule of thumb is that the more experienced a counsellor is, the higher they will charge per session. You may also be able to find a Counsellor who specializes in a certain area, like addiction or child counselling. 

Type of Counselling 

Online counselling, which takes place either through live text, video or phone calls, is less expensive than face-to-face counselling. It's also much more convenient as you don’t have to factor in commute times. Some people also feel more comfortable discussing their problems from home rather than in a counsellor’s office. Here’s a rough estimate of how much you’ll pay for face-to-face and online counselling: 

Type of counsellingAverage cost (per session)

How to keep Counselling costs to a minimum 

Everyone should be able to speak to a counsellor if they need to, regardless of their financial situation. Here are some tips for keeping costs down:  

  • Price packages - Most counsellors will offer a discounted price for a package of sessions, which will work out cheaper than paying per session or hour. 

  • Discounts - Lots of counsellors operate a sliding scale on fees, which means students, job seekers or those on lower incomes will pay less than the standard amount.

  • Shop around - Don’t just go for the first counsellor who shows interest. Shop around and find the best price for your budget. 

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