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How much does massage therapy cost? 2021

Average Price
£40 per session

How much does a Massage Therapist cost on Bark

Want to treat yourself to a massage but not sure of the cost? Read our handy price guide to help you figure out how much you’ll pay depending on the type of massage therapy, your location, and more. Give your body a bit of love, it deserves it!

What is a Massage Therapist? 

Anyone that’s been to a massage therapist before will know that post-massage feeling of total bliss. A massage therapist is someone who is trained in applying pressure on the body’s soft tissues and muscles with their hands to release tension or pain. 

A massage therapist can identify and relieve key areas of tension in your body, leaving you feeling stress-free and relaxed. Whatever your reason for visiting a massage therapist, there are so many benefits that it can offer beyond relaxation, from alleviating depression to pain management, and even improving sleep! The physical and mental advantages are endless. 

How much does a Massage Therapist cost? 

Massage therapy is an investment for your physical and mental health, but it’s important to know just how much it will cost. After all, unexpected costs lead to stress, undoing all the good work of your massage therapy session! But don’t worry, lots of people think a massage is a luxury when it’s more affordable than you think. 

Massage therapists set their rates, so there isn’t one fixed fee. To give you a general idea, we’ve put together the average price per session based on the price of local UK professionals:

Average cost (per session) £40
Minimum cost (per session)£35
Maximum cost (per session) £80

What changes the cost of a Massage Therapist? 

The cost of a massage therapist varies depending on different factors. These include: 

  • Location 

  • Duration 

  • Type of massage 

  • Experience 

Massage Therapy near me 

Your location can significantly impact the cost of how much your massage therapist will charge. If you live in London, you’re more likely to pay more per session to cover the higher cost of living. To help you get to grips with this, here’s a breakdown of average massage therapy costs by location: 

Location Average cost (per session)
London area£40 - £80
South, South West, and Midlands£30 - £70
Outer region and North£30 - £60


The length of your massage therapy session will affect the price. Massages can range anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes per session. Many therapists will offer a discounted rate for longer sessions. 

You may also get a discount if you are booking a package of regular sessions - it’s always worth asking! Here’s a breakdown of how much you may expect to pay for different sessions based on the length of time. 

Time length per sessionAverage cost (per session)
30 minutes£30 - £50
45 minutes£45 - £70
60 minutes£55 - £90

Type of Massage 

Massage therapy is an ancient practice that has evolved into different variations.

The price may change depending on the type of massage you opt for. Some of the most common types of massage therapy and their prices are listed below. 

Type of therapy Average cost (per session)
Swedish £30 - £50
Aromatherapy£45 - £60
Prenatal£45 - £60
Hot stone £45 - £60


Massage therapists are applying a considerable amount of pressure to the muscles and tense areas of your body, so it’s essential to make sure that you hire someone qualified and experienced. If not, you might end up with a painful injury. Massage therapists don’t need to hold a degree, but they should have some level of certification as a minimum, like the Level 3 Diploma in Massage or Complementary Therapies.

Beyond this, massage therapists can be qualified in a whole world of different therapies, from Reflexology to Shiatsu massage. The more experienced and qualified your therapist is, the more they’re likely to charge. Remember, your therapist may be highly qualified in one type of massage or multiple, so it's worth asking about their area of specialism. Always check your therapist’s testimonials and qualifications before hopping on the massage table!

How to save money on Massage Therapy services 

Massage therapy can be pricey, but don’t despair! There are several ways you can keep costs down: 

  • Ask about price packages - You can normally negotiate discounts on packages of multiple sessions which reduces the hourly rate. 

  • Search for discounts - Some websites regularly offer discounts for massage therapy sessions, so keep an eye out on deals! 

  • Opt for longer sessions - Although you’ll pay more overall with longer sessions, you’ll probably get a better return on your investment, as massage therapists tend to offer a discount for lengthier sessions. 

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