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The average price of a Hypnotherapist in Dorset is £58 per session

Compared to a national average of £60

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Tanya Bunting Coaching

Hello and welcome to my Tanya Bunting Coaching, where my core purpose is: "Inspiring you to SHINE" I love working with clients of all ages to accelerate progress towards your goals. Do you have a goal you wish to meet? Are you keen to access the skills and resources to achieve that goal more easily? Are you curious about Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP and how they can help? I'm Tanya and I love working with clients of all ages to accelerate progress towards your goals. With an extensive background in school leadership, it's fair to say that I'm a teacher at heart! As a Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer, I teach you to take control and develop the skills you need to achieve those goals that are so important to you. I'm a mum of two Baby Buntings who have since flown our nest, I live in Bournemouth with my husband, Dave, and work in consulting rooms Westbourne, Christchurch, Southampton and London. I'm proud and privileged to have learnt with some of the best trainers in our fieldI'm a valued member of the trainer support teams for Dr. Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna, as well as a Co-Trainer and the Student Liaison Lead for the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy. My experience enables me to wear a number of hats! You can find out more about my roles as The Life Coach, The Job Coach, The Study Coach and The Mindful Teaching/Classroom Coach at my website: tanyabuntingcoaching.org I offer an initial complimentary telephone consultation to all of my clients, so do get in touch at your earliest convenience to tell me what you want and get to know how I can help. My specialisms enable me to support you to: *Overcome Addictions, e.g. smoking, alcohol & cocaine *Achieve a Painless Childbirth *Let go of Anxieties, Fears and Phobias *Overcome Depression *Manage Pain *Weight Loss including the Hypnotic Gastric Band *Performance Anxiety *Get the Job YOU Want Frequently Answered Questions: 1. What is hypnosis? Is it dangerous? How can it help? Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we enter via relaxation, meditation and daydreaming; a process that enables your brain waves to slow down and take your attention inside. The main difference between hypnosis and meditation or mindfulness, is mental thought processes that take place as a result of suggestions. The positive suggestions that the therapist uses in trance reprogram your brain to help you to meet your goals more easily. There is no evidence of hypnosis being harmful but patients should be fully reoriented before resuming their daily activities such as driving. 2. Can people be made to do things against their will? Will I be in control? Experiments have shown that is is highly unlikely for anyone to do anything that goes against their personal belief or value system. The therapeutic suggestions will reflect what has been agreed, and the patient is free to open their eyes and bring themselves out of hypnosis if they are uncomfortable or the suggestions vary. 3. Is clinical hypnosis like stage hypnosis? The purpose of stage hypnosis is to entertain; this is well understood by the willing subjects: people who want to make an exhibition of themselves! People who enter a deep hypnotic state are not suitable for stage hypnosis because they will barely move. The therapeutic setting is safe and I will stay with you throughout the process. 4. Could I get stuck in trance? You may well enjoy a deep and relaxing trance and I will use a wake-up procedure to support you them to come out of trance. 5. Could I reveal my secrets? Patients don’t reveal anything that they wouldn’t share in a normal conversation. 6. What if I can't be hypnotised? Patients only access trance if they want to. I will support you to achieve the hypnotic experience. Research shows that anyone can access trance, if they want to. 7. Will Hypnosis cure me? Hypnosis is a highly affective technique for supporting personal achievements, as well as a wide range of health issues and can be combined with conventional medicine and coaching. 8. Can I be made to forget what has happened? Patients in hypnosis can remember anything that is of value to them and give themselves to permission to forget anything that is unhelpful. Please be assured that no one else can force you to forget something against your will.

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What do you love most about your job?

I love being part of the change that my clients want to make. There's nothing that I like better than sharing that moment when you reach success. As part of your initial complimentary telephone conversation, you can tell me what it is that you want, and I will share how I can help. Clients who work with me often comment on the speed of change as well as the impact of our work on other areas of their life.

What inspired you to start your own business?

After 17 years of School Leadership, I decided to complete the NLP Practitioner Training with Dr. Richard Bandler. Thereafter, I went back to class teaching as I wanted to realise the impact in the classroom. It was AMAZING! I also started working with 1:1 adult clients and was inspired to do more and more client based work because of the positive impact I was having on individual lives. One thing lead to another; over a five year period I trained as a Master Practitioner of NLP and became an NLP Trainer via the Society of NLP. I also trained to Post Graduate standard in Clinical Hypnotherapy and subsequently took up the position of Student Liaison Lead and Co-Trainer at the International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Why should our clients choose you?

Clients that have already worked with me note my professionalism, skills and expertise.

You have my word that I care enormously about my clients. At the end of the day, your success is my success! I listen to what you want and design a tailor made process to get you there. This includes responding to your unique thought processes and a bespoke trance designed to ensure your individual success. I'll teach you to use self-hypnosis in other areas of your life so that you continue to benefit long after our teamwork has finished. Most importantly, you are in the driving seat. I am the catalyst who enables your success and ensures that you learn new skills and enjoy some fun along the way; not to mention the opportunity to relax, change and recuperate. If you didn't already know, research shows that 20 minutes in trance is equivalent to 3 to 4 hours sleep, so you will always leave me feeling rested and re-energised.

I believe that my clients testimonials say it much better than me, so here's a few snippets from some recent reviews:

"After my first session with Tanya, I felt instantly calmer and more positive."

"Tanya's abilities are abundantly clear and I feel proud to have received her undoubted skills in helping me back on the road to reaching my potential whilst on this earth!"

"I strongly recommend Tanya Bunting Coaching for anyone who is applying for a teaching job. After being unsuccessful at interview, my confidence was knocked. I worried that I might never get a teaching job...I left feeling confident and ready to take on my next interview."

"This lovely lady came over to teach me how to control my pain, after surgery, with Hypnotherapy. WOW, what a way to go; not a bit of pain and not had to take any pain relief since yesterday lunchtime."

"My son suffered from Depersonalisation from 2017. We tried various ways to try and help him but nothing worked. Since seeing Tanya my son has felt so much more positive."

"I got to 7cm on my own at home. I was so calm on the phone that my midwife didn't think that I was in labour until she examined me! I will be forever grateful for the skills that Tanya taught me."

"Before working with Tanya, I suffered from Agoraphobia for six years...She gives you the tools you need to get back in the driving seat of your own life."

"I have always struggled with speaking publicly at important meetings. After one session with Tanya, I was able to completely present an INSET, as well as present to school governors. Not only did I feel empowered but colleagues commented on the difference it has made."

"Working with Tanya has helped me to significantly reduce my antidepressant pills...I am now more aware of my feelings and can control negative thoughts."

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