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When the temperature of a room is too hot, it can feel stuffy and uncomfortable. In the home,
this can make it difficult to sleep at night. In the office, heat can be an issue too, especially as
computer equipment already emits hot air into the room. Whatsmore, opening a window doesn’t
always offer relief and can let in unwanted noise. Or the room might not even have any
windows. Fans are handy, but don’t circulate the air very strongly. They also can’t bring the
room down to a specific temperature.

That’s why air conditioning units offer the perfect solution. They are easy to install and have a
sleek appearance. Most importantly, they’ll keep you cool! If you’re looking to have air
conditioning installed, we’ll connect you with the best local professionals.

What to look for in an Air Conditioning Installer

Your aircon installer should be qualified and professional, and someone who you trust to carry
out the work to a high standard. Air conditioning is a competitive market, so avoid sellers who
try and pressure you to buy on the spot. Instead, take your time to find exactly what you want at
a price that reflects the quality of the unit you are looking to purchase.

Different types of Air Conditioning

  • Central air - A single unit that is placed on the roof of your home. It features a compressor, condenser and an evaporator. It works by drawing out the warm air in the room and returning cool air back indoors.
  • Ductless - Ductless units are wall-mounted, and ideal for buildings which do not have ductwork. Each room will require a separate unit. An advantage of a ductless system is they are more energy-efficient, though can get expensive if you require a unit in every room.
  • Hybrid - A hybrid air conditioning unit uses a combination of electricity and fossil fuels. It has a dual usage, in that it can be used to expel hot air outside in the summer, and in the winter it will do the opposite to keep the room warm.
  • Portable units - Standalone AC units on wheels can be positioned anywhere in your home or commercial building. They are ideal if you don’t have a fixed room or ‘spot’ where it gets hot, though can take up a lot of floor space in smaller rooms.

What credentials should my Air Conditioning Installer have?

Only use a registered, trusted installer who is qualified in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Can I get an Air Conditioning unit online?

While it’s possible to buy a freestanding air conditioning unit online, ideally, you should invite a
registered professional into the space to advise and install your unit for you. Only someone who
is qualified in the installation of air conditioning units can install them. So be aware of bogus
sellers who could pose a safety risk.

How does Aircon work?

An air conditioner has two connected coils that contain refrigerant fluid. This fluid continually
moves to provide a constant cooling of the air. Its job is to absorb the heat of the room so that it
expels cool air. Modern units feature a digital interface that displays the temperature of the room
along with controls to adjust it, making them very easy to use.

Depending on the manufacturer, your air conditioning unit will either be installed solely on the
inside of your home or require an additional external unit. Newer systems that are only on the
inside have been developed to abide by planning restrictions, such as in apartment buildings.

What are the benefits of Air Conditioning?

Everyone can relate to that hot, sticky feeling you get during the middle of summer. If you live in
a city, it might feel like most of the time. Opening the window will allow outside noise and
pollution to get in, especially in built-up areas.

The optimum room temperature for sleeping is between 16-18°C which most people struggle to
achieve. The result? A restless night’s sleep, and poor concentration the next day.

A better night’s sleep is just one of the main benefits of installing air conditioning in your home,
but it’s far from exhaustive. As well as dehumidifying your home, it will make the space much
more comfortable to spend time in. The same benefits also apply for commercial environments
and offices.

Where should I install Aircon?

Your air conditioning technician will visit your home or commercial building to best advise you
on this. It’s a good idea to point out the warmest spots, particularly any poorly-ventilated areas.
Or, south-facing rooms that receive strong sunlight, therefore creating a stuffy environment just
from the heat of the sun. Essentially, anywhere where you spend a lot of time and struggle to
feel cool, will benefit from aircon.

How much does Aircon cost?

The cost of air conditioning will vary depending on the location and how many units need to be installed.
In addition, whether you opt for a freestanding or a fitted air conditioning system.

It’s possible to get high-end finishes similar to what you’d find in a boutique hotel without any branding,
though these will be pricier than a generic freestanding unit. The cost includes the price of the unit as well
as the installation, if applicable. Only registered fitters can install air conditioning units.
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Leicester air conditioning services ltd

We at Leicester Air Conditioning Services Ltd are an ambitious company that are fully qualified in all we do, offering premium-quality air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation services, in and out of The Midlands. We specialise in all of the above, offering our services in installations, repairs, and maintenance. We take great pride in all our work and believe that with over 25 years’ experience, we can meet all your needs and more. It doesn’t stop there. We also believe that once the jobs done, the service we provide will continue, reassuring our customers that they are in good hands and have nothing to worry about from your initial contact. Just remember that we are here to help and if there’s any questions you need answering then go ahead and contact us now.

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What do you love most about your job?

The fact that everyday has new challenges.
Perfecting our work.
Making people happy.

What inspired you to start your own business?

My Children and life in general.
I love my life and life style and want my children to be successful in everything they do to.

Why should our clients choose you?

There are several reasons to why you should choose anyone.
Giving a quotation is only 1 of the steps to completing the project in hand.
All boxes should be ticked before deciding who you choose.
Here are just few boxes we ask our self and tick:-

Are they insured?
Are they qualified?
Are they knowledgeable?
Are they reliable?
Did they come across genuine?
Can they meet deadlines?
Do they have good house keeping? (clean/Tidy)
Is everything explained in plain English?
Do they after care and good support?

The list can go on and on, but the above are important to us as individuals and a company.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

We offer support, advice and quotations if contacted via our website


What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

All construction covid-19 and other legislations continue to change all the time, as well as various sites that we visit have there own site rules that we have to abide by.
We also have our own risk and method statements that we have to complete to make sure every aspect of the job is done in a safe, responsible & efficient manner.

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If well maintained, an air conditioning system could last up to 15-25 years, so it’s well worth the investment. However, to avoid early replacement costs, make sure you have your unit serviced regularly, to catch any potential problems early on before they become a serious issue.

To keep your air conditioning healthy and fault-free, you should get it serviced every 6 months to 1 year. The frequency required will depend on how much usage it gets. A domestic unit that isn’t used daily won’t need servicing as much as a unit used consistently on a business premise.

Strange sounds from your air conditioning may suggest that it needs repair or even replacement. Although in some cases it could just mean that it needs a good old clean! An expert will be able to assess the situation and identify the problem right away, resolving the issue much faster than if you were to attempt it yourself.

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