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How much does Home Insulation cost?

Average Price
$1,300 - $4,000

How much will I pay for Home Insulation?

Sick of putting up with extreme temperatures in your home? Read our handy guide to find out how much home insulation will cost depending on the type of improvement you wish to make.

What is Home Insulation?

Home insulation prevents heat loss or heat gain in your home by using a material to insulate the building and act as a barrier between your walls and the outside elements. Home insulation can be added inside your home as well as on the outside. The aim is to make your property more energy-efficient and reduce your energy bills in the process.

What’s the average cost of Home Insulation? 

If you’re wondering how much home insulation costs on average, read on for a rough estimate of costs across Australia: 

Home Insulation costs
Average cost (in total) $2,700
Minimum cost (in total) $1,300
Maximum cost (in total) $4,000

Depending on the nature of the work you undertake and the size of your property, home insulation services range from $1,300 to $4,000 - so the cost can vary quite a lot! 

Factors influencing costs 

 As home insulation varies dramatically in price, your budget will naturally be a top priority. Not all home insulation techniques are expensive, and any improvements you make to your property is better than taking no action at all.  

Bear in mind that home insulation is a worthwhile investment in that you’ll enjoy reduced energy bills for years to come. External work may also improve the property’s curb appeal, potentially increasing its value too. 

Here are some of the main factors affecting price: 

Type of insulation:

  • Cavity wall 

  • Draught proofing

  • Floor 

  • Loft 

  • Solid Wall 

Type of insulation 

Home Insulations costs by type of Insulation
Type of insulationHighest average price Lowest average price
Cavity wall $900$600
Draught proofing$1,000 $750
Solid wall$4,800$3,200

Home insulation is effective no matter what budget you’re on. Even a smaller spend of $600 for cavity wall insulation can make a massive difference. 

Many services are under the $2,000 mark, which is far cheaper than other home improvement types. 

Solid wall home insulation is the most expensive, ranging between $3,200 and $4,800. However, it will offer the very best protection against heat loss overall, as every inch of your external wall space will be insulated. It’s also very beneficial against providing damp and moulds in your home, especially if it’s been caused by an ineffective render.

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation works by filling the gap between the layer of bricks with a material that prevents heat transfer. It’s a fairly straightforward and simple job. Your builder will drill a few holes at strategic points in your external brickwork, to then fill it with a material such as mineral wool, polystyrene beads or polyurethane foam. 

Cavity wall insulation sits at the lower end of the pricing scale, costing around $600 - $900 on average. 

Draught proofing

If you’ve noticed areas of your home are particularly chilly then you’re probably in need of draught-proofing. It seeks to remove gaps where warm air is escaping from your home. On average, draught-proofing costs $750 - $1,000 to undertake.

Floor insulation

Floor insulation adds a layer of insulating material beneath the floorboards. Remember that science lesson from school about heat rising? Well, this is it in action! Floor insulation prevents heat from escaping out of your roof space as it rises. 

The cost of floor insulation ranges between $800 and $1,800. It’s also worth noting that this doesn’t include the cost of new flooring, which may be required as your carpets will need to be ripped up to access the floorboards.

Loft insulation

Did you know that roughly a quarter of total heat loss in your home escapes through your roof? Loft insulation is a thick material that is placed in your roof space, either along the joists or the rafters. The lightweight yet hefty padding creates a physical barrier between the heat rising at the top of the roof. Loft insulation averages at about $2,450 and is fairly easy to install.

Solid wall insulation

Older properties that aren’t able to benefit from cavity wall insulation can have solid wall insulation performed instead. The process involves applying installation boards to the external walls of your home. A base coat and a mesh is then applied over the top of the boards to ensure the entire facade is resistant to impact. Finally, a render is applied to complete the job. The benefits of rendering your home are that not only will it reduce your energy bills, but will greatly enhance the look of your property too.

For solid wall insulation, you’re looking at around $3,200 - $4,800 on average, but this mainly depends on the size of your property. While it’s the most expensive option, it’s the best way to weatherproof your home. It can also reduce any damp or mould issues that were caused by faulty or even a lack of rendering.

Getting home insulation - is it worth the cost? 

If your home has poor energy efficiency, then home insulation is well worth the investment. 

Any home insulation you undertake will make your home greener and reduce your energy bills in the process. In many cases, the work will pay for itself with the money you will save on heating your home. 

Get your home insulated with a local tradesperson on Bark and watch your energy bills plummet. 

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