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How much will it cost to get my Driveway Installed?

Average Price
$58 per square metre

How much does Driveway Installation cost?

Looking for a new driveway but unsure of how much it’ll cost to get installed? Read our handy guide to find out how much your expert will charge for concrete installation, block paving and more - you’ll have your neighbours green with envy in no time!

Should I get a professional to install my Driveway? 

Have you ever started a DIY project only to find that you’ve got all the gear but no idea? Getting a new driveway is no small feat. It's a big project that requires a highly experienced and skilled professional. Hiring someone with the relevant knowledge and tools means that your driveway will be durable and completed to a high standard. 

Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or a small repair, a skilled professional can help you achieve your dream driveway. Not sure whether it’s worth the investment? An attractive driveway can add up to 10% to your home’s value - a worthwhile reason to give it the love and attention it deserves. 

How much does Driveway Installation cost? 

Several factors change the cost of driveway installation, but the average cost based on local Australian professionals is given below: 

Average cost (per square metre) $58

Factors influencing cost 

The cost of driveway installation can vary depending on different factors, including:

  • The material 

  • Location

  • Labour time 

  • Additional features 

The material

One of the biggest cost drivers is the material you choose to install your driveway. When choosing your material you need to consider a few factors, including its appearance, durability, and most importantly, cost. 

To help you make the all-important decision, we’ve put together a breakdown of the most common driveway materials, including their average price, pros and cons.

Material Average price (per square metre)ProsCons
Tarmac$30Inexpensive, durableLack of colour choices, difficult to lay on small/awkwardly shaped driveways
Gravel$55Provides security - loud noise when walked or driven on, low maintenanceMay need regular top-ups in ruts and holes, unsuitable for snow and ice
Block paving$80Aesthetically pleasing, durable Increased costs due to precision laying, can attract algae and moss
Concrete$75Durable, low maintenanceProne to staining, unsuitable for snow and ice


Driveway installers will charge different prices depending on where they are based. 

Contractors in big cities like Sydney tend to charge more for the same service than in more rural areas, to account for the higher cost of living.

Labour time 

Labourers usually charge by the hour, so expect to pay more if your driveway is larger as the work will take longer to complete. 

But don’t worry, having a large driveway doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank. 

Professionals often offer discounts on the overall price for larger driveways. To put it simply, the larger the driveway, the lower the cost per square metre. 

Additional features

Looking to wow the neighbours with a fancy electric gate or some sensor lighting? While your contractor may be able to install these for you, it’ll cost you extra.

Remember, this will be on top of the price of the feature itself. Here’s a rough guide on how much you can expect to pay to install additional features on top of your base rate: 

Feature installationAverage additional cost
Electric gates$2,100
Lighting $500
Draining $250

Getting your Driveway Installed on a budget 

If you’re looking to get your driveway installed on a shoestring, read on for some handy money-saving tips: 

  • Opt for inexpensive materials - Tarmac and gravel are great choices if you’re on a budget.

  • Keep on top of maintenance - Once your driveway is completed, keep it healthy with regular maintenance. This will prevent repair costs later down the line.

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