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How much does Gutter Repair and Maintenance cost on average?

Average Price
$340 – $690 per project

How much will I pay for Gutter Repair and Maintenance services?

Wondering how much gutter repair and maintenance costs will set you back? Read our handy guide to find out how much you’ll pay for a guttering contractor in Australia.

What is Gutter Repair and Maintenance?

A gutter repair and maintenance service will inspect the condition of your sewerage system to check if any repair work will be required for its maintenance or not. Some of the jobs a guttering contractor may carry out include: 

  • Cleaning gutters. Remove any leaves or debris that might be stuck in the gutter.

  • Securing gutters. Replace your gutter’s spikes with gutter screws that are much better at maintaining the integrity of your gutter, ensuring that they are secure.

  • Sealing leaks. Check for any leaks in the joints or seams of your gutter. If you find any leaks, clean that area thoroughly and seal it by applying silicone caulk. 

  • Repairing downspouts. Make sure that the joints in your gutter fit together perfectly and the downspouts are clear of any leaves.

Why do you need Gutter Repair and Maintenance services?

Over the years, your gutters will be affected by many external factors that can hamper their functioning or damage them significantly. Bad weather and clogging up of debris such as leaves and rubbish can cause your gutters to wear down over time causing a range of problems to occur. 

Hiring an expert to properly maintain and repair your gutters regularly will mean that they remain healthy and hazard-free.

How much does Gutter Repair and Maintenance cost in Australia?

Gutter-repair companies have different ways in which they calculate their charges. Here’s a rough estimate of how much you can expect to pay if you’re planning on getting gutter repair services:

Average cost of Gutter Repairs services
Pricing structureAverage cost
Price per job$340 – $690
Cost per foot$3 - $50

What affects the price of gutter repair and maintenance in Australia? 

The price of gutter repairs will change depending on the project. Some of the main cost factors are: 

  • Gutter size

  • Removal and disposal of your previous gutters

  • Materials used for repairs or replacement of your gutters

Gutter size

The size of your gutter will also impact the cost, as contractors tend to charge by the amount of time that it takes to complete the project. Here’s a rough calculation of how much you’ll pay for a gutter repair service based on the size of your gutter:

Average cost of Gutter Repairs based on the size of your gutter
Cost rangesCost
Average-sized gutter$340 - $690
Small gutter$200 - $390
Large gutter$380 - $890

Removal and disposal of your previous gutters

Depending on your previous gutter set up at your residence, gutter repairs or maintenance charges can vary depending on the type of work involved. If the existing gutter system is very difficult to work with, or if it has to be replaced fully, expect this to increase the overall cost. 

Materials used for repairs

You can opt-in for more affordable low-cost materials to repair your gutter which can do the job. However, such materials may not be the most durable option. If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, you will be much better off choosing high-quality materials that will last for years to come.

Is it worth getting your Gutter professionally repaired? 

Absolutely! While it may seem tempting to dust off the ladder and attempt to repair your gutters yourself, when you consider the time, risks, and quality of a DIY-job, it makes much more sense to hire a professional to get the job done efficiently and to a high standard. It will also reduce the likelihood of needing to fork out for hefty replacement costs later down the line. 

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