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How much is Gutter Cleaning?

Average Price
$195 - $300

How much will I pay for Gutter Cleaning?

Need your gutters cleaned but not sure how much it’ll set you back? Read on to find out how much you’ll pay for the type of home you have, where you live, the condition of your gutters and more.

Should I get my Gutters Cleaned?

They may not get the attention they deserve, but your gutters need some TLC from time to time as well. If they aren’t cleaned out regularly, they’ll get clogged up with leaves and rubbish, causing all sorts of problems like roof leaks, foundation damage and even insect infestation. The last thing you want is to fork out lots of money for repair costs. Getting your gutters cleaned regularly means that they’ll stay healthy with little maintenance required.

How much does Gutter Cleaning cost? 

If you’re wondering how much Gutter Cleaning is going to cost, we’ve put together a rough guideline based on the prices of local Australian professionals below: 

Average cost (in total) $195 - $300
Minimum cost (in total) $90
Maximum cost (in total)$500

Factors influencing costs: 

The main factors affecting the price of Gutter Cleaning are discussed below: 

  • House size and type 

  • Height of home 

  • Condition of your gutter 

  • Your location 

  • Risk factor

House size and type

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the size of your home will influence costs, as this will determine the size of the job. 

Although its difficult to give an exact estimate, we’ve put together a breakdown of how much gutter cleaning is likely to cost based on average house types in Australia. 

House size and type Average cost (in total)
Small terraced home$115
Medium semi-detached home $145
Medium detached home $175
Large detached home$250

Height of home 

If you’re afraid of heights, you’ll want to hire a professional to clean your gutters, especially if you live in a three-storey property! The cost of hiring a gutter specialist varies depending on the height of your home, as it’s more difficult (and dangerous) to get the job done the higher you are. Here’s a breakdown of average gutter cleaning costs by height: 

Height of homeAverage cost (in total)
1 to 2 storeys$150
2 or more storeys $230

Condition of your gutter 

Is your gutter looking a bit worse for wear? If you’ve left it unattended for too long, you’ll have a build-up of leaves, dirt, and all sorts of other residues. This is more labour intensive for a professional, so you can expect to pay more. Here’s a rough estimate of cost varies based on the cleanliness of your gutter (remember that this price can vary dramatically depending on the size of your home): 

Condition of gutter Average cost (in total)
Average clogging$150
Heavy clogging $220
Severely heavy clogging $300

Your location 

Like most things, the cost of repairing your gutter will vary based on where you live. Bigger cities like Melbourne and Sydney will probably have higher rates than rural areas to reflect the higher cost of living. 

Risk factor 

Gutter cleaning can be risky, even to the most experienced professionals. After all, it involves working at height, so bear in mind that your professional may charge more for a gutter with trickier and more dangerous access. 

Getting your Gutter Cleaned on a budget 

Read on for some thrifty inspiration for keeping Gutter Cleaning costs to a minimum if you’re on a budget: 

  • Ask for a discount - This one may seem obvious, but lots of people decide not to ask about discounts if they aren’t advertised. In lots of cases, professionals will offer discounts to senior citizens, students, or first applicants, so it’s always worth asking! 

  • Shop around - Ensure you’re getting the most competitive price by shopping around and comparing quotes. Always check your professional’s credentials before signing on the dotted line. 

  • Get your gutters cleaned regularly - If you keep your gutters clean you won’t need to pay a hefty fee for expensive repair costs later down the line. 

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