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Five bathroom colour schemes that will never date

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Mika, Staff Writer

Friday, 28 May 2021

Choosing a bathroom colour scheme isn’t always easy. It can be a tricky room to decorate so you don’t want to follow the latest trend only for your bathroom to look dated a year later. When you’re decorating a bathroom, you need to choose a colour scheme that you can guarantee will still look great years down the line.

Here are five bathroom colour schemes that will never date, making decorating a bathroom a piece of cake:

1. Black and white

Black and white is a classic colour combination that has been going strong since the Art Deco period of the 1920s. So, when you’re decorating a bathroom, look no further than a stylish black and white theme that is guaranteed to wow your guests.

Think checkerboard floor tiles, chrome fittings and silver-framed mirrors, combined with classy block-coloured walls. For that extra impact, you can even opt to jazz it up with some bright accessories such as a red towel or a yellow soap dish.

2. Calming neutrals

Your bathroom is a place to relax and indulge in some tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Opting for a neutral colour palette which includes soft creams, cloudy greys or pale blues can help you to drift off to your happy place and forget your troubles.

Neutral colours don’t have to be boring. Try pairing a neutral cream bathroom with a marble sink and gold taps for a luxury feel and a splash of elegance.

3. Mocha and cream

Warm mocha tones are the perfect way to create an inviting and homely feel in your bathroom. Couple mocha with cream to warm up your room, or pair it with a crisp white for a clean and hygienic feel.

You can add depth to a mocha bathroom by adding darker espresso shades to highlight interesting areas of your bathroom such as your bathtub.  

4. Monochromatic greys

Grey is a soothing colour for many people. If you’re aiming to achieve a clean and simple look in your bathroom, you can use various shades of grey bathroom paint and tiles to add texture and depth to your bathroom.

These monochrome grey shades look great when combined with leafy potted plants or fresh flowers, bringing life and colour to your bathroom.

5. Blue and yellow

Blue and yellow is a popular colour combination for any bathroom, bringing hints of nature into your home. Picture the blue sky with a yellow sun rising.

You can achieve this natural colour scheme by opting for sky or ocean blue bathroom paint combined with simple white tiles. Then, add in a pop of yellow by choosing accessories such as yellow towels or soap dispensers.

Hire a Painter and Decorator

If this article has given you inspiration for your bathroom colour schemes, the next step is to hire a Painter and Decorator to bring your vision to life. You can hire a Painter and Decorator to create your dream bathroom design on Bark. 

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