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Your ultimate guide to online Personal Training

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Alex, Staff Writer

Thursday, 2 September 2021

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With the recent boom in virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Skype, the idea of online activities has become more accessible, and popular. This virtual engagement has now reached the world of online personal trainers and to great success. Finding an online personal trainer has become a more straightforward task, but finding the right one for you and your needs can be a little bit trickier. A simple search for an online personal trainer on Bark will bring you a flurry of results, yet how do we know which is the right one for us?

You must take into consideration the routine you will agree to, the cost of an online personal trainer and whether the whole process will work around your life. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of online personal training and see how you can get fit and healthy without leaving the comfort of your home or workspace.

What does online Personal Training involve?

An online personal trainer is much like a normal face-to-face fitness trainer; the only difference is that they are communicating through a computer screen. Your personal trainer will create a workout program to suit you and your needs, whether it is weight loss, building muscle, or just maintaining your stamina and fitness. Your online personal trainer will often do the workout with you or pre-record a video of the same workout - giving you as the customer an idea of how it should be carried out.

An online personal trainer will also conduct one-to-one discussion sessions, allowing you to talk through what you need out of the training and how you both think it is going. This interpersonal relationship will be just as strong as it would be if you were both in the same place. As they are only a click away, your fitness coach can be on call to answer your fitness queries instantly, something that wouldn’t be possible with a traditional trainer.  

Is hiring a Personal Trainer worth it?

Personal Trainer

Before we look into the actual process of hiring a personal trainer, we need to ask ourselves, is hiring a personal trainer worth it? The short answer is, of course, yes. Hiring your own personal trainer has huge amounts of benefits for both your fitness routine and the overall success of your training sessions. Having a personal trainer who knows the correct procedures and has knowledge of sports science will decrease the chance of injuring yourself considerably.

Alongside their wealth of knowledge, hiring a personal trainer will also bring you a huge amount of motivation to you and your exercises. They can guide you through the tasks and plan the routines, leaving you free to just do the exercises without wasting time planning. Having a personal trainer waiting on you to login to a virtual training session also brings an element of accountability to the session. You are less likely to miss a training session if your personal trainer is waiting for you.

How much does an online Personal Trainer cost?

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Finding a cheap online coaching service all depends on what you want and need from your training sessions. As is the case with most products and services, paying a little extra means you will get a far better quality of service. We can put an average price on a training session, yet the cost of an online personal trainer can depend on a number of different factors. Taking an average cost, you will be looking to pay between $40 - $65 per session for your personal coach in Canada. For a detailed breakdown of personal trainer costs, check out our handy price guide.

This cost will fluctuate depending on the quality of the personal trainer, what they offer as part of their sessions and the number of sessions you book. The price of an online personal trainer will often fall dramatically if you block book your sessions, giving customers price breaks the more you book. By searching for an online personal trainer on Bark, you can find the right person for the job for the right price. 

Just remember, one of the main benefits of choosing an online personal trainer is the fact they don’t need to be in your local area. With the benefit of a strong internet connection, having a personal trainer online means they can be in one part of the country and you in the other - adding a whole new experience of home workouts.

To sum up 

Personal Training

As you can see, hiring an online personal trainer can have huge benefits to both your overall health and the long-term savings you can make from not paying for a gym membership. Modern life is moving at such a pace; having your personal trainer only an internet connection away means you can blend your workouts into your daily routine seamlessly. Using Bark, you can narrow down your search instantly and find the perfect online personal trainer for you and your needs.

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