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How much does a Hypnotherapist cost? 2023

Average Price
$120 per session

How much does a Hypnotherapist cost?

Looking to adopt some positive habits with the help of a hypnotist, but not sure how much they cost? Read on to find out how much your professional will charge based on their experience level, the type of hypnotherapy, and much more.

What is Hypnotherapy?

A hypnotherapist is a healthcare professional that helps their patients to overcome a mental or physical condition, such as trauma and addiction, through hypnosis. If you’re interested in hypnotherapy but you’re not sure what it involves, don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Your first session will involve your hypnotherapist making you feel at ease but chatting to you about your problem, and explaining how they’re going to help you overcome it through hypnotherapy. After the discussion is out of the way, they’ll bring you into a relaxed state where you will work on what it is you want to change. After this, you will be gently brought out of your trance. Find a Hypnotherapist near me.

Remember to always discuss your plans to start hypnotherapy with your doctor before going under any trance, as it should be avoided for people with certain health conditions.

How much does a Hypnotherapist charge?  

A hypnotherapist can charge anything from $75 to $200, depending on several factors. As a rough guide, here’s how much a hypnotherapy session costs on average, based on the prices of local US professionals:

Average cost (per session) $120
Minimum cost (per session)$75
Maximum cost (per session) $200

What factors affect the cost of Hypnotherapy? 

Different factors affecting the cost of a Hypnotist include: 

  • Type of hypnotherapy 

  • Location

  • Online vs. in-person sessions 

  • Experience 

Type of Hypnotherapy 

Specialized types of hypnotherapy, such as weight loss and quit smoking hypnotherapy, are priced differently. This is because they require longer treatment periods, so they usually come in packages of a minimum of three to six sessions.

Here’s a rough idea of costs for specialized hypnotherapy packages: 

Type of hypnotherapyAverage cost for three to six sessions
Quit smoking $250 - $500
Weight loss $350 - $500

Not only does committing to multiple sessions mean that you’re more likely to see a difference than with just one or two sessions, but it can also reduce the hourly rate, saving you money in the long run!


Location plays a factor when it comes to hypnotherapy costs, with some states and cities charging more than others as a reflection of the differences in costs of living. Here’s a quick breakdown of cost variations according to city: 

Location Average cost
New York$190 - $250
Houston$150 - $190
Chicago $160 - $200
New Orleans$80 - $100
Salt Lake City$75 - $90

Hypnotherapy Online vs. in-person sessions

You might be surprised to hear that many hypnotherapists now offer their services online. 

This is ideal for those who would feel more comfortable having the session from the comfort of their own home. Hypnotherapy online tends to be less expensive too! 


While some hypnotherapists will hold Master’s and Postdoctoral degrees, others may have qualified by simply doing a short course online. 

It’s a good idea to opt for someone with a healthcare background, as they will be more experienced in knowing how to take care of patients. 

As a general rule of thumb, the more experienced your hypnotherapist, the more they’ll charge. 

Feel better for less: How to save money on Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy can be expensive, especially as it takes multiple sessions to see a real difference. But don’t panic! Here are some handy tips to keep costs down:

  • Buy a package of multiple sessions - You can reduce the hourly fee for your hypnotherapy sessions if you buy them as multiple sessions, rather than on their own. Make sure you’re comfortable with your Hypnotherapist and their approach before committing to multiple sessions. 

  • Ask if your hypnotherapist operates on a sliding scale - Some therapists operate on a sliding scale, which means they will change their price based on your income. If you’re on a low wage or you’re a student, you may be able to get a discounted price. 

  • Hire a junior therapist - A hypnotherapist just starting in their career will charge less than a hypnotherapist with years of experience under their belt, as they’ll be keen to build their experience and client base. 

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