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The 7 top reasons why you should hire a House Cleaner 

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Mika, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Nothing beats walking into your home to find it looking spotlessly clean. The smell of fresh air greeting as you enter the room, sparkling surfaces you can see your reflection in and all of your belongings arranged perfectly. It sounds like bliss, right? 

The reality though is that domestic perfection and the demands of modern life don’t always mix. At the same time, we all know that cleaning isn’t something that can be skipped, especially when it can have a huge impact on the health and wellbeing not to mention the enjoyment of all those who live in the property.

However, one way to get the best of both worlds is to hire a house cleaner. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider doing so to tell you more. 

Regular cleaning will become a breeze

Every day dirt, grime, dust, bacteria and even mould slowly accumulate in your property. If you have a busy household, particularly if kids or pets live under your roof, then the chances are your home is dirtier than you may realise. 

House cleaners can perform a general clean where they will vacuum, dust, wipe down surfaces and tidy each room. Alternatively, you can request a deep clean using steam extraction to rid dirt from your floors, soft furnishings, kitchen, bathroom and more. 

Either way, having a thorough clean completed regularly will make the upkeep of your home far less taxing, because the hard work has already been done for you.  

Create a more welcoming environment for family and visitors

Be honest. Does the thought of people popping round unannounced and seeing your untidy home fill you with dread? What with work and all the other commitments you might have in your life, this doesn’t always leave a lot of time to take care of the cleaning. 

A clean home creates the best first impression for all those who visit your property. Rather than let standards slip, you don’t even have to worry about it when it’s no longer your responsibility. That actually sounds like a great deal when you think about it! 

More time spent doing what you love

When you’ve finished a long week at work, can you honestly say that coming home to clean your property is what you want to be doing? Even if you’re retired, surely you should be out enjoying your free time, rather than scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping every chance you get? 

No longer having to clean your home or at least spending far less time doing it, will give you more time to spend doing what you love. Whether this is spending time with your family or simply relaxing, we know which option sounds better to us! 

Some cleaning jobs are best left to the experts

Not all cleaning jobs are created equal. In the case of stubborn dirt or cleaning jobs that are potentially hazardous, it’s going to be impossible to complete the job without the right tools and technique. 

Let’s take pressure washing as an example. We’ve all seen the satisfying videos of driveways, walls and vehicles being stripped of decades worth of dirt. But not all outdoor surfaces are suitable for pressure washing, as some require alternating pressure or even a different cleaning method altogether depending on the specific surface. Only a professional will know this! 

Then there’s gutter cleaning or window cleaning, which both require working at height. Professional window cleaners can be IRATA trained, meaning they use abseil equipment to safely clean windows. Most tenants or property owners don’t have such training, so could be putting themselves or others at risk by cleaning windows located off the ground. 

Cleaning is an extremely flexible service

How often you should hire a cleaner depends on how much you also clean the property yourself, your property size and how many people live in the home. 

Cleaners can visit every day, twice a week, once a week or only on ad-hoc occasions when you need a little extra help. Or if simply fancy putting your feet up for a change. It’s totally up to you! 

Ditch end of lease cleaning 

End of lease cleaning, also known as end of tenancy cleaning is required before you move out of your rental property so that your deposit isn’t withheld by your landlord. So, as if moving wasn’t stressful enough, you’re expected to scrub every molecule of the property before you leave it. 

Having end of lease cleaning completed by a professional will mean you don’t have to lift a finger where the cleaning is concerned, given moving all of your belongings into your new place is already enough of a workout. 

Ideal for those who are less able

Completing a thorough clean is easier for some than it is for others. Due to disabilities or even advancing years, you might not be able to clean your home to the standard required. Rather than cause unnecessary strain or injury, it would be far more sensible to enlist the services of a house cleaner. 

Given how important a clean environment is for our health, it’s all the more reason to take the issue seriously. 

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