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How much does a House Cleaning Service cost?

Average Price
$30 - $50 per hour

How much do House Cleaners cost?

Want to free up some of your downtime by getting a house cleaner but not sure about costs? Find out how much you’ll pay for regular and one-off cleaning visits, deep cleans and more.

Benefits of hiring a Cleaning Service

As much as we’d all love to have a clean and tidy home, the reality is that life just gets in the way. With work, family responsibilities and social events filling up our calendars, where does that leave time for housework? 

Whether you’re looking for a one-off clean or regular visits, a house cleaner can be an affordable way to keep your home in tip-top condition, giving you the time to focus on what matters to you.

A professional cleaner will be able to efficiently tackle any areas of dirt in your home with ease. They’ll be well equipped to tackle the most difficult jobs, keep the mess at bay and create a clean and calm home environment. 

How much does a House Cleaner cost? 

The cost of cleaning can vary depending on the job and the size of your house, but to give you a rough idea, here’s a breakdown of average costs based on local Australian professionals:

Average cost (per hour) $25 - $35
Minimum cost (per hour)$20
Maximum cost (per hour) $50

Factors influencing costs: 

Here are some of the key factors affecting the price of a house cleaner: 

  • Type of cleaning service

  • Number and size of rooms

  • Condition of your house - deep cleaning vs. regular cleaning

  • Location

Type of cleaning service 

If you think the extent of a cleaning service includes a bit of dusting and mopping, you’d be surprised at how many different cleaning services there are! Some of them need more time, effort, and specialist equipment than others, which makes them more expensive per hour. 

For example, move-out cleaning costs more than regular cleaning as it is a more thorough and laborious process. 

Some cleaning services are normally charged at a set price instead of by the hour:

Type of cleaning Average set price
Carpet cleaning (per room)$25- $50 per room
Oven cleaning (per appliance)$50 - $300 per appliance

Number and size of rooms 

Some people prefer to get every room in their home professionally cleaned, whereas others will only require a cleaner for rooms where germs tend to fester, like the bathroom and kitchen. Cleaners tend to charge by the hour, so the number of rooms they clean will be reflected in the price. 

Remember that some rooms take longer to clean than others. Bathrooms are notorious for being a pain to clean as they get dirty so quickly, so the more bathrooms you have, the more you will pay. 

Larger rooms will require more time to complete, which will inevitably bump up the cost. As an example, here’s how much you’ll pay for carpet cleaning on average based on the room size:

Room size Average cost (in total)
Small $95

Condition of your house

We’ve all been guilty of putting off much-needed housework at one point or another, but if you neglect it too long, a house cleaner will charge more as they’ll need more time to whip it back into shape. 

If you feel your home needs some extra elbow grease, you might need to get it deep cleaned. As a deep clean is a more thorough procedure, it is more expensive than regular cleaning. 

Regular clean (every 1-2 weeks) 

  • Tidying the house

  • Cleaning the bathroom (toilet, shower, sink)

  • Cleaning the kitchen (wiping counters, hobs, removing rubbish) 

Deep clean (every few months) 

  • Removing limescale from shower heads

  • Oven cleaning

  • Window cleaning 

Deep cleaning is more expensive as it requires a more thorough job and takes more time. 


Location is another factor influencing costs. The hourly rate for cleaners in larger cities tends to be higher than in rural areas to cover the higher cost of living. 

How to save money on House Cleaning Services: 

  • Regular cleaning - Keeping on top of cleaning regularly will reduce the need for a tougher (and more costly) cleaning approach in the form of deep cleaning. Although, it’s recommended to carry out deep cleaning every so often to take care of any spots that may have gone unnoticed. 

  • Keep labour time at a minimum - You can choose which rooms need to be cleaned. Bedrooms are fairly low maintenance, so these could be skipped to keep costs down. 

  • Price packages - Some cleaning services provide a discount if you sign up for a regular cleaning contract, so always ask! 

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