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How much does a Commercial Cleaner cost?

Average Price
$40 per hour

What does Office Cleaning cost?

Need a commercial cleaner for your company office or business premises? Find out how much a commercial cleaner will charge for their services with our handy price guide.

What is Commercial Cleaning? 

A commercial cleaning service covers areas that you would come across in a business, like commercial waste clean-up, kitchenette/staff room cleaning, and heavy cleaning. It’s different from residential cleaning that involves regular household cleaning tasks like removing grime from the bathroom, vacuuming and washing floors. 

Commercial cleaners work in environments such as offices, factories, airports, cinemas, stadiums, restaurants and shops. They use heavy-duty tools and equipment to remove dust, dirt and grime from floors, walls, windows and all other surfaces. They aim to make the area hygienically clean and safe for your employees.

It’s necessary to keep your commercial or office environment clean for your employees to work in. Every business will have different requirements depending on the nature of what takes place on the premises. For example, a shop may have dust, footprints and product spillages to contend with. However, an office will mostly require vacuuming and dusting. Choosing the right cleaning company for your needs will give you the best results. 

How much does a Commercial Cleaner cost? 

The cost of commercial cleaning per hour varies depending on the type of cleaning involved (regular or deep cleaning). Basic commercial cleaning duties include vacuuming, dusting, removing rubbish, emptying bins, cleaning toilets, and wiping down all surfaces. 

Average cost (per hour) $40
Minimum cost (per hour) $20
Maximum cost (per hour) $60

A fixed fee may also be given, especially for larger teams. The true figure depends on the size of the building and the level of cleaning required. Commercial cleaning is an important investment in maintaining employee wellbeing and satisfaction. It also sets the right impression on clients visiting your business. 

Factors influencing cost 

There are several factors that influence the cost of commercial cleaning, including: 

  • Cleaning job 

  • The property type

  • Frequency of cleaning required

  • Size of the area that needs cleaning

  • How many windows there are

  • Time

  • Experience

  • Location

Cleaning job

Not all commercial cleaning jobs are created equal! Light dusting and vacuuming is a lot easier, and therefore, cheaper than deep cleaning, and will cost $40 per hour on average. Jobs that require more skill and elbow greases such as kitchen cleaning, external window cleaning, or upholstery cleaning will tend to be pricier. The most expensive cleaning jobs could be as much as $85 an hour, especially if industrial equipment needs to be hired. 

As well as regular cleaning, It’s also necessary to undertake periodic deep cleaning. For example, steam cleaning of carpets or upholstery. If your business has any areas used by the public, then regular deep cleaning is also advisable. 

Type of cleaningHighest average price Lowest average price
Regular cleaning$60$20
Deep cleaning$85$40

The property type

All commercial properties will benefit from specialist cleaning. You shouldn’t rely on your employees to carry out the cleaning alone as they won’t have the specialist tools, skills and experience to carry out a sufficient job. 

Factoring in your property type is hugely beneficial to determine the level of cleaning you need. Over time, dirt and grime can build up even in office spaces. Within an industrial setting, the level of cleanliness can slip even quicker. 

Frequency of cleaning required

The amount of footfall in your commercial space will determine how frequently you need a cleaner. Some offices will need to be cleaned every day whereas others will only need a cleaner weekly. 

If the area is subject to high foot traffic or lots of debris, then a daily clean is advised. Likewise, if your business is food-related, then a daily clean will be needed. 

Size of the area that needs cleaning

Your cleaners will need to assess the square footage of the room, which may include both floor and wall space depending on the nature of the job. The larger the room, the more time it will take. Every commercial property should get a regular cleaning service regardless of its size, as this will reduce the bill for deep cleaning over time. 

How many windows there are

Windows make up approximately 25% of an average building’s wall space. If you have a lot of windows and they are quite large or high up, then this will be factored into your quote. Some commercial cleaners won’t provide a window cleaning service, so it’s a good idea to discuss this with them first if you don’t already have a designated window cleaner.


Commercial cleaners usually charge by the hour, so the amount you pay will be determined by how long you need them for. 

While it may be tempting to go for the team that can get the job completed in the quickest time, you equally want to make sure everything has been cleaned thoroughly. In the case of deep cleaning, it’s a good idea to listen to the experts as they will be able to tell you how long it will take to clean the item or room properly.

Commercial cleaners either work on an hourly or fixed fee. If working on a fixed fee, this will be determined once the scope of the job has been assessed. Usually, fixed fee jobs are for deep cleaning tasks that will take a team all day to complete. 


Highly experienced cleaning teams that can take on the most difficult jobs will likely be more expensive. If your premises are particularly dirty (especially if you’ve only just moved in), then it’s worth paying more for someone who is highly experienced. Likewise, if your commercial building has luxury fixtures and fittings, then it’s advisable to hire a more experienced cleaning team. Remember that harsh cleaning agents will damage certain materials. 


Location is another factor that may impact costs. If you are hiring a commercial cleaning company from outside your local area, then their travel costs will also need to be factored in. Sometimes it is necessary to do this because the specialism they provide may not be available in your area.

General commercial cleaning (light duties) is fairly reasonable across the board. As you might expect, prices tend to be higher in major cities like Melbourne and Sydney. 

LocationAverage cleaner cost (per hour)

Is Commercial Cleaning worth the cost? 

Having a clean working environment is vital for boosting productivity and ensuring the health and safety of your employees. Employees shouldn’t be responsible for cleaning their work environment unless it’s part of their contract. A commercial cleaner is a worthy investment to ensure your business premises is always looking its best. 

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