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How much does it cost on average to hire Business Consulting services?

Average Price
$50 per hour

How much will I pay for Business Consultancy Services?

All businesses could do with some extra guidance on how to improve from time to time, no matter how successful they are. If you need a business consultant but are confused about costs, read on to find out just how much they charge for their services.

What does a Business Consultant do?

A business consultant is a highly-skilled professional trained in helping companies of all sizes to grow and develop. They’ll work with clients on planning, problem-solving, and strategy to help them overcome different challenges and develop certain aspects of their business. 

Most consultants will have an area of expertise, such as financial planning, HR, or marketing, and usually support companies that need help in these particular areas. 

What can Business Consultants help with?

  • They will help you to set up standard business structures and processes to ensure your company runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

  • They’ll critically analyze your business to identify areas for improvement and help initiate change. As an impartial observer from the outside, a consultant is incredibly useful in helping you to make sense of the fundamental flaws in your business and the steps you need to reach your goals.

How much does Business Consulting cost in Australia?

Every business is different and faces its own challenges, which is why it’s impossible to give a fixed fee for consulting services. The price will vary hugely depending on the size of your business, the professional’s experience, and your requirements. 

To give you a rough idea of costs, we’ve calculated the average cost based on the prices of local professionals across Australia: 

Average cost of a Business Consultant
Average price (per hour)$50
Maximum price (per hour)$140
Minimum price (per hour) $30

What affects the price of Business Consulting in Australia?

The amount you will spend on business consulting in Australia is dependent on a few factors, including: 

  • The kind of business consulting services you need

  • The expertise of the consultant

  • Independent consultants vs consulting agencies

The kind of Business Consulting services you need

Consulting services come in all shapes and sizes, to help businesses at every level of growth and development. A consultant can support you with anything from team building, to marketing and change management. The price you’ll pay will depend on the type of service and the complexity of that service. For example, if all you need are some basic accounting services, you won't pay as much as someone who needs to set up structures from the ground up. 

The expertise of the Consultant

Newbie and mid-level business consultants will charge less than highly-experienced consultants with plenty of time in the field. The expertise that comes with long years of offering their services will increase a consultant's hourly rate compared to someone relatively new to the industry.

Independent Consultants vs Consulting Agencies 

Consultancy agencies tend to cost more than individual consultants. This is because an agency will be able to provide a greater amount of resources compared to one individual. You may want to consider hiring an individual consultant over an agency if you’re on a budget!

Hiring a Business Consultant - is it worth the cost? 

The financial benefits that a consultant can bring to your company will far outweigh the costs of hiring one. Employees are sometimes too close to a problem in an organisation to address or even notice it. 

A consultant is able to critically examine your business with fresh eyes, easily spotting your pain points and helping you to address them head-on, using their years of experience and a track record that speaks for itself. By acting as a catalyst for change, a business consultant will drive your business forward to reach those all-important goals. 

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