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How much does Business Financial Planning cost?

Average Price
$150-$350 per hour

What is the price of Business Financial Planning?

Need help planning the financial future of your business? Read our handy guide to find out how much your business financial planner will charge for their services.

What is Business Financial Planning?

Business financial planning is the process of looking at where your business is currently at in relation to your goals and objectives. In response, a plan will be created that sets out actionable steps to help you achieve your business aims. 

The progress of the plan will be monitored so that any steps can be adjusted if required. By undertaking financial planning, your business will have a much better chance of success, since you will have a better understanding of your running costs and projected profit.

Any business can benefit from financial planning, including individuals looking to manage their finances on a personal level. However, startups or businesses that are looking to grow most commonly use the service. Aspects that will be looked at can include your personal finances, business cash flow, tax planning, business growth projection, investment risk management, financial contingency plans, and exit strategy. Your business financial planner will be with you throughout each step to offer their help and support as an expert in the industry. 

How much does Business Financial Planning cost? 

The cost of business financial planning ranges between $150 and $350 per hour, with an average cost of $225 per hour.

There is a large variation in costs and this is because it depends on the professional you choose, along with the scale of financial planning that is involved. 

For example, business financial planning for a small business is hugely different from that of a global corporation. However, the flexibility in price does make the service more accessible to a greater number of businesses and individuals overall.

Average cost of Business and Financial Planning
Average cost (per hour)$225
Minimum cost (per hour)$150
Maximum cost (per hour)$350

A fixed fee may also be given rather than a cost per hour. Ask your professional about their pricing structure, since every company will price their services differently. 

What changes the price of Business Financial Planning? 

The cost of financial planning varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Services required

  • Type of financial planner

  • Research

  • Implementation

  • Review sessions

  • Time

  • Location

Services required

Business financial planners offer a wide range of services. You may be able to pick and choose certain services, making the process more affordable. 

On the cheaper end of the scale, implementation services start at just $150. This can involve completing paperwork or similar admin relating to what you have agreed in your plan. Some financial planners may include implementation as part of a package deal, rather than charging for it separately. 

Another way of pricing is to charge a percentage fee, based on your investment portfolio or similar if applicable. 

A full financial review for your business can cost between $2,250 and $4,365 on average. This will look at aspects such as tax planning, growth strategies, and cash flow management. It is a very thorough service that can definitely help point you in the right direction, especially if you are looking to grow or recover your business. 

Average cost of Financial Planning based on the services required
Services requiredHighest average priceLowest average price
Basic financial planning$1,425$950
Full financial review$4,365$2,250
Pension review$4,800$1,550
Pension & investment review$6,500$4,500
Implementation services$480$150

The most expensive type of financial planning is a pension and investment review. Since most people pay into their pension their entire working life, a lot of money is at stake. Your financial planner will make sure you are on the right plan, and that the return on your investment is healthy. This can involve switching pension plans or consolidating different pensions. 

Some business financial planners will offer an even wider choice of services. If your company is a large corporation, expect the cost of any service to be higher, since the details will be more complex to work through. 

Type of financial planner

As well as financial planners, technical analysts and financial administrators can also help you map out the next steps for your business. Typically, those who are official financial planners will charge more. The service can also be accessed from an accountant’s office. 


Plenty of research is going to be needed to find the best products, services, and strategies for your business financial plan. The exact amount will depend on your current position in relation to your goals. The more research is needed for your plan, the more it will cost unless the research is covered under a fixed fee. 


The steps that are outlined in your business financial plan need to be implemented to be able to take shape. If this requires actions from your financial planner rather than yourself, then they will charge for this service. For example, it could involve switching your pension on your behalf, or beginning your business exit strategy. 

Review sessions

Regular reviews are an integral part of business financial planning. They will ensure you are on track with your plan, and give you a chance to address any issues with your progress. The cost of a review session may be included as part of your package, or billed separately. 


Financial planners will either charge by the hour, or factor in how much time your plan will take when setting a fixed fee. Follow up sessions or additional services will likely have an hourly rate attached to them. 


Depending on your location, you will notice fluctuating costs when it comes to hiring a business financial planner.

In Perth, the cost is around $150 per hour on average making it the cheapest area across Australia for this service. The most expensive location is Sydney, costing $350 per hour on average. 

Average cost of Business & Financial Planning based on the location
LocationAverage business financial planning cost (per hour)

Some business financial planners also work remotely, meaning you can access the best services regardless of your location. This can also be of benefit if your service requirements are quite complex or niche. 

Is it worth getting Business Financial Planning?

Regardless of what you are aiming to achieve in life, having a solid plan in place is more likely to get you there. By consulting an expert financial planner, you can make sense of where your finances are in relation to your goals. You can also see what may be preventing you from reaching your business objectives, and create a plan to work through any sticking points. Compared with continuing with no real structure, business financial planning is well worth the investment. 

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