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3 signs you need a Business Coach

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Alex, Staff Writer

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Did you know the average person works about 90,000 hours across their lifetime? This is just one of the reasons why it couldn’t be more important to enjoy your job. Though being realistic, this isn’t always the case especially when we are all working longer hours than ever before. If that sounds like you, then a career coach may be of benefit to you. 

A career coach is someone with vast corporate experience. Speaking as a neutral party, they can address many issues that could be holding you back from reaching your potential in your career. Here are 3 signs you need a career coach to tell you more. 

You have a poor work/life balance

Most people are guilty of checking their work emails after hours. Or even staying late in the office a few nights a week. On the one hand, you want to appear dedicated to your job. However, if your work/life balance starts to slip, then it can seriously affect your health and relationships. 

A career coach will help you to work on your effectiveness at work so that you become more productive in the time that you do spend there. They will also help you develop better-coping strategies, as well as form the ability to switch off when you’re out of the office. Fixing your poor work/life balance can be hugely beneficial to those around you too, making the benefits reach far and wide.

You feel stuck in your career

It’s so easy to become trapped in the rat race. The 9 to 5 becomes an endless, mundane cycle of long commutes and dull meetings. When you’re feeling stuck in your career, your existence can become very unfulfilling. A career coach will snap you out of this mindset by ascertaining what you truly want out of life. Over a series of sessions, they’ll help you actually go and get it instead of just wishing for it.

Compared with staying as you are, seeking the help of a career coach is always the better option. So many people stay in careers or jobs they aren’t happy or valued in. With so much opportunity out there, it really doesn’t have to be that way! Plus, a career coach is the best person to tell you what skills or attributes you need to have to get to where you want to be. 

You keep being passed over for that promotion

It can be really disheartening when you know you have what it takes to move up the career ladder but try as you might it’s just not happening. If you’ve missed out on that promotion yet again, it’s time to take action by consulting a career coach. Using a combination of psychometric tests and frameworks, they will get to the root cause of where you are going wrong.

On the face of it, working on any flaws might seem a bit confronting for most people’s liking. However, if you truly want to move up in your career then it’s a vital first step. By demonstrating that you’re willing to adapt to what’s needed, this is already putting you in the right headspace for leadership. A career coach will also give you insightful feedback that will help you with your next performance review too. All of which is much more likely to get you that promotion, versus doing nothing to address the issue.

To sum up

Whether you’re newly graduated or if you’ve been in the same job for 20 years, absolutely everyone can benefit from a career coach. They can pick up on things you may not have realized about yourself or your performance. Plus, they will be firm when needed all with years of experience guiding you through every step.

If you are ready to move up in the world in your job, then you can find business and career coaching with Bark. By addressing any sticking points, you’ll be able to achieve your career goals successfully. Ultimately, your happiness at work will be reflected in all other areas of your life, making career coaching a very worthy investment to make in yourself.

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