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Why is Social Media important for business

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Mika, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Consisting of carefully curated written copy, images and videos that are posted across your feeds, social media marketing can be an excellent method of bringing in new customers, as well as engaging your existing ones. 

Whether your business is brand new, or if you are looking to improve your current social media marketing efforts in general, there’s no escaping the need for an online presence that reflects your products and services in the best light. Not to mention, targeting the right people who are most likely to boost your conversions. 

So what’s the magic behind this digital marketing technique that makes it so vital for your business? If you’re yet to maximise your business’s potential online, here are just some of the reasons why social media marketing is so important. 

Marketing...the clue is in the name

The aim of any marketing effort is to spread the word about your business, along with its products or services. 

In the past, marketing your business would have involved plastering adverts across newspapers, cold calling, word of mouth or even the good old sandwich board. 

However, as we are now spending more time than ever online than ever before, it pays to align your promotional efforts with where your audience can be found today. Over 4.2 billion people use social media, with figures steadily increasing across all age groups. 

Therefore, posting on social media about your business through targeted campaigns is the best way to get noticed. 

The easiest way to reach your existing customers

Say you are having a new promotion, have extended your opening hours or need to make any other pressing announcement to your customers. Snail mail firmly belongs in the 80s and isn’t particularly eco friendly. Calling every customer up would take hours, and visiting them in person just wouldn’t be practical. 

But with a social media post, you can share anything you need to in a matter of seconds. Depending on the nature of your business, customers may actually check your social media feeds for such updates too. It’s the easiest way to get your message across. Of course, that’s only going to be the case if you regularly work on your feeds through social media marketing, meaning you have a healthy follower count and post engagement rate. 

User-generated content

When your customers post about your brand online, this is known as user-generated content. It could involve them leaving a review or even checking in at your location. User-generated content can be an extremely effective marketing tool because instead of you tooting your own horn, your customers are doing it on your behalf. Such interactions are considered far more genuine. 

User-generated content can also be liked, reposted or screen shared across your social media feeds. In many cases, user-generated content can make all the difference between someone purchasing your brand over a competitor. But if your business isn’t actively using social media… you’d miss out on this free, invaluable form of promotion! 

Keep your brand at the forefront of your customers minds

The simple fact is the more exposure your business has, the more likely people are to shop with you. When your business has a savvy social media marketing strategy, you can subtly plant your business into the minds of your customers on a daily basis. 

Businesses that are not on social media can often be limited when it comes to tapping into new markets. But more than that, if your business isn’t regularly popping up on people’s feeds, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to promote your products and services in general, because the awareness just isn’t there. 

Targeted audience reach

If you were to post a sign up advertising your business, you have no control over who views it. You might think your audience is everyone, but that rarely is the case. So, what would happen is that yes people would see your sign, but they’ll instantly decide if it appeals to them or if it’s of no interest. You have no way of dictating how many people would choose either option because your audience is too generalised. 

But with social media marketing, you can target your audience demographics within the ads manager for paid campaigns. As a result, your efforts won’t go to waste - they’ll be directed at those who are most likely to purchase from you. All of which can help you better manage your marketing not to mention your budget more effectively. 

Understand your audience in greater detail

On the topic of your audience, do you know who yours is in terms of the typical age, gender, location and interests? Knowing the answer will give you a much better idea of who is buying your products, so you can make sure you continue to appeal to them within every aspect of your business offering.  

Most social media platforms, particularly Facebook, Twitter and YouTube offer analytical media reports. This includes what posts are most successful, and even when your users are most active online. You can also export the data so that you can present it in a chart. Whether you use the information for your own research or to present to clients or investors, analytics is powerful stuff and forms an integral part of social media marketing as a whole. 

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