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How much does commercial cleaning cost?

Average Price
$40 per hour

How much does a Commercial Cleaner charge?

Need to hire a commercial cleaner to keep on top of your business premises? Read on to find out how much your cleaner will charge based on the type of cleaning, the size of the area, and much more.

What does a Commercial Cleaner do? 

If you’re thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning service, you might be wondering what makes it different from residential cleaning. Commercial cleaners specifically work in environments such as restaurants, offices, factories, airports, cinemas, and shops, using heavy-duty tools to clean floors, walls, windows, and other surfaces. A commercial cleaner is responsible for making sure that the area is left hygienically clean and safe to work in for your employees, and in some cases, the public. 

It’s important to choose the best cleaning company for the nature of your work environment. Some cleaning companies specialize in shop cleaning, which involves removing footprints and product spillages. Others will be best placed to carry out the vacuuming and dusting that comes with office cleaning. 

How much does commercial cleaning cost?

The cost of commercial cleaning can vary widely depending on several factors, which we will discuss below. To give you a rough estimate, we’ve put together the average hourly rates based on local US professionals: 

Average cost (per hour) $40
Minimum cost (per hour) $30
Maximum cost (per hour) $50

Factors influencing cost

Here are some of the key factors affecting the price of commercial cleaning service: 

  • Type of cleaning 

  • Property type

  • Frequency of cleaning 

  • Size of the area 

  • How many windows you have

  • Time

  • Experience

  • Location

Type of cleaning 

Commercial cleaners charge anywhere between $20 and $90 per hour depending on the type of cleaning involved (regular or deep cleaning). 

Regular cleaning is those common, everyday jobs such as vacuuming, dusting, removing rubbish, emptying bins, cleaning toilets, and wiping down all surfaces. 

As well as this, it’s vital to carry out periodic deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is a more thorough approach that tackles areas that aren’t typically included in regular cleaning. For example, steam cleaning upholstery or carpets. Deep cleaning is particularly important if your business is used by the public. 

Type of cleaningHighest average price (per hour)Lowest average price (per hour)
Regular cleaning$50$30
Deep cleaning$90$40

Another way commercial cleaners can charge their services is with a fixed fee. The fixed fee will be agreed upon once the scope of the job has been assessed. Fixed fee jobs tend to be for deep cleaning tasks that will take a team all day to complete. 

Property type 

While all commercial properties should invest in a commercial cleaner for their employees’ health, the level of cleaning required will depend on your property type. Industrial settings with high quantities of debris may need more regular cleaning than office spaces, for example. 

Frequency of cleaning 

Whether your commercial setting requires a cleaner on a weekly, twice-weekly, or daily basis depends on the usage of the area. If it is subject to high foot traffic or lots of debris, it’s advisable to get it cleaned daily. 

Size of the area 

The larger the room, the longer it will take to clean - and time is money! Your cleaners will first determine the square footage of the room, which may include both floor and wall space depending on the type of job. Whatever the size of the room, regular cleaning is cost-effective as it reduces the need for deep cleaning. 

How many windows you have 

Did you know 25% of an average building’s wall space is made up of windows? If you have lots of windows then this will be included in your quote. Prices may increase for windows that are particularly large or high, as the job will be more labor-intensive. Not all cleaners will provide window cleaning services as part of their quote. 


It should come as no surprise that the more time it takes a cleaner to complete a job, the more it will cost you. Although you might be tempted to opt for a service that gets the job done in the quickest time, it’s important to ensure the work is done thoroughly and to a high standard. 

When it comes to deep cleaning, your cleaner will be able to tell you how long it should take to clean the item or room properly.


Experienced cleaning services with the tools and ability to tackle the most difficult jobs will charge at the higher end of the pricing scale. You may require an experienced cleaning service if you’ve only just moved in and your premises are particularly dirty. 

Also, if you have luxury fittings and fixtures in your commercial building then you may need a more experienced cleaning team, as they will know which harsh cleaning agents cannot be used on certain materials. 


Your location will affect the cost of your cleaning service. If you hire someone who doesn’t live locally then you will need to factor in travel costs. It may be necessary to hire someone further afield if their specialism isn’t provided in your area. Find Commercial Cleaning Services near me.

Commercial Cleaning - is it worth the cost? 

Having a clean working environment isn’t just vital for boosting productivity, but also for ensuring the health and safety of your staff. You shouldn't hold your staff responsible for their workspace unless it's clearly stated in their contract.

Also, the job won't get done properly without a specially trained professional who is experienced in removing stubborn stains and best hygeine practices. Hiring a commercial cleaner is worthwhile investment for the health and happiness of your employees!

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