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Commercial and Office Cleaning Price Guide 2024

The average cost of commercial cleaning is
$40 per hour

in the US, depending on your business needs and the regularity of your cleaning service.

How much does a commercial cleaner charge in 2024? Our price guide gives you all the answers so you can set your budget and find a brilliant cleaner.

Keeping your commercial spaces clean is not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a healthy, productive environment for employees and a welcoming atmosphere for customers. But what can you expect to pay for it? In the maze of cleaning companies and variable rates, understanding the factors that influence price can help you make the best decision and optimize your budget. That's why we've created our 2024 price guide - ensuring that your business not only glimmers, but also saves!

Wait! What does a Commercial Cleaner do? 

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If you’re thinking about hiring a commercial cleaning service, you might be wondering what makes it different from residential cleaning. In the US, commercial cleaners specifically work in environments such as restaurants, offices, factories, airports, cinemas, and shops, using heavy-duty tools to clean floors, walls, windows, and other surfaces. A commercial cleaner is responsible for making sure that the area is left hygienically clean and safe to work in for your employees, and in some cases, the public. 

Average Price of Commercial Cleaning in the US

The average cost of commercial cleaning in the US is $40 per hour - or, if you want to be very specific about price, it can range from $0.05 to $0.30 per square foot. But figures alone don't tell the whole story. The type of cleaning required, frequency, and the scale of your business will all impact the final pricing. Beyond the square footage, hourly and daily rates are both sensible options depending on your business needs. However, these are only averages. The reality can be far more nuanced.

Hourly Rates for Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to hourly rates, you might expect to pay between $20 and $50 for professional commercial cleaners. This rate could increase if specialized services like carpet cleaning, sanitizing, or window washing are included. If your facility is in a bustling urban center, these rates could drift upwards to manage higher overheads. Conversely, in smaller cities, hourly rates may dip as competition between cleaning companies intensifies.

Average hourly cost of commercial cleaning
Average cost (per hour) $40
Minimum cost (per hour) $20
Maximum cost (per hour) $50

Daily Rates for Commercial Cleaning

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Daily rates are beneficial for those who require extensive or continuous cleaning. They usually range from $200 to $800, with weekends and holidays usually incurring a higher cost due to the premium put on timeliness and flexibility. The frequency of services, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, will be a significant pricing determinant. Consistent needs often translate to lower daily averages, while one-off or irregular services typically cost more.

Factors influencing cost

Here are some of the key factors affecting the price of commercial cleaning service: 

  • Type of cleaning 

  • Property type

  • Frequency of cleaning 

  • Size of the area 

  • How many windows you have

  • Time

  • Experience

  • Location

Type of cleaning 

Commercial cleaners charge anywhere between $20 and $90 per hour depending on the type of cleaning involved (regular or deep cleaning). 

Regular cleaning is those common, everyday jobs such as vacuuming, dusting, removing rubbish, emptying bins, cleaning toilets, and wiping down all surfaces. 

As well as this, it’s vital to carry out periodic deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is a more thorough approach that tackles areas that aren’t typically included in regular cleaning. For example, steam cleaning upholstery or carpets. Deep cleaning is particularly important if your business is used by the public. 

Type of cleaningHighest average price (per hour)Lowest average price (per hour)
Regular cleaning$50$30
Deep cleaning$90$40

Another way commercial cleaners can charge their services is with a fixed fee. The fixed fee will be agreed upon once the scope of the job has been assessed. Fixed fee jobs tend to be for deep cleaning tasks that will take a team all day to complete. 

Property type 

While all commercial properties should invest in a commercial cleaner for their employees’ health, the level of cleaning required will depend on your property type. Industrial settings with high quantities of debris may need more regular cleaning than office spaces, for example. 

Frequency of cleaning 

Whether your commercial setting requires a cleaner on a weekly, twice-weekly, or daily basis depends on the usage of the area. If it is subject to high foot traffic or lots of debris, it’s advisable to get it cleaned daily. 

Size of the area 

The larger the room, the longer it will take to clean - and time is money! Your cleaners will first determine the square footage of the room, which may include both floor and wall space depending on the type of job. Whatever the size of the room, regular cleaning is cost-effective as it reduces the need for deep cleaning. 

How many windows you have 

Did you know 25% of an average building’s wall space is made up of windows? If you have lots of windows then this will be included in your quote. Prices may increase for windows that are particularly large or high, as the job will be more labor-intensive. Not all cleaners will provide window cleaning services as part of their quote. 


It should come as no surprise that the more time it takes a cleaner to complete a job, the more it will cost you. Although you might be tempted to opt for a service that gets the job done in the quickest time, it’s important to ensure the work is done thoroughly and to a high standard. 

When it comes to deep cleaning, your cleaner will be able to tell you how long it should take to clean the item or room properly.


Experienced cleaning services with the tools and ability to tackle the most difficult jobs will charge at the higher end of the pricing scale. You may require an experienced cleaning service if you’ve only just moved in and your premises are particularly dirty. 

Also, if you have luxury fittings and fixtures in your commercial building then you may need a more experienced cleaning team, as they will know which harsh cleaning agents cannot be used on certain materials. 


Your location will affect the cost of your cleaning service. If you hire someone who doesn’t live locally then you will need to factor in travel costs. It may be necessary to hire someone further afield if their specialism isn’t provided in your area. But don't worry - we can connect you with brilliant local or specialized cleaners that suit your needs (for free).

Of course, the wider area you live in will also affect average commercial cleaning rates. The average prices listed below are based on medium-sized offices and they aren't exhaustive, but they gives a rough indication on what you'll pay based on your state:

  • California

    High cost of living and labor rates elevate the average cost to $250-$550 per service.

  • New York

    Similar to California, with prices ranging from $225 to $500.

  • Texas

    A moderate cost of living sees prices between $200 to $450.

  • Florida

    With a mix of urban and resort areas, costs average $195 to $425.

  • Illinois

    Urban centers like Chicago might see higher rates, around $210 to $470.

  • Pennsylvania

    The costs are typically between $190 to $410.

  • Ohio

    More affordable with prices around $180 to $400.

These prices are baseline averages and can vary significantly from city to city within each state. Services in metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or New York City may be at the higher range, while more rural settings could present more value-for-money options.

Specific Types of Commercial Cleaning and Their Prices

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Each niche of commercial cleaning comes with its unique set of standards, products, and risks, hence, its own price tag. Here are the searched and estimated prices for specific types of commercial cleaning in 2024:

  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning:

    The high standard of hygiene mandated in food preparation areas demands prices hovering at $200 to $700 per clean, with the higher end reserved for intricate cleaning procedures and compliance certification.

  • Office Cleaning:

    With its range of demand on a day-to-day basis, office space cleaning can cost between $150 to $400, largely dependent on the office layout, technology integration, and privacy requirements.

  • Retail Outlets

    Retail spaces, with their high traffic, inventory requirements, and unique layout, generally require $150 to $300 per cleaning. Theatres, boutiques, or supermarkets may find themselves at the higher end of this bracket, considering the necessity of maintaining public-facing spaces.

  • Manufacturing Facilities

    Throughout the US, industrial cleaning services are in high demand due to the unique challenges and safety considerations. Prices here demand more flexibility in assessment, often being bid-specific according to machinery level, and compliance demands.

How to Save Money on Commercial Cleaning

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Hiring a commercial cleaning service is a necessary investment, but it doesn't have to be an excessive one. Several strategies can optimize your expenses while not compromising on cleanliness:

  • Smart Scheduling:

    Be strategic with your cleaning schedule—work with your provider to optimize visits and save on excess use of time and resources.

  • Bundling Services:

    Consider bundling services to address all your needs in one visit. For example, combining window cleaning with office dusting can cut your costs significantly.

  • Sustainability and Efficiency:

    Adopting cleaning practices that focus on using efficient, sustainable tools and methods can reduce the labor hours needed, ultimately lowering your bill.

Choosing a Commercial Cleaner Based on Your Budget

Finally, the most crucial step is selecting a cleaner that aligns with both your needs and your financial capabilities. Look for a company that offers transparency in pricing and is willing to tailor the service to your unique environment. Evaluate not only the cost upfront but the long-term value for your budget. A vendor that delivers consistent, comprehensive results can often be more cost-effective than one that provides cut-rate services with hidden costs.

Commercial cleaning is a domain where cost directly reflects the quality and scope of work. By incorporating these insights into your cleaning strategy, you're not merely counting dollars—you're investing in the health and success of your business.

Ready to get started?

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In a market saturated with options, it's crucial to remember that the lowest bid doesn't always equate to the highest value. Prioritize companies that understand and adapt to your needs while offering a fair and competitive price. Your commercial space is a canvas for your business’s image and culture. Treat it with the value it deserves.

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