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Soulful Interiors


I founded Soulful Interiors after moving from my home town, Hong Kong to Edinburgh. I’ve discovered my passion in interior design and styling when I worked for Ellermann Interiors, where I gained valuable experience working on international interior styling projects ranging from international chained hotels, commercial showroom to residential projects. When I was living in Hong Kong, I have discovered a disconnection between my home and myself. I did not feel inspired, uplifted and felt that I was constantly drained. Although custom furniture is built, none of that represent my personality. It’s also the time when I felt I’m not aligned to my true purpose. I simply did not feel myself. The annoyance with my own life prompted me to sign up for spiritual retreats and life coaching lessons which I gradually came to the decision to move to a foreign country, to start over. My soul searching journey in Laos, Thailand has opened up another question within me, the good old “What do I want to do with my life?” I know I always want to create, I know I want to help people to realise their potentials, at the same time I want to create inspirational interiors. The seeds of starting Tendresse has planted. After I moved to Edinburgh and started curating my own space, I took the time to craft my soul space. I want my home to be my sanctuary, a place where constantly inspires, soothes, and provide me the emotional and physical support I so often crave. I used meditations and other exercise to visualise how the space look, how my life will be when the place is finished, then I employ my interior styling skills to make it happen. When it’s completed, I feel uplifted, inspired, encouraged. I feel it’s the space that I can thrive in - since then I’ve started Tendresse, get married to the love of my life, settling happily in Edinburgh, feeling more aligned to my purpose than ever. What I want to say is, our home is our immediate environment and we should always feel connected to it. Remember sometimes when you go inside someone’s home, or a shop and you feel it’s just off? That’s the energy speaking to you. I truly believe it’s everyone’s innate needs to have a soul space of their own, and that’s become Tendresse’ mission. I look forward to support you, guide you, help you to create your soul space. Your life will change when your space changes.

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What’s your interior design process?

As said previously, each client's needs are unique so the interior design process varies accordingly. I usually start by a friendly, no obligatory consultation with potential clients at an agreed location (usually where the interior design is going to take place) where I take the time to understand his/her needs, visions, interests, the feeling she wants to project, how they want to feel in the space.

A lot of the time clients only have a vague idea of what they are looking for and it's through the initial discussion that I come to understand their desire for the space. Employing my unique way of consultation, usually I've a solid understanding of the clients' vision by the end of the session.

Once the service fee is agreed, a mood board (colour, material choice, furniture) will be created and a discussion with the client follows (on site or off site). At this point I always ask clients to visualise them being in the space with the proposed furniture/ colour - it's of utter importance to me that they envision a sense of joy. When the moodboard and design direction is agreed, I'll begin project manage.

Some clients decided not to do minor upgrade to their space because the project management side is stressful, but I'm here to take this part away from you! I'll come back with a precise quotation where we'll discuss. Afterwards I'll project manage the process, making it as painless for you as possible!

What I want to emphasis is that I'm supporting the client to achieve the space that they desire - and I frequently communicate to ensure the end goal is achieved.

Instilling a sense of comfort is central to my belief, hence I always make sure some interiors accessories are added to the space to create coziness and enhance the client's connection to the space. I always go above and beyond to make this happen.

Like I said earlier, to meet the client's needs is my top priority and I always make sure the interior design process is adaptative and flexible enough to make that happen :)

Which interior design styles can you cater for?

My top priority is to create interiors that meet clients' needs so I wouldn't enforce a particular style to a space. It's also my ethos to give a sense of place in every single environment. It's vital for the space to connect with its own surroundings (would you place a Thai decoration into a Victorian home for example?) Therefore I'd say my style varies - depending on the space, and clients. I find that each individual is so different and very rarely clients would go for one style only. It's usually a mixture of elements from different styles. With my experience and background working for very distinct interiors, I feel that I can cater to individuals who'd like to combine interesting features of different periods/styles.

Personally, I am always inspired by different culture, historical periods, so you can see a mix of various elements at my home. There might be a very Japanese-inspired kintsugi placed next to a mid-century style chair - I like to find the perfect balance point where different elements work together

What do you love most about your job?

I like how I discover more about people, our environment, our needs every time when I'm in a new project. Each time when I meet a new client I discover something I don't know before. I enjoy the interaction, exchange of ideas which inspires me to put together a design. As humans we are all interconnected but modern developments have sometimes put us further away from each other. The design process helps to rebuild the connection between people, and it's also a time where you slow down and discover something about yourself.

I love to discover that - and help my clients to discover more about themselves - and to create a space where they say "I feel so at ease and inspired"

What inspired you to start your own business?

It's always been my dream to start my own business because I love to put my ideas into action. When I was employed, you don't always get to realise your ideas. My core belief is to reconnect people with the space so I give meticulous attention to every single detail (even the position of your soap dish!). This takes time and effort so it might not be some owners' visions. After a few years in the industry, I'm finally taking a leap of faith to start my own business!

Why should our clients choose you?

The core of my practice is to reconnect human with the space. I take the time to understand what clients need and want when I'm curating the interiors. I always go the extra mile to take care of their experience in the home - I look from different perspectives; from
- comfort level (do they feel at home? is it comfortable for them to sit on?
- physical requirement (is it safe for children with this setting? Would it be convenient for clients to bring food from kitchen to the lounge? how about when they come home from supermarket? Where do they put the bag?)
- Sensual & Spiritual level (Does this bedding spark comfort and joy? Do the accessories inspire?)

If it's a residential interiors, I create timeless interiors that always inspire. If it's a home staging project, I help to bring furniture and accessories which give an imagination of life.

What sets me apart is my upbringing exposing to western and eastern influence. The two have very different approaches to interiors and human living and I am fascinated by that! I excel at combining east & west philosophies and ways of living to a space.

On the practical side, I have experience curating interior styling for hotels and showrooms where I was responsible for both the creative part and the project management part. Keeping time and budget in mind at all times, I always make sure the project is delivered in a timely manner in the most cost-efficient way.

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Residential Interior Designers FAQs

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Your expert Interior Designer will be able to advise you on the full range of services available and will be able to help you select the best services for your home. They will also be able to answer any questions you may have. Use Bark to get free quotes and find a professional Interior Designer today.

Firstly, it is important to have an idea of what you like and don’t like. This is a really useful starting point for what styles will work for you which will be used by the Interior Designer to formulate some suitable concepts.

There are a number of ways which will help you decide your favourite styles such as:

  • Magazines – It is a good idea to browse through interior design magazines such as Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Galerie Magazine and Veranda.

  • Social media – Have a look at their social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest which will give you a good idea of their style and moreover will showcase their portfolios.

  • Local media – Take a look at their websites and see if you can find any local press coverage on any projects they have undertaken.

  • Visits – Try and visit art galleries, antique shops or fashion boutiques to get a sense of what styles you like.

Personality fit - You want to make sure there is a good personality fit with your Interior Designer. Projects can go on for months or even years.

Client involvement - Some designers prefer consulting with a client every step of the process whereas others prefer full creative control so you want to know ahead of time what to expect. As a client, you should know how you like to work and how much involvement you expect from the start.

Inspiration - If you ask questions about their favourite projects you can get a peek into how he or she navigates the creative process.

Communication - Ask detailed questions about the firm’s strengths and weaknesses which will help you determine whether or not it is the right match for your project and timeline.

Project management style - Be sure to ask your designer how they will communicate their vision in a way that you can easily digest. Some Interior Designers manage the entire process from the design phase, through the procurement phase and the final installation. Every designer handles project management differently so it is important to have a firm and clear grasp of how your designer’s process works.

Design risks – Sometimes the initial design presentation may not be what you are looking for. The key is to be open-minded, prepare yourself for some design risks and be honest with how you are feeling. The designs should speak to you as you will have to live with them.

Past clients - It is a good idea to ask about previous projects to understand how crises are dealt with and how the designer has factored in preventative measures.

Budget - It is important to talk about budgets beforehand rather than in the middle of a project which can make a world of difference in terms of avoiding unnecessary conflict. It is worth getting a few quotations from different Interior Designers before deciding on a specific style.

You should look for a degree, foundation degree or HND in relevant subjects such as architecture, fine art, furniture design, interior and spatial design, interior architecture, textile design and 3D design.

Before you choose an Interior Designer, you could ask to see examples of their work, read testimonials and view before and after pictures of rooms and homes they have designed.

You could also look at their profile page on Bark and check out reviews from past customers too as well as examples of work that they have completed. This might also help you get some ideas for the types of design you need.

Interior designers cover a number of different aspects. They prepare detailed plans for the space showing the colour scheme, materials, lighting and soft furnishings they recommend. They also provide clients with detailed drawings, mood boards and scale models if required. Some designers will create interactive digital presentations to show you their designs. They will also show you samples of the materials that they recommend for your home.

Yes, you can. An online interior designer will ask you questions about your budget and preferences, and then they will design a 'virtual' room, filling it with real furniture you can purchase - pretty neat stuff!



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