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How much does Man with a Van cost? 2021

Average Price
$75-$110 per hour

What is the price of a Man with a Van?

Need some items moving to your new home or even the scrap yard? Read our handy guide to find out how much a man and van will charge for their services.

It’s not easy to move items from one location to another, especially if you don’t own a vehicle big enough for the job. Plus, the move might be unexpected meaning you don’t have time to plan either. Removal firms are also expensive, and not always necessary for smaller jobs. Therefore, a man and van makes for a much more sensible and cost-effective choice. 

As the name suggests, a man and van is a person (or a small team) who will arrive at your location with an empty van. Your belongings will be placed into the van by the team, and they will drive it to the new location, such as a new property or even a storage facility. Compared with hiring a van yourself, a man and van service is extremely convenient. Most companies can even pack up your belongings for you, which is great if you’re short on time or are unable to do this yourself.

How much does a Man with a Van cost? 

The cost of hiring a man and van ranges between $75 and $110 per hour. On a basic level, your belongings will be packed up by you and only transported a short distance. 

More complex jobs can involve the team packing up everything for you and transporting your belongings hundreds of miles away. So it’s certainly a flexible service, which will be reflected in the cost according to your requirements. 

Average cost of a Man & Van service
Average cost (per hour) $90
Minimum cost (per hour) $75
Maximum cost (per hour) $110

What changes the price of hiring a Man and Van? 

The cost of a man and van service varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Amount of furniture

  • Type of furniture

  • Number of floors

  • Number of movers

  • Van size

  • Distance 

  • Location

Amount of furniture

The amount of furniture you own will impact the cost of man and van hire. Average removal loads cost between $150 and $200 to relocate. This increases to between $300 and $500 for larger amounts of furniture.

Average cost of a Man & Van based on the amount of furniture (per job)
Amount of furnitureHighest average price Lowest average price
Above average$500$300

Keep in mind that if the load is particularly excessive, it may require several vehicles. Or, the job may be better suited to a removal firm instead. It all depends on the capabilities of the individual company, which is why a tailored quote is always required. 

If you have the time, having a clear-out before you move will save you any unnecessary removal fees. 

Type of furniture

Your furniture may be small and lightweight, or incredibly heavy to lift. Heavier or awkwardly shaped items of furniture may cost more to remove. Primarily, you need to consider the time taken to move such items, the van size and the increased number of team members the job will require. 

Number of floors

The number of floors you need the item moving to and from will affect the cost. Therefore, your man and van team will need to know how many floors each property has. Crucially, whether each property has a lift too, especially if the location is several floors up. 

Number of movers

Despite ‘man and van’ sounding like there is only one person on hand to help, typically it involves 2-4 people. This is to ensure heavier items can be safely lifted, plus it speeds up the amount of time the job takes too. Though the more team members that are required, the more expensive the job will be. 

Van size 

With any kind of removal service, you’ll usually be given the option to select a vehicle size. The larger the van size, the more items you can fit in it. You should expect to pay more with vans that have a larger capacity over smaller vans. 


One of the key factors in pricing a man and van job is working out how far the team needs to travel between the two locations. For example, are you just moving around the corner, or to the other end of the country? 

On average, there is a $35 per hourly price difference, depending on whether the removal is local or long distance. This factors in aspects such as increased petrol costs, plus the displacement of vehicles for the next job. 

Average cost of a Man and Van service based on the distance
Moving distanceAverage hourly rate
Local removals (under 50 miles)$80
Long-distance removals (above 50 miles)$115


The location of any service you wish to hire will affect the overall cost. This is due to varying operational costs across the country.

On average, Perth is the cheapest place to hire a man and van, averaging at $200. As you might expect, Sydney is the most expensive place at $350.

Average cost of a Man & Van service based on the location
LocationAverage Man & Van cost (per job)

Is it worth hiring a Man and Van?

If you are looking to move or have a clear out, and lack the right vehicle, time or ability for the job… don’t stress! Man and van services are here to help. Whether you’re just moving down the road or hundreds of miles away, it always pays to enlist some qualified professionals to assist you. Therefore, man and van services are most definitely worth the investment. 

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