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How much does TV Installation & Mounting cost?

Average Price
$60 - $200

What is the price of TV Installation & Mounting?

Considering hiring a TV installation professional to mount your TV to a wall? Read our handy guide to find out how much you can expect to pay for TV installation in Australia.

What is TV Installation & Mounting?

Deciding to mount your TV to a wall is an ideal way to free up space in your room. Modern TVs are typically lightweight with a flat-screen design, making them ideal for wall mounting.

A TV installation specialist will mount your TV to the wall, as well as hiding the cables from view. They can also install both soundbars and surround sound systems.

Hiring a professional TV installer will enable your TV to be positioned in the optimum location, at the perfect angle. It’ll also eliminate the risk of damage that could occur when you try to mount a TV alone.

How much does TV Installation & Mounting cost?

Hiring a TV installer will ensure that your TV is positioned in the perfect spot, as well as creating more usable space in your home. But what is the price of TV installation and mounting in Australia?

The cost of hiring a TV installation professional to mount your TV will depend on the type of wall that it’s being mounted to, the type of mount chosen and your location. Although there is no fixed rate for TV installation and mounting, a breakdown of the average costs of hiring a TV installation professional is given below.

Cost of TV Installation & Mounting
Average cost$100
Minimum cost$60
Maximum cost$200

What changes the price of TV Installation & Mounting?  

The cost of installing a TV will be influenced by several different factors including:

  • Type of wall

  • Type of mount

  • Location

Type of wall

When you decide on the perfect location for your TV, you’ll need to take notice of the type of wall that you’re planning to secure your TV to. The construction material of the wall may affect the price of TV installation.

It may be more difficult to secure your TV to walls that are made from plasterboard as it is not as strong as a brick. However, this does not mean that installation will be impossible, just more challenging and potentially increasing the costs of installing your TV.  

Type of mount

You’ll also need to think about which type of TV mount you require. The cheapest mount is a flat mount that sits flat against the wall. This works well when the TV is mounted at viewing height and doesn’t need to be adjusted.

Mounts that tilt, swivel and articulate offer adjustable viewing options which are ideal if you plan to mount your TV higher up or need it on an angle. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that these mounts will typically come with a higher cost.


You’ll need to factor your location into the price of your TV installation. Prices vary across Australia, although they should still fall into the average price ranges given above.

Average cost of TV Installation & Mounting based on the location
RegionAverage price
Darwin $80

Is it worth paying for TV Installation & Mounting?

If you’re looking to create more space in your home, mounting your TV to a wall could be the answer. You’ll also be able to choose the perfect location and angle for your TV, which is more difficult with a freestanding TV.

A common issue with freestanding TVs is that they pose a risk to children who may be tempted to grab the TV and potentially pull it onto themselves. Mounting your TV to the wall eliminates this risk as it will be out of the reach of children and safely secured to the wall.

Although you may be tempted to install your TV yourself, hiring a professional TV installer will minimise the risk of damage to your TV during installation. They will also work to hide any wires and connect any peripheral devices that you may have such as streaming boxes and DVD players.

There are many benefits to hiring a TV installation professional, but finding the right one isn’t always easy. When you search for a TV installer on Bark, you can browse the profiles of companies that meet your requirements and read reviews from genuine clients before requesting a quote.

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