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What’s the average cost of Artificial Grass Installation?

Average Price
$20 - $50 per metre squared

What can I expect to pay for Artificial Grass Installation?

Sick and tired of looking after your lawn but unsure how much artificial grass installation will cost? Read our handy price guide to find out how much you can expect to pay based on the size of your garden, your location, and more.

What is Artificial Grass Installation? 

If you’re fed up with clearing up muddy footprints in your home or mowing the lawn all the time, have you ever thought of ditching your real grass for something a little less maintenance? Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular for homes and commercial properties, which is no surprise considering its endless benefits. Artificial grass is low maintenance, pet friendly, and looks great all year round. With less time spent having to maintain your grass, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy your garden. 

You might be considering rolling up your sleeves and laying artificial turf yourself. While it is entirely possible to do this, hiring a trusted professional will ensure that the grass is laid to a high standard, minimizing the need to relay it after a few years and reducing costs later down the line!

What’s the average cost of Artificial Grass? 

There are no fixed fees when it comes to the pricing of artificial turf installation - this depends on the size of your garden and the grade of materials you opt for. 

To give you a rough guide, we’ve put together a handy breakdown of average costs based on local professionals across the country: 

Average cost (per metre squared) $20 - $50
Minimum cost (per metre squared) $5 - $10
Maximum cost (per metre squared) $90 - $100

Factors influencing costs 

The cost of artificial grass installation can vary depending on different factors. These include: 

  • Size of the garden

  • Type of surface

  • Quality of materials

Size of the garden

Perhaps it’s no surprise that the biggest cost driver of artificial grass installation is the size of your lawn, as contractors charge based on the amount of time taken to complete the job. 

Homeowners tend to pay between $2,000 - $6,000 on average to get artificial grass installed, depending on the size of their lawn and the quality of the grass. 

Type of surface 

Another factor affecting price is the type of surface you're working with. In a nutshell, the more difficult it is for the grass to install, the more expensive it will be. If grass can be directly laid onto a concrete surface, for example, this is a quick and simple process. However, if your professional has to remove existing grass before laying the turf, this will take longer to complete, inevitably bumping up costs. 

Quality of materials 

You also need to factor in the cost of purchasing the artificial turf materials into the overall cost.

Different grass types provide different benefits. Nylon, for example, is particularly strong so it’s more likely to withstand heavy usage. Polyethylene is ideal if you want your grass to look and feel as close to real as possible. 

The quality of the material will ultimately be reflected in the price. Your professional will be best placed to advise you on the best type of grass for your budget. Let’s take a look at average artificial grass costs depending on the quality of the grass: 

Grass quality Average cost (per metre squared)
Average$30 - $50
Low$10 - $20
High-end$60 - $300

On average, people spend between $300 - $1,000 on buying artificial turf for their lawn. 

How to save money on Artificial Grass Installation: 

We all deserve a beautiful garden, regardless of costs. Here are three tried and tested ways for saving money on artificial turf installation: 

  • Try before you buy - Think carefully about the type of grass you want before hiring a professional to install the whole thing. While you may think a budget option is the better choice, you might regret not choosing a more premium choice for a higher-quality finish. 

  • Opt for high-quality grass - Although it’s more expensive than other types of grass, choosing high-quality grass is an investment in the long-run, as it will last for many more years and will require low-maintenance, equalling low costs! 

  • Compare quotes - To ensure you get the fairest price, make sure you compare quotes from multiple professionals. 

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