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How much does Window Cleaning cost?

Average Price
$45 - $75 per hour

What is the price of Window Cleaning?

Need your windows cleaning but unsure how much it will cost? Read our handy guide to find out how much your window cleaner will charge for their services.

What does Window Cleaning involve?

Dirt, cobwebs and even bird droppings can all land on your windows over time. All of which can look very unsightly for your home or business. 

Regular window cleaning is therefore recommended and can be carried out weekly, twice monthly, monthly or quarterly. 

Professional window cleaners use expert tools and techniques to clean your windows. This includes windows that are located at a height, which aren’t practical or safe to try and clean yourself. 

The service may include just window cleaning, or also include aspects such as gutters, solar panels, signage, power washing, and more. Specialist window cleaning can also include post-construction window cleaning, making it a very flexible and worthwhile service. 

How much does Window Cleaning cost?

The cost of window cleaning is usually very reasonable across the board, averaging between $45 and $75 per hour.

Average cost of Window Cleaning
Average cost (per hour) $55
Minimum cost (per hour)$45
Maximum cost (per hour)$75

If the window cleaning is more specialist such as involving abseiling or removal of construction debris from your windows, then it will cost more than a general clean.

However, window cleaners work quickly and efficiently as they will see many clients in a day. Therefore, the costs are easier to manage regardless of your budget. 

What changes the price of Window Cleaning? 

The cost of window cleaning varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Cleaning type

  • Number of windows

  • Building type

  • Frequency of cleaning

  • Time

  • Experience

  • Location

Cleaning type

Window cleaning covers a broad range of services. Standard window cleaning on a residential home can cost anywhere between $45 and $75 on average across the US.

However, for all other services, the job will normally be priced as a fixed fee rather than hourly. This is because the job will need to be quoted based on the size of the area, how good the access points are, what tools are needed, and the level of cleaning involved. 

For windows located at a height such as high-rise buildings, your window cleaner will likely require abseil equipment and will have to work in pairs for safety reasons. Therefore, the cost of window cleaning at a height ranges between $135 and $270

It’s good to note that just because your windows aren’t on the ground floor, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily classed as ‘at a height’. Where possible, window cleaners use water-fed poles, allowing them to scale up to around 10 meters while remaining on the ground, which will also reduce the costs for the customer. 

Average cost of Window Cleaning based on the type of cleaning
Type of cleaningHighest average priceLowest average price
Regular window cleaning$75$45
Window cleaning at a height$270$135
Solar panel cleaning$135$50
Gutter cleaning$200$100

Specialist window cleaning jobs such as solar panel and gutter cleaning will be more expensive, and not all window cleaners will offer this service.

Expect to pay anywhere up to $200 for gutter cleaning, which is usually priced based on the length of your guttering. Gutter cleaning should be done once a year, or twice a year if any trees are near your property as the leaves can block your gutters. 

Likewise, dirty solar panels will mean they aren’t performing to their maximum potential which will reduce their value. As it isn’t practical to clean solar panels yourself and scratches can happen with the wrong brush, getting an expert in is advisable. 

Number of windows

A window cleaner will price up the job based on the number of windows you have. They will also factor in the size of the windows since larger windows will take longer to clean.

For high-rise buildings, your window cleaner may also price the job per number of floors. 

Building type

Windows can be found on residential properties through to commercial buildings and even skyscrapers. The type of building will affect how long the job will take, depending on the size of the windows, number of access points, etc. 

Frequency of cleaning

The frequency at which you have your windows cleaned is entirely up to you. Though for commercial premises, in particular, twice-monthly or monthly window cleans are recommended. This is especially the case for storefronts and glass on your customer entry points, which are prone to fingermarks.

Be sure not to leave too long in between window cleans, otherwise, you’ll require a more expensive deep clean to bring your windows up to scratch. 


Window cleaners will factor in how much time the job will take when working out a quotation. Usually, they’ll have a set hourly rate, especially for regular cleans.

Alternatively, they may have rates for half or full days depending on the job.

For larger or more specialized work, they may price the job as a fixed fee instead.


Window cleaners with decades of experience who know how to use the most advanced tools such as pure water window cleaning will likely be more expensive. This is especially the case versus window cleaners who still use a cloth and bucket.


The location of your property will impact the cost of window cleaning since location affects any service you wish to hire.

Wisconsin is typically the cheapest place to find window cleaning, averaging at $45 per visit for a standard home. This increases up to $75 in California, which has a far higher cost of living. 

Average cost of Window Cleaning based on the location
LocationAverage window cleaner cost
New York$68

Is it worth getting Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is a job that most people don’t have the time, experience, or tools to complete regularly, let alone to a high standard. It can also be dangerous to clean windows that are located up high. Having a professional window cleaner take care of everything for you will save time and effort. All without having to pay a lot for the service either. So it’s worth scheduling regularly. After all, it’s one less job to think about!

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