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How much does a Home Addition cost in 2021

Average Price
$20,000 - $80,000

What is the cost of a Home Addition?

Need more room to enjoy your home but worried about the dent it will make in your pocket? Read on to find out how much your property extension builder will charge for single-story extensions, multi-story extensions, and more.

What does a Home Addition involve?

A home addition / property extension adds space and value to your home by extending its current boundaries. Property extensions vary widely in size and shape, depending on your budget and how much extra space you want to add. Whether your extension is a simple single room addition or an extensive multi-level extension, it will increase the value of your property significantly, especially if extra bedrooms and bathrooms are created. 

How much does a Home Addition cost

Home Addition costs
Average cost (in total) $20,000 - $80,000
Minimum cost (in total)$17,000
Maximum cost (in total) $350,000

What changes the cost of a Home Addition? 

As you can see, the cost of getting a property extension can vary widely. Let’s take a look at the different factors affecting price: 

  • Your current property

  • Size of the extension 

  • Type of extension

Your current property 

The age and style of your property will have a part to play in determining the type of extension you need and how expensive it will be. Even though it’s an additional cost, it’s worth getting expert advice as this will ensure you choose the most suitable extension for your property. 

It’s up to you to think about what’s most important to you. You might decide that you only need more space downstairs, or you might think your upstairs bedrooms will also benefit from an extension. 

Remember, in most cases the size of your yard will be reduced by getting an extension. It will also affect access to your yard, especially if you are building out to the side of the property. Some double-story extensions are hollowed out at the bottom which means you won’t lose access. 

Size of the Addition

Home additions can vary hugely in shape and size depending on your property and your requirements. Laborers will usually charge per square meter, so size will be the biggest factor influencing cost.

Type of Addition

Average cost of Home Addition
Type of extensionHighest average priceLowest average price
Single room$78,000$17,000
Same level$150,000$40,000

In the US, the average cost to extend is between $86 and $206 per square foot. There is a huge price gap between the cheapest single room extensions, which range between $17,000 and $78,000. The room you are looking to extend is the biggest consideration here, with master bedrooms in luxury homes being the most expensive to extend the single room category.

The most expensive property extension overall is a multi-level one, which can be as expensive as $350,000. It all depends on the size and complexity of the build. However, a multi-level extension will give you the most space of all the possible extension types. 

Other considerations 

  • Fixtures and fittings - The fixtures and fittings will also influence the overall cost. If you opt for luxury materials such as Velux skylight windows or marble flooring, expect prices to bump up. 

  • Hidden costs - There are several hidden costs to consider when getting a property extension. For example, insulation and external rendering and electric and plumbing installation.

  • Neighbors - If you have neighbors, remember to take into account their needs. If your building work is likely to be disruptive, you should discuss this with your neighbor beforehand. You also need to make sure that any building work doesn’t impinge on their land or block any light from their home. 

Extending my property - is it worth the cost? 

If you don’t want to move house but lack the space you need then definitely! A property extension can give your property a new lease of life, creating a new warm and inviting space for cooking, relaxing, or playing. An extension may seem like a big commitment price-wise, but if it is built to a high standard, then it'll add significant value to your property for years to come. 

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