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Relationship counselling services

Personal to you

Just as everyone is individual and unique, so is each relationship. Perhaps you and your partner have been together for decades, or maybe you’re just in the early stages of your relationship. Any relationship can need outside guidance and advice at some point along the road. It might be that one of you is going through a particularly difficult period, which is affecting your relationship. Or maybe you feel that you have grown apart after many years together, and want help rekindling your love. An experienced marriage and relationship counsellor can help you navigate through any challenges that you’re facing. Find a professional counsellor who can offer the support and guidance that you need.

Family counselling

Often, difficulties in one relationship can spill over into others. It's not unusual for issues between a couple to affect the relationships with their family. It might be that you're going through a divorce or separation. Or maybe you're going through a difficult time as a family, such as in times of grief. You and your partner could be experiencing a breakdown in your relationship, which is affecting your children and loved ones. Marriage and family counselling can help you to navigate through these challenging periods. A professional relationship therapist can assist every family member in talking about and reflecting upon how they're feeling, helping everyone move towards a positive end result.

Trusted professionals

When you’re looking to improve or rescue the relationships that mean the most to you, you’ll want to receive advice from the best. Talking to a relationship or marriage counsellor allows both parties to voice their feelings and any concerns that they have in a safe and neutral space. They will provide an outsider perspective on the problems that you’re experiencing, helping you to move forward and agree on practical solutions. Whatever your reason for seeking relationship guidance, your therapist will be able to provide you with expert advice.
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Hemingway Therapy, Relationship & Marriage Counselling

Professional, empathetic counselling services from a team of qualified, trained therapists. Hemingway Therapy provide expert counselling for couples from all walks of life, helping them to work through issues and come to practical solutions.

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How often do your clients have therapy sessions?

It depends entirely on the client and the type of therapy session that they want. For example, it’s normal to have telephone or online counselling sessions more frequently, say once a week. Whereas face-to-face counselling sessions might be less often, maybe every two weeks or once a month. If they wish, clients can use a mixture of counselling session types. This is a good way to get the benefits of each type if they cannot fit in a weekly face-to-face session. Normally, a weekly session is recommended at first. But the sessions can become less frequent as the couples work through their problems.

How many sessions are recommended?

Again, it’s different for each relationship. Some people only need a few sessions to resolve their issues. Whereas for some couples who may be married and have a family together, it could take longer. This is because there are other people to consider. Each talking point may have different implications for their family, so can take longer to work through. Normally, I'll complete six sessions with my clients before doing a review. This is when we'll discuss whether they feel the need to continue with the sessions or not.

Do both parties need to be in the session each time?

It’s not essential that both parties are present at every session. If each person has their own issues which are affecting their relationship, then individual sessions can be really useful. But for the most part, it's best if both parties attend every time, as it's the best way for them to work through their issues together. Coming to the sessions together often encourages people to listen to each other in a calm and proactive way. This can have a really positive impact on their everyday interactions with each other.

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based on 646 reviews

I very much value Levi's gentle, yet direct approach to addressing emotional trauma. I have been on this journey with him just over 2 years now . I would not trade that time for the world, it has been hugely valuable to my growth and expansion!

08 May 2024

Levi has been an invaluable support during challenging times, offering my husband and I lifelong tools and insightful perspectives that have truly transformed our understanding and evaluation of situations. His exceptional gifts and genuine nature shine through, as he possesses a profound understanding of human dynamics, aiding us in transcending obstacles and fostering personal growth. Under Levi's guidance and mentorship, our relationship has flourished, with his wisdom making a profoundly positive impact. We feel incredibly blessed and deeply grateful for his assistance.

07 May 2024

My journey with Levi as my relationship counselor has been nothing short of transformative. From the moment we 1st met, my partner and I felt an aura of warmth and understanding. Levi's professional demeanor coupled with his genuine empathy immediately put us at ease. What struck me the most about Levi is his deep understanding of human emotions and relationships. He listens intently, without judgment, and offers insights that are both profound and practical. Through his guidance, my partner and I have navigated through challenging conversations with newfound clarity and understanding. Levi's approach is holistic; he doesn't just address surface-level issues but delves deep into the root causes of conflicts. His strategies are easy to understand and practice, ensuring that every session feels personalized and impactful. Beyond his expertise, Levi exudes positivity and encouragement. He celebrates our progress, no matter how small, and instills in us the belief that a fulfilling relationship is within reach. His optimism is contagious, and it has infused our journey with hope and determination. Thanks to Levi, my partner and I have not only strengthened our bond but also gained invaluable tools to nurture our relationship for years to come. I cannot recommend Levi highly enough to anyone seeking guidance in matters of the heart. He truly is a lifesaver in love!

07 May 2024

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