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frankworks | consult & create profile image

frankworks | consult & create

fwcreative/frankworks has been in operation since early 2016, providing a suite of services to kiwi business owners, but especially tradies and utilities businesses, mainly because of our no BS approach. Our mission is to deliver personalised, impactful advice and services to kiwi businesses, with authenticity, sincerity and honesty. We want you to succeed, and we will go out of our way to help you on that journey. We’re accessible, affordable and we get into the action with you. We’re very honest about who we are, and we’re authentic – we’re no BS, straight up adults who call a spade, a spade. We’re smart, sensible and experienced in the realities of business ownership, not just the theory, and we’re a local, small business, so we talk your language. We specialise in web design, graphic design, marketing (cross-platform), AdWords and business growth consultancy services. We also provide blog/copywriting services and have provided full social media/blog/web management services to clients in the past. We can do one-off jobs, provide ongoing support or take on one-time campaigns. We're very open to any type of model - whatever you need, we can likely help with! Currently, the business is run and operated by Laura and Joe, and a group of specialist contractors who lend a hand when needed. We have a team of professionals who we draw on to support business owners, including lawyers, tax/accounting specialists, SEO geniuses, HR and sales/marketing. I (Laura) have over 17 years of experience in corporate environments, with my most recent roles being in innovation, sales and marketing for an international biometric tech company. I am down to earth, honest and straight up and down and love a good relaxed, open and productive relationship with all of our clients. You can find more out about me, and Joe, on our website under the "Team" section. We do have a portfolio available on request (we're in the process of revamping it) - please get in touch if you'd like a copy. Look forward to working with you!

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a professional

Describe your creative process.

We tend to follow a non-scripted approach, which we appreciate is quite different from the norm, but we don't have a pumped-up workflow to push clients through because each client is different. Tastes, personalities, goals/expected outcomes, budgets.. the list goes on.

That's not to say we don't have a process. We do, it's just pretty flexible. It goes something like this:
1. You give us a brief - a description of work you want done.
2. We will clarify any information we need from you so we can start work.
3. We will draft the product and then send it to you for feedback.
4. We will make any iterations you ask for and we will send the revised draft back. We will keep doing this until you are happy with the final result!
5. Once you're happy, we can deliver the final product to you or to a third party (for example, we can send the files straight to a printer).

(P.S. We can arrange printing and shipping or pickup of your printing too - just one of the things we do to add value!)

Where you fit in the process:
Anywhere you like. If you're a customer who wants maximum involvement and a high level of sign off, we can provide it.
If you're a customer who wants to throw a brief over the fence and leave us to it, we are highly adept at responding to that too.

The better we know you, the better result you'll achieve.

What information do you need from a client before you can start work?

For all work:
A brief about what you're after with key information included, such as what the work is, what size it is, when you need it by, and what key information it needs to include or convey.

For example, if you want a poster made, we'll need to know what size, by when and what information (roughly) you'd like on it.

If we're doing design or print work:
Any copies you have of your current logo (preferably in EPS, AI or PSD format), and the names of any fonts specific to your business branding.

We will likely want to see examples of previous work done (if you want us to continue in that aesthetic), but if you're looking for something new, then we just need a vague idea of what "new" means to you - for example, if you want it really bright or really dark - lots of colours, not many colours - simple stuff.

If we're doing web design work:
We'll need all of the above, and a few conversations (or workshops) to go through your requirements - both current and future. For example, if you plan to move to an e-commerce model in the future, we will need to ensure that whatever we design today is built on a platform that allows for an e-commerce option in future.

What do you love most about your job?

Working with people who are passionate about their product/service and who, in most cases, are chasing their dreams. We love a good kiwi success story!

What inspired you to start your own business?

After working in corporate, I (Laura) had seen a lot of big budgets in marketing and sales, and through social circles, had been introduced to a number of smaller business owners who really battled to find someone to help them design and execute their marketing. Often when they did find someone, that company or individual would only deliver one or two components across the whole spectrum of what was needed.

One of the things I never really understood - in big business and small - was how anyone could charge into marketing a product or service for someone without actually having a full understanding of what that product or service was, or how the company or people behind it interacted with their customers.
For example, there's little point having a stiff, corporate, "heavy-handed" marketing approach for a business when really, the people running it are salt of the earth tradies who just want to get in, get the work done well, and leave you to carry on in peace. How could anyone purport to know the best approach for you if they haven't spent time getting to understand you?

A lot of design and marketing businesses are often too focused on delivering the latest/greatest/trendiest aesthetic to their customers (which means everyone ends up looking exactly the same). In some cases that might be the right fit, but in other cases, it can mean companies end up with logos just for logos-sakes.

I believe in only providing you with what you actually need, not something that will just make me or my portfolio look good.

What I have discovered since starting the company is that, fairly consistently, small business owners need help solidifying their product offering before they are ready to market it effectively; we will not take money from customers to market a product that we don't understand, which is where we offer workshops or one on one work to clarify the total package before we market it.

Why should our clients choose you?

1. We will not take your money unless we believe we can add value or deliver you a return on your investment.

2. We will always be fair, transparent, honest and to the point in our dealings with you.

3. We will not force you down a path you don't want to go down. We will make recommendations to you based on our expertise and our understanding of the best "next move" for you and your business.

4. Our rates will always be competitive, but fair. We wouldn't expect you to give away your products or services for free - please don't ask us to do the same.

5. We do not hold you to contracts (with the exception of things like annual hosting fees for websites - these we have to charge you annually if we are paying them on your behalf).

6. Most importantly, we're humans. That means that if we make a mistake (and we might), we will cop to it and we will make it right. We won't play blame games - we're adults. We will take responsibility and we will sort it out. Simple.

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Graphic Design FAQs

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Having fantastic visual design can really change how your audience (or customers) view you. In fact, great graphic design goes way past just making things look good. As well as a strong visual impression, brilliant graphic design enables you to amplify your efforts and get your message across in a way that will make people take notice.

Making the correct first impression is vital. With great design principles, you can create an image of your company that stays in the mind of your audiences. Add to this a consistency across all of your materials, and you will quickly be able to build trust in your brand. As well as communicating with your audience visually, you’ll be able to convey your values. Things like having a well-defined logo can be the first step towards perfect brand recognition.

It is well known that we are very visual creatures. Having the right content, designed in the right way, can really encourage your audience to learn more about your business. Being able to express ideas visually can also help to break down complex content that can be difficult to get across with words alone. This combination of benefits allows you to build a great relationship with your audience over time. This can transform into growth for your brand or increased revenue (depending on your goals).

When it comes to choosing your graphic designer, make sure you are clear as possible about what you expect from them. It’s best to write a detailed brief with background, details and timelines on your project. Giving them the relevant background information will attract the best talent possible for your brief.

Make sure to share details about your company, what you wish to achieve and any qualifications you think are necessary for the role. Explain any deadlines and things they may have to work around to make sure their understanding of the job is as comprehensive as possible.

It can also help if you understand a little bit about design yourself. Without going into too much detail, you can research what skills you would need for a particular job. After getting your head around some fundamental concepts, you can ask your candidate some questions to see how they respond.

This could be about past work they’ve done, or it could be about something you are wishing to create from scratch. This will give you a good idea of how they come up with solutions. You may even assign a trial project to complete – as long as this trial is paid for.

Talking to your potential designer on the phone is also useful. This way you can get a great understanding of how you will communicate together and whether you see eye to eye. Be sure to ask your candidate what they will need from you as well. This will help your project to go smoothly and result in the best possible outcome.

The different kinds of graphic design and their complexity will greatly affect how much you can expect to pay. Graphic designers create a huge array of content – from posters and flyers to websites and logos. Some of these graphics are used for film or TV, while others find placement within ads. Graphic designers mix both skill and creativity, while also being able to communicate with clients in an effective manner.

In a word, yes! Graphic design can be carried out remotely, so as long as you're able to discuss the brief with your expert over the phone or via video chat, then you're good to go.



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