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How much does Hypnotherapy cost?

Average Price
$210 per session

What can I expect to pay for a Hypnotherapist?

Seeking hypnotherapy but unsure of costs? Read our handy guide to find out how much you’ll pay for regular hypnotherapy, smoking cessation hypnotherapy and more. Because sometimes we all need a little bit of help.

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is a type of hypnosis used by health professionals to help you overcome a mental or physical condition, including trauma and addiction. It can also help build positive habits. If you’re considering undergoing hypnotherapy but you’re not sure what it entails, don’t worry - you won’t fall into a trance as soon as you walk through the door! 

You’ll start by having an informal chat with your hypnotherapist about what you want to get out of the sessions. After that, your therapist will bring you into a relaxed state where you will work on what you want to change. Your therapist will then bring you out of your trance. Always make sure you discuss your intention to start hypnotherapy with your doctor first, as it isn’t advisable for people with certain health conditions. 

How much do Hypnotherapists charge? 

We’ve given a rough guideline of the average cost of hypnotherapy below, although the average price varies from practitioner to practitioner. 

Average cost (per session)$210
Minimum cost (per session)$170
Maximum cost (per session) $250

Factors influencing costs: 

The main factors affecting the cost of a hypnotherapist are discussed below: 

  • Type of hypnotherapy 

  • Number of sessions required

  • Location

  • Online vs. in-person sessions 

  • Experience

Type of Hypnotherapy 

One of the main costs drivers is the type of hypnotherapy service you choose. For example, specific programmes to stop smoking or lose weight are sometimes more expensive than general hypnotherapy sessions. 

Number of sessions required 

The number of sessions needed for hypnotherapy to be effective will vary depending on the individual, although most people have around 6 - 12 sessions on average. Your hypnotherapist will be able to advise you on how many sessions you’ll need to see results. 


It’s no surprise that hypnotherapy sessions in Sydney cost more, jumping between $200 - $300 per session. To give you an idea of the average cost of hypnotherapy per region, we’ve put together a useful breakdown of average costs: 

LocationAverage cost (per session)

Online vs. in-person sessions

This might come as a surprise, but many hypnotherapists offer their services online! Not only is online hypnotherapy an affordable option, but it’s also ideal if you’d feel more comfortable holding the session from the comfort of your living room. 


When choosing a hypnotherapist you should ask about their education and training. Look out for a certification programme or diploma in hypnotherapy, or membership of a professional body such as the Australian Hypnotherapists Association

As a general rule of thumb, the more experienced your hypnotherapist, the more they’ll charge. 

Getting Hypnotherapy on a budget 

Hypnotherapy can be pricey, but don’t worry! We’ve done our research and put together some top money-saving tips. 

  • Ask for price packages - You can sometimes reduce the hourly fee for your hypnotherapy sessions if you buy them in bulk rather than individually. Before committing to multiple sessions, make sure you have an initial consultation with your hypnotherapist to make sure that their approach suits you.

  • Reduced fee options - Some therapists will reduce their fees if you are a student or on a low income. 

  • Opt for an inexperienced hypnotherapist - If your hypnotherapist is just starting in their career, they may want to build their experience and client base, which means they might charge you a discounted fee. 

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